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Okay…this is not my fault. My “friend” Rex blog-tagged me…so being the much more compliant and submissive friend than he is (smile)…here goes…

“Here are the rules. 1)Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. (2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules. (3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. (4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.”

1. I have never been licensed to do anything in my life…uh, that is, except to drive, get married and fish. I drive a lot…got married once…and fish terribly and rarely. I did somehow (grace of the Lord) graduate from Sunset School of Preaching in the stone age and have preached for three congregations (Dayton, Troy and Somerset…all in Ohio) ever since.

2. As a kid growing up in Bellbrook, OH, I loved basketball above all things. Tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor (I was only five feet, five inches tall…and that was long before Spud Webb gave hope to people of my stature. Of course I am white…and the movie is right on in my case…White Men Can’t Jump! I rode the basketball bench for four years (7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade) until I woke up and decided I would better spend my time working part time and, at least, make enough money to keep gas in my car (I drive a lot).

3. I had not thrown up for a long, long time…until I read Rex’s( number four on his last post. I am mad at you for that, pal.

4. As I neared the completion of high school…I, like many other young guys my age, fully expected to be drafted into military service and be sent to Vietnam. I really thought that would happen to me…and I didn’t expect that I would make it through that experience (again, like many other guys my age). Every day since then has been unexpected, undeserved kindness from God.

5. I conned a beautiful young Christian lady (Vicki) into marrying me thirty-four years ago. I married above myself. We have the three greatest kids in the world…each of whom married the three greatest “in-law” kids in the world. Our quiver is full…praise the Lord.

6. I am poppa Oakes to Skylar McCarley (Sky-baby) who is now nearly three years old and to Remi Oakes (Blue Eyes) who is six months old. The first one lives in KY about five and a half hours away from me. The second one lives in OK about fourteen hours away from me. They often cry because they miss me so much. They are talented, smart, beautiful gifts from heaven to us.

7. I think you can see that I have already embarrassed myself sufficiently…but just in case…I’ll add this. A couple of years ago, my wife insisted I go get checked for osteoporosis. I told her, “I am not a woman. Only women get that according to the television commercials.” But she has ways of convincing me. I went for the test. It was negative, as I suspected. However, I had (for no known medical reason) actually shrunk one inch in height (ouch). For a (formerly) five foot, five inch tall guy that loss was hard to take. Pray for me that I not lose any more inches of height. I could certainly stand to lost some other inches though.

8. And finally, reason number eight, uh…I mean point number eight…I am living proof that a regular guy…with no real gifts or distinguishing points can still have the greatest family and friends in Christ imaginable. Thank you, Lord. I could ask no more than what you did for me on the Cross and yet…look at all you have given me additionally. Praises to you!

Alright then…I tag the following…John, Doug,Jr., Mike, Ed, Paige, Dean, Jim, and Matt.

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2 thoughts on “Tag?

  1. oakesclan on said:

    cemotosnack said…
    Doug I’m glad to see that you gave in. We need to do a survey to see how many people start one of these under duress. I for one am glad that you gave in and look forward to reading your thoughts and seeing more of that heart you have for Jesus.

    10:39 PM

    Rex said…
    I want to be the first to comment on the first “official” Oakes blog. I love Doug Oakes. There is no truer friend … no better man. I will comment more on his “8” – but I want to email all of my friends (3 of them including DO) about this blog site. Every time he writes, you will be blessed.

    10:40 PM

    Sherry Fisher said…
    YAY DOUG!!! You are The Bloggerisimo now! I love your eight things. I love your friendship with my friend Rex even more. You have been blessed with a beautiful way of expressing your heart. Write, write and then write some more!! And I will be waiting to read every word!

    11:01 PM

    george said…
    Maybe some words from the folk group, The Limeliters, would help with your shrinking body size:

    “Self destructing body parts are trying to do me in”

    Keep this in mind, we can all survive to “old” age. And while you are shrinking physically, I am quite confident that your skills as a preacher are only increasing. Looking forward to some good studies and opinions on the blog.

    6:04 PM

    doug the old said…
    Yes, it was under duress that I became a blogger. But what is duress? I know it rhymes with stress. Is that a good clue? Thank you for checking in…and for the kind words. There’s a fragrance about you. I detect it, even from this distance. Ah yes, essence of Nazarene! His heart beats in you. Feel His pleasure in you this week.

    One of these days, I will get even with you for tricking me into this blog thing. !@#$%^&* I plan to get even with you for other stuff too…for all the giving you have done to me and mine…for all the times you wanted to do what I wanted to do…for all the times you preached for me when I said I was sick, but was really more stuck than sick…for all the miles you traveled for me…for all the experiences you let me in on…one of these days, friend.

    It has been great to meet you thru Rex’s FSO blog (my favorite blog). Your words carry spiritual nourishment in them. I am sure many (like me) have been revived thru them. And that is so like the Savior you serve. How many people did Jesus meet who had never had a kind word spoken to them until He said it? There are so many people who can’t seem to catch a break… who are deeply wounded… and who need the kind of love you and He bring. It’s great to be hearing from you and reading your words to precious friends. There’s something good in all this. So I know it’s from God. I hope you get to spend some time this week just enjoying the pleasure of His company. Thank you for leaving this note.

    My friend from across the miles and years. I have no idea who the Limelighters are. I must not be that old. But you are, I’m sure. Just kidding. Hope you and your wife are well. I often recall the former days…in the Sunset classroom…the eagerness of all our classmates to do something good for Jesus. You are still doing it. I love you for that.
    God bless you and yours and thanks for checking in.

    1:40 AM

    John said…
    Doug the old,

    Well, I knew it was only a matter of time before you “caved!” But it is a good “caving” because your thoughts are so worthwhile.

    But I refuse to “cave” to the pressure of answering anything that has the word “tag” on it (ha). I love you brother…

    Uncle John, Papa John (grandfather), Preacher John,

    3:40 PM

    Dennis Wilson said…

    I am so excited that you are blogging…I’m glad that you caved to the peer pressure.

    Your words always bless me as you comment on Rex’s blog – and I am sure that your words will be like a cold glass of water for me while I am down in Mexico.

    Thank God that you are writing…thank God for the technology that allows us to read and share together…and thank God for you!


    2:06 AM

    doug the old said…
    S0 you don’t play blog tag…wish I had known that rule…guess it only proves what I already knew…You are smarter than me!It was truly good getting to be with you today. No planning. Just a quick phone call and BAM…there you were. It was good for my soul.
    I love you, bro. I am so glad to God that things are going so well at South Dayton Church. Later.

    I do thank you for your encouraging words…and for your heart of compassion for others…and for your rich insights into the Word. I am praying for your efforts and for your relationships in Mexico. God bless you and yours.

    10:38 PM

  2. Doug,
    Your techno. move to blogging is inspiring me. I haven’t been able to post
    a comment on Susie’s blog…so let’s see how idiot proof yours is!

    We always love hearing from you, although it makes us miss you and Vicki even more.

    Keep praying for the Christians (and those who will be someday) as we are
    encouraged that Mid-County is growing.

    By the way, your true friends will shrink right along with you, so none of us
    will even notice!

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