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What’s In Your Heart?

 King David wanted to build a temple for the Holy Name. David had the kind of faith that couldn’t keep itself from wanting to give to…wanting to do for…God. And God is aware that this holy purpose lives in David’s heart, but God has His reasons for not permitting David to build it. But He does give David praise as He tells him that it was good that he had such a desire in his heart.

  That wonderful episode reveals a lot about why David was a “man after God’s own heart.” David liked to think about what he could do to honor God. David’s devotion to God began in his heart. David didn’t have to be commanded to love or serve God. It was in his heart to do so. Nobody forced David to worship or to pray. He actively sought the presence of God.

  The credit card company advertisement wants to know “What’s in our wallets?”  But maybe we should think about what’s in our hearts for God? David believed in his heart that God was Holy and that His cause was just. He believed that God’s cause deserved his greatest effort and sacrifice. David’s heartfelt belief caused him to be faithful in the daily round of life…faithful as a son…as a brother…as a shepherd…as a friend…as a soldier…as a king. His faithfulness in the commonplace prepared him for faithfulness in the great matters. Because it was in his heart to honor God, he became a blessing to those around him. We may not be able to accomplish all that we plan to do for God. David didn’t. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan anything. 

 When a true heart plans some goodness for its beloved…that in itself is goodness. 

 I was wondering…if you were to dream something for God…if it were in your power to do it…what would it be?

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11 thoughts on “What’s In Your Heart?

  1. Gail on said:

    For God I would dream that all people he Created and Loves would come to a Relationship (not an accquaintance) (not a pie in the sky) but a Relationship where you are his child and he is your Father God. I remember for Jeursalem that he said “I would gather you as chicks under my wings” and take care of you if you would. People (and I have done it also) trying to get along in this world without their God, the one who wants only Good for us and Protects Us from the Evil One (and there is an Evil One). People are stuck in things in this world that they would rather not be in and it is not hopeless as long as there is life. But it is hopeless if God is not involved in your life helping you with this habit, addiction or whatever else we want to call sin. My dream for God and Jesus is that since what he did for us is sure (concrete sure) that people would have a heart to come to their Lord then God would be in it with them. He will take care of us if only we are willing to have it so…even with the Evil One still alive and looking for whom he can devour. God Is Greater Than The Evil that is In this World (Now and Forever). Amen!!

    • oakesclan on said:

      That’s a great dream you have for Father God, Gail. And I happen to know that it is a dream you have worked and prayed for in your life. There are people whose eternities have been turned from darkness to light, because you are in this world. God bless you for that and for all you continue to do in His service and for others.

  2. “When a true heart plans some goodness for its beloved…that in itself is goodness.” This is what I want my heart to be … true and good. For so long I was dishonest. I had habits in my life that I couldn’t let anyone see and so I wore myself out trying to hide the truth. Now I have nothing to hide. I have disclosed all my secrets and I’m trying to never create more. So to have a heart that is true would be a blessing and I know God would be honored by that.

    How often do we tell children to be good? If I follow that same advice then I know God would be honored with my life. It doesn’t mean that everyone will love me and be proud of me. Sometimes the “gooder” we are the more attacks we get, but God will never attack my goodness.

    • oakesclan on said:

      The things that are “in your heart” for God please Him, I know. Your desire for goodness is a direct result of His effect upon you. It’s not just that you want to be good. It’s that you want to be good for Him. You want all that He has been, and is, to you to be reflected in a glowing goodness in your life that honors Him even while it blesses others. God has put this holy desire in you and He will bring it to completion in the day of Christ. Bless Him! So, while I know it may often feel like an impossible dream, it really isn’t! Impossible for us alone? Of course! But God is seeing to it. And I can tell you that even from this distance, the words that come from your heart are indeed a reflection of His goodness and His grace. They are full of honest insights into His Word and His Spirit and are aimed our hearts. They faithfully hit their targets and cause us to think noble thoughts of our Father God. This is truly good. And it is no small thing.

  3. I lived far too much of my life not bringing honor to His name…quite the opposite…I brought shame upon His name and my family. I want to live now in a way that brings honor to Him. I want people to see something different when they look at me…I want them to see Jesus. Somehow. Someway. I don’t think that I really have what it takes to be an example of goodness to anyone. But I believe that God can use my broken life and show HIS goodness through me. As with Moses, Gideon, Elijah and so many others…it’s not what they could do, but what GOD could do through them. I want God to work through me and show His glory. I’m not sure I’m expressing this the right way at all…I think you know what I mean though.

    We sing a song…usually I cannot get through the whole song unless I just put myself on automatic pilot. If I think about what I’m singing, I get choked up. The words are: “Turn my heart O Lord, like rivers of water. Turn my heart O Lord by your hand. Til my whole life flows in the river of your Spirit and my name brings honor to the Lamb.”

