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This Same Jesus…Acts 1:11


   Our Lord’s disciples “were looking intently up into the sky” as Jesus was returning to heaven to reign at the right hand of God on the eternal throne. They were gazing “intently.” No wonder…the Best Friend they had ever known was being taken from their view…no more journeys together…no more of the familiar accents of His voice in daily discourse…no more walks by the seashore…no more meals together…no more sitting at His feet listening to His wonderful words of life…no more of His wondrous displays of miraculous power to bless, heal, comfort, and restore people.

   Never again would they see Him lift little children and hug and bless them. When Jesus ascended so also did goodness, gladness, and gentleness. When He was lost from their view, sinless manhood disappeared. When Jesus was leaving, their Comforter was leaving. The One who led them from ordinary to extraordinary…from earth-bound to heaven-bound…from victory unto victory…was going home…and so was Love, Light and Life itself.

   No wonder then that they were looking up intently after Him. Think of your sorrow at separating from a friend or family member for any extended period, or even at death. Then imagine the condition of the hearts of these friends of Jesus who had continued with Him through all his trials. Imagine the sorrow of this separation. Imagine how they felt when Jesus went where they could not then follow, though one day they would.

   But, there comes a glad, hope-inspiring word! “This same Jesus…will come back.” Not another…the same Jesus…the Truth-bearer…the self-surrenderer…the lost-sheep-loving Lord…the Satan-slayer…the Friend of sinners…the door Keeper of heaven…the sin sacrifice…the Peacemaker…the joy-inspiring Prince. Praise God! We may return to our Jerusalem and to our service. Nothing is lost! All is victory! This same Jesus sees to that. Glory to Him!

   Tell me of your joy that it is the same Jesus coming back as the One Who left 2000 years ago. What is it about this same Jesus that you are so looking forward to…that fills you with confidence for the future and with courage to persevere in the meantime and until one wonderful day we are face to face with Him Whom not having seen before we love with all our hearts and serve with all our lifeforce…blessed Jesus! Hang in there, dear ones!


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9 thoughts on “This Same Jesus…Acts 1:11

  1. This same Jesus that gave up His rightful place to come die a shameful, painful, horrid death because He loved (loves) me and He knew I couldn’t get to Heaven without His help. This same Jesus that looks past my sin (just like He did with the woman “caught in the act”) and sees something worth saving. This same Jesus that crushed satan’s head and ripped the gates off of Hell…that rides the white horse…that wears the name King of kings and Lord of lords…that fights my battles…that has already WON any battle I might face!! The One that is gentle and all powerful at the same time. That is the Jesus coming back for me. He is my hero.

    • oakesclan on said:

      I love the picture you paint of Him, Sherry. He is truly Wonderful isn’t He? And His most wonderful attribute is that He sees in us “something worth saving.” You are certainly that, Sherry. The distance that He traveled for you…the mighty gulf He spanned…and the distance that He is carrying you by His grace even now…these are the wonders of His love which provide us unending inspiration for our heartsongs and which keep us close to Him.
      I love your Hero! And I love your heart for Him.
      May He fulfill your every desire for goodness.

  2. In the book The Robe there is a line that says something like … “the reflection in His eyes will be the woman He created me to be.” There’s also a part where it talks about grown-ups needing a lap. Once we get too big we are no longer able to climb up on someone’s lap and just rest … listen … and feel safe.

    I’ve seen these things in Jesus. When He looked at people He seemed to be able to show them their potential. They could see in His eyes what they were intended to be. Unfortunately, we never get to just sit and look into His eyes without distraction … I look forward to the day where I actually become what He sees. I will see myself through His eyes and will not be able to ignore how wonderful He has made me.

    I will always have a lap I can climb onto anytime. I believe that Jesus, without actually taking someone onto His lap … made them feel as if that’s where they were. He made them feel safe and secure from all alarm.

    I can’t imagine the sorrow that must have been in the hearts of those that looked intently at Him as He rose into the sky. To have known such perfection and beauty would have been a blessing. But watching it leave must have been devastating. It would have been at that time that they would have to hold on to the promise that He would return. Holding on to the hope that He would keep that promise … just like all the ones before.

    • Paige, thanks for sharing that quote from “The Robe.” What an awesome thought! I, too, look forward to the day when (as you stated) “I actually become what he sees.” Until then, I guess we will have trust in what He is seeing, right? I’ll bet His eyes are a little wiser than ours.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Your words made me even more homesick for Him, Paige. I agree with my son’s remark about that great quote from The Robe…”the reflection in His eyes…” That’s such a beautiful way of saying what Paul promised us on His behalf in Philippians 1:6, isn’t it? A place in His lap where we are always welcome and to which we always have access…sweet thoughts.
      We know that He never leaves us in this life. Paul’s experience at his first defense when all beloved humans had either failed him, or just couldn’t be there, seems pretty common to our human condition. But when that happened Paul was not discouraged. By faith he knew…felt…saw…that the Lord was standing by His side. I’m sure that Paul also had those times in his life when he wasn’t able to feel His Lord near. That’s our trouble, isn’t it? We know He is with us…in us…but it doesn’t always feel like it. This has been the experience of the faithful through all the ages. With you, I look forward to never, ever, thinking, or acting or feeling like, I am alone. This same Jesus is coming back…and when He does, we will know the constant sense of His abiding Presence. Bless His Name! Thank you, Paige, for loving Him so and for speaking of Him so well.

