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Get The Door, Will You?

So, you are sitting in worship. All your friends are there…the regular members and some visitors have even come. You are feeling good. No worries. The singing is just as you like it. The prayer was relevant. Why the preacher even has your attention…more or less. When suddenly there comes a knock at the door (don’t ask me why the church door is locked). No one moves. The knocking continues. The preacher says, “Will someone please check on that?” And you go to the door. It’s not a glass door and you can’t see through it. It has one of those little chains attached (indulge me a little, okay?). You open the door as far as the chain will allow and peer out. There stands Jesus! I don’t know how you recognize Him, you just do. You swallow as you try to find your voice. “Wh…Wh..What do you need, Lord?” you finally stammer. “May I come in please,” He says. Confused, you leave Him there at the door and return to the assembly. “Who was it?” someone says. “You’re not going to believe it,” you respond. “It’s Jesus.”

Now, let me ask you, give me your reaction…what happens next in that assembly? What do they think, say, do? What should they think, say, do? Could such a thing ever occur? Check out Revelation 3:20. What strikes you about this situation? I’ll be looking forward to reading your thoughts if you have the time to comment.

Thank you for stopping by…for sharing…for loving Him enough to remind us of Him in your special way among us. I love you…but He is completely taken with you.

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One thought on “Get The Door, Will You?

  1. oakesclan on said:

    Rex said…
    What would I do?

    I would probably do what Peter did – fall down at his “knees” and cry, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man.”

    I would want to do what Mary did – sit down – ignoring everyone else -just listening to Jesus.

    But I want to be there with you, when He comes … whether it is visit our church or lead us home. I know that I would sneak a peek at your face, when you finally see for yourself what I have known all along – you are favored by Him.

    11:58 PM

    Sherry Fisher said…
    My first thought is “OH MY GOODNESS!! GO BACK!! You cannot leave Jesus standing at the door!! Are you crazy??” And then I had to let that thought sink in a little bit. How many times have I done just that? How many times in my life has Jesus stood patiently at the door waiting for me to come to my senses and open it to Him?

    I am ashamed to admit that there have been many long years of my life that I ignored Him. I let some really shady characters into the door of my heart. I let them trash the place and do some horrible damage there. I let them in knowing full well (but pretending otherwise) that they would try to destroy me.

    But because of Jesus’ infinite love, mercy and grace, He continued to wait on me. I got a push from a friend (a good, faithful and true brother) toward the door to let Jesus back in. The love of Jesus, shown to me by this good friend and others like him, has healed some of the wounds left by the earlier disaster (for lack of a better word)and I’ve been able to clean up a little of the mess with some help.

    I don’t know how this assembly of people would react to such an event as Jesus knocking on the door. I do know, that for the first time in my life, I can say that I want Jesus to come. Am I perfected in my faith? NO…by all means no. Do I have a lot of work left to do on myself, my children? YES. But the thought of Jesus coming to take me home causes comfort in my soul, not panic.

    11:50 AM

    cemotosnack said…
    I think at the point I’m in right now I would collapse into His arms. I am confident that He loves me and that He would love for me to just let Him hold me. It is no secret to anyone that knows me well … I’m ready to go HOME. I am young, but sometimes my spirit feels old and in need of rest. I’ve put it through too much in this short time. I’m ready to fall into His arms and say, “Lead me to rest, sweet Lord, lead me to rest.”

    10:38 PM

    doug the old said…
    How many times when trying to pray I have had that Peter feeling…”Depart from me.” I get so embarrassed even by my praying. It seems so feeble…so foolish…so selfish. And even though I know He doesn’t think so…I feel like I am wasting His time. I sometimes feel, like I know you do too, that I have no part or lot in this matter…in this Kingdom cause. Thank you, brother, for keeping us reminded that our doubts and unworthiness can’t change our favored status with with One at Whose feet Mary sat enraptured. And I do look so forward to sitting/falling there one day with you and Mary and all our beloved in Christ.

    I felt like you as I thought about Rev.3:20 and imagined a church worship where Jesus was outside and not inside. Think of the wrongness of it all. Here we are inside…celebrating the Supper…while our Host is outside wanting to come in. Isn’t it amazing that He keeps knocking on the door of the church that had pushed Him outside? How is it possible He has such amazing love and patience for us? And where would we be without it?
    I am so glad for the friend who didn’t give up on you. I know Who prepared him for the good he did you. And I see now the good you are doing us through these blogs. And I can only guess at all the good you do for those nearest and dearest to you (your children and others).
    Thanks for sharing.

    You sound so tired now. There’s lots of possible reasons for tired. He is good for all of them, isn’t He? I loved it when someone pointed out to me that in Matthew 11:28 when Jesus said, “I will give you rest,” He was actually saying, “I will rest you.” That inspires me. May He rest you tonite. Isn’t it great to consider His faithfulness every night and to declare His love every morning?
    Thank your for sharing your heart. Rest well.

    11:04 PM

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