    That is what I want…I don’t feel capable…but I want to bring honor to the Lamb.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Sherry, you do good to have such a lofty goal in your heart for God. Haven’t we all done plenty enough in the shame category? As Peter said, in a classic understatement, “For the time already past is sufficient for you to have carried out the desire of the Gentiles…” (1 Peter 4:3). I agree with Peter, the time I have spent living against God’s purposes is way more than sufficient. I join you and any others who long to so live as to honor Father God.
      You quoted a beautiful song that speak volumes to heart regarding a wonderful change in life that aligns us completely with God’s good and gracious purposes. Another song that I have sung with that same holy desire he set in me goes this way…”Shut in with Thee, O Lord forever, my wayward feet no more to roam. What power from Thee my soul can sever? The center of God’s will my home. Sweet will of God, still fold me closer; till I am wholly lost in Thee.” As I typed those wonderful lines about that glorious possibility which because of Him is not only possible…not only probable…but will be actual…one of these days…tears came to my eyes also.
      Keep wanting such good for God! By doing so, you make it easier for us to be good.

  4. Email Girl on said:

    At first when I read this I thought my gift was weak…that maybe it wasn’t really a gift at all. But after thinking for a couple more days…maybe its not so weak after all…although I’m still not sure. I believe that the greatest gift I could offer God would be to allow Him to heal my broken life and live the way in which I know He intended my life to be…to be the person He made me to be. Do you think thats a gift? Or is that just something He is expecting from me?

    • oakesclan on said:

      Email Girl, I saw your reply on here several days ago, but my life has run in so many different directions lately, that though I wanted to respond immediately to your comment, I couldn’t until now. Please accept my apology for the long delay.
      You asked with regard to offering God your broken heart and life for Him to do His healing work, “Do you think that’s a gift? Or is that just something He is expecting from me?”
      Beloved of God, surely your gift is the greatest of all. And it gets right to the heart of what all our gifts are about. According to Ephesians 1:18, what God is wanting out of all creation…what He is waiting for through all the years of time…what He has been and is working for from before the worlds were ever created and through all of history and especially in His Son, the Christ…His life, teachings, love, sufferings, tortures, sacrifices, cruel death, and glorious resurrection…all of it to this day…is that He might claim His inheritance in the saints. That means He wants you…and me…and all others who will care to answer the call. That means that out of all the created works of God’s hands…all the creatures He made…all the masterpieces of art or music…or all the majestic wonders of nature…all of these glorious things are swept aside as He looks for you…wants you…works to win your heart and soul…longs to bring you home with Him. Such a God as this would never consider your gift of yourself, simply a mundane matter of what He is owed. Yes, of course, there is a level upon which that is fact. Yes, God created us and we owe Him by right what is His. But the story of the returning son in Luke fifteen helps us see that the heart of God is much deeper, much richer, much more loving than that. He rejoiced at that presumptuous, sinning son’s return. And He rejoices over even me with all my sin and foolishness and weakness…when I offer Him myself.
      I know that you will thrill the heart of our Father God, the great God of the universe, by the simple (I did not say “easy”) act of offering Him yourself…just as you are…and let Him show you what He can do with even a broken heart and life…and let Him begin now to restore to you the years that the locusts have eaten. You have sustained losses that stagger my mind and surely must shake you over and over again to your core. I can’t imagine the strength it must take for you to even be considering such a gift of yourself to God. But I am praying that God grant you the strength to do it. Dear Email girl, the best is yet to be, by God’s grace. I will be waiting and hoping to hear from you (and, please, this is not meant to pressure you at all) that the wonderful gift that’s in your heart for Him has been truly given to Him.

  5. I can’t help but comment Doug, I know you are suppose to do this but Cemotosnack, Sherry Fisher, Email Girl I love to read your comments and where you have been and where you are Going with your God. It gives us all hope even those of us who have been in church all of our lives. You are a breath of Fresh Air and You are all a Gift, Precious Gift to God. I am sure Doug and others will agree who read this. Thank you very much for your perseverance and Love for God.


    • oakesclan on said:

      You don’t need to feel awkward about posting comments directed to others who have also commented on this blog. That’s exactly what this is about. So feel free to do that. The good stuff in your heart can be a blessing to many others. So just keep letting it overflow.
      Your brother, D

  6. KATHY on said:

    .Hey Doug & Gail, Icaught up on reading all the articles on your blog site & your readers responses last night. Like gail I was touched & humbled by the humility in everyone’s thoughts. The loving nature of God expressed in yours & Gail’s thoughts were so moving ,they brought tears to my eyes. I have often wondered how disappointed that my heavenly Father & Jesus are at my weak & feeble attempts at goodness ? I’ve taught childrens classes , participated in vacation bible school, brought food items needed for holiday baskets, participated in card showers , attend church regularly,read my bible as often as I can &pray(although I could stand to do it more often than I do.) Some how I feel I’m not doing enough. I want to go to heaven someday,& I want everyone I love & care about to be there with me. Even though I’d like to accomplish His purpose in bigger ,more meaningful ways, I hope some of the little things I’ve been able to do tohelp someone still count for something. Thank you for your thoughts,I’ve enjoyed the reading,It has encouraged my heart .

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