  3. Jesus “My Refuge and Savior who never changes…Stedfast and Secure”.
    There are so many people who can waiver and change toward you in life.
    I depend on my Jesus to never change toward me. I trust in Him when He says He knows when we cry and our hearts are aching because He has lived on this earth. I want to hope in His promises of heaven and things like Jesus’ being there to cause us to never know tears again but happiness in being secure and comforted in His presence. I will be able to talk to my Jesus and hug him…to ask Him the questions we had here on earth. They will become clear to us then. Here and now I want to know things that only Jesus and God know, like where our loved ones who have died and that we cherished and knew on this earth are. I hope we get to see them again. When we are there with Jesus and God we will know these things and be comforted in whatever the answers to the questions are. I am glad that Jesus gives us breaks, even breaks from our own selves. I am confused with situations here. And I know Jesus will take away those mental things that are hard for us to understand.

    The Best part of having our Jesus and our God is that they are always on our side…even when we give up on oursevles. And we do sometimes…lots of times.
    I know my Jesus and God Love Me. I know they have shown it for us on this earth. But, I believe, Heaven is going to help us know so much more and the experience of living there will be so far better than living here on the earth.

    I rest in these thoughts and try not to be anxious but wait for God’s clear
    plans for what He started in the beginning of time. He is the Author and Finisher of His Plan. There will be the finish here and then Heaven. Jesus said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” That is so unlike how people are
    many times. We just can’t love like God does…don’t have the capacity of Love like God showed in sending his only precious loving Son Jesus for us. I know he did it but I know we have trouble getting it. But I know this in my heart. Our Jesus and our God are FOR US! This is clear because of the MIGHTY thing he did for us on the Cross.


    • oakesclan on said:

      Yes, sis, we have only to look in the mirror to recognize that one thing we can count on from humans, and this is true even if they love us very much, is that they will let us down sooner or later…and more than once. It’s not that they set out to do it, necessarily. It’s just that we don’t have the capacity. And this truth is not to offer excuses for not trying harder…or for failing to apologize. Our commitments to each other need to be priorities in our lives. We need to keep returning to this truth. We are not to walk away from each other…even when we really feel like it. We learn this from our Lord.
      But He…He can be absolutely trusted…relied on…leaned upon. The hymn-writer was correct…”No one ever cared for me like Jesus.” And this isn’t said with bitterness or sorrow. It is said with rejoicing and praise. We should be glad to know He is always there for us. Even if it doesn’t always feel that way.
      You are right…we know this is true because once upon a hill outside Jerusalem, God offered a willing Son for the salvation of our souls.
      I am glad we are on this journey together. I pray many more will follow too.
      God bless you, Gail.

  4. KATHY on said:

    The desire to be with some one who has made that kind of impression on your heart can be very strong indeed. I have been with people who were so inspiring to be around ,it was as if I wanted to be near them as much as possible. They were positive and always had interesting things to talk about. My husband and I have dear friends, another christian couple that we get together with and socialize several times a week. This is probably similer to the closeness and bonding that Jesus apostles felt in their relationship with him. What am I looking forward to? Everything that Jesus promised! A smile, a “Welcome home”! Peace ,serenity, an end to all my hardship and labor. No more pain or sorrow. Unbelievable happiness, reunion with loved ones, and the opportunity to meet all the famous Godly people of old that weve read so much about in God’s word. Although I’m not as artful or poetic in my written expression of thought as you and some of your readers are, I do enjoy reading your site and will engage in thought feedback as I have opportunity. Thanks for all the food for thought and insight you share. Kathy

    • oakesclan on said:

      I like what you are looking forward to, Kathy…esp. “a Welcome Home!” To be finally home…in our soul’s true home…not one built with human hands…not a land in which we constantly wander about as pilgrims…not a place where time decays and elements corrupt and various thieves steal…not a home where we can only live a few years, or even a few decades…but one where we have a brand new welcome which last eternally. I’ll see you there, okay?
      And listen…you have plenty of art and poetry in your soul. It is evidenced in the things you write. So please keep writing and sharing with us whenever you can. It is always appreciated.
      God bless you and yours. Enjoy the weekend. Think noble thoughts of God.

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