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Not Ashamed

Among the many, many things that just rivet me about King David’s sad story of failure…then sin…then treachery…then, praise God, his return…is God’s willingness to take it on the chin in forgiving and sparing the shepherd-king. We know the punishment the law allowed for an adulterer…and for a murderer. David was both. But the Judge of all the earth put away David’s sin and commuted the death sentence. And what do we know for sure about the Judge of all the earth? He always does what is right (Genesis 18:25). BUT, it didn’t look right, did it? Imagine how this looked to those church-goers who were confident in their own righteousness and looked down on everybody else.

For God to pardon David, meant God was willing to suffer the slings and arrows of humans who were unable to see the basis upon which God was able to forgive. They didn’t know about the Cross to come. But God did. So, God was willing to stake his reputation on a forgiven human…a king who had fallen so far…so desperately. Imagine…God standing beside an inexcusable, confessed, broken, murderer of a sinner…and unashamed to do so…declaring him forgiven…and enforcing his continued reign as king of Israel!

I love the story…maybe you’ve  heard it already…about Jimmy, who saw life differently than most because of the way his brain functioned. Jimmy came to church a bit later than usual one Sunday morning. His seat on the end of one particular pew was occupied by a visitor. Jimmy just kept walking up the middle aisle where all the seats were full and finally sat down cross-legged on the floor right in front of the lectern. Everyone was wondering what to do. That’s when one of the regulars, an elderly brother, dressed in suit and tie, stepped out and moved toward Jimmy. The church was relieved that this man was going to help Jimmy find a proper seat. Imagine their surprise when the old man sat down, suit and all, cross-legged on the floor right by Jimmy’s side.

God did something like that for David. And in Jesus Christ, Who is not ashamed to call us sisters and brothers (Hebrews 2:11), He has been doing the same thing for sinner after sinner thru the ages…just as He’s done for me. Our Father God gives back to  humans…a most precious gift…their self respect. What have you to say about such a Father? Bless His Name!

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One thought on “Not Ashamed

  1. I just started reading a book this week about the prodigal. I read something yesterday that talked about how God calls us Beloved … and we have His favor. There is really no greater example for me of this … than David. God allowed David to have free will … He knew he would make mistakes. He knew that he would fall … and fall far and hard. Although His love for David never changed … He had to allow it … He had to allow David to do what he chose to do. I’m convinced that God was able to watch the one after His own heart suffer and fall because He knew that there was a good chance that David would turn to Him when he needed help. He was more grateful that David turned to Him than hurt that David had turned away. I’m convinced that God’s heart thrives on loving us and His Son lives to forgive us. That’s why He was raised after all.

    I had been away from God for quite some time. Had avoided a very close friend … in fact I broke off contact with him in a letter just to make it official. I was so afraid for him to see how far I had fallen. The disappointment in his eyes would be too much to bear. But like the Father, my friend, never showed me disappointed eyes or a nodding head of shame. In fact, he changed my life’s path the day he stood beside me unashamed.

    I was attending a youth function … my first time to be around “church folks” in about 10 years. That Sunday morning they had a communion service that was a little different. They had prepared the communion on tables at one end of the room. They instructed us to go and eat the supper when we chose to do so. This was perfect for me … after all, there was no way I could eat it. I had been away too long. No one would even notice if I stayed in my seat.

    My friend … the one I had not talked to, not turned to, not relied on for so long … took my hand … and invited me to eat. I remember looking at him with hesitation … my eyes asking, “Are you sure God’s okay with this?” He just led me to the table. The table where I was reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice and His love. The table that allowed me to look at Jesus … eye to eye … and accept His sacrifice.

    In that moment … although I wouldn’t see it until later … I was shown the unconditional love of God. My friend led me to Jesus’ side to show me that it was okay … I never had to avoid Him … no matter what. David learned this same lesson from God Himself. We have no record of God rubbing David’s nose in his sin. No record of God telling people to avoid the path that David walked. God instructed people throughout history … to look upon David as the blameless, upright walking, integrity filled, man of God.

    God welcomes us home … calls us Beloved … and stands by our side unashamed … wow, He is amazing.

    Thank you so much for reminding me of this promise … once again.

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