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Never Alone

   In all His vast creation there was only one thing that God said was not good. It was not good for a human to be alone. So God created woman and instituted marriage. But loneliness returned to both humans when they gave themselves over to sin. Now there was a new and horrible darkness that came between them. It was a loneliness they were powerless to fix in one another. And it not only isolated them from one another, it separated them from their God as well. God went right to work to protect the humans…to bring them back to Himself and to each other.  It was not a cheap fix, for here in Genesis, chapter three we have the gracious but ominous prophecy of the ages long battle of evil and good, which climaxes in the “temporary” death of a special descendant of Eve and in the utter destruction of the serpent’s seed. 

   In Psalm 68:6, the Bible says that God puts the lonely in families. Family is a beautiful concept that speaks of so many wonderful things. However, we come to places and times in our lives where even our beloved cannot come. And loneliness returns to haunt us again.

   When God unfolded His scheme of redemption, it involved saving people and placing them in the church. The New Testament is filled with  instruction about how we ought to treat each other as family. Again, this is a beautiful concept. But, in spite of the best intentions, loneliness breaks through. In the final analysis, though human companionship is wonderful and is a creation of God, we must have a higher Presence in our lives. We must have our Father.

   When the Apostle Paul was on trial for his life, he noted that all humans had forsaken him. But he was not alone. The Lord stood by him and strengthened him. God’s people never have to be alone. Joseph was not alone in Egypt. He realized later that though he was betrayed by his own brothers, he had actually been on a mission for and with God. When David went out by himself to meet the giant, he didn’t go by himself. When Abraham left his father’s house for parts unknown, his heavenly Father went with him. And when Moses went up Mt. Nebo to die, there was only God to hold the funeral. And that was enough. Moses died alone, but he didn’t die alone. You and I don’t have to be alone either. Even if everyone else should forsake us, there is God. When we have been overcome with sin, God doesn’t take a hike. He takes a run right to us (I John 2:11). When no one else understands, God does. When no else can be there or will be there, God will. When you wake up in the middle of the night and feel utterly alone, realize that you are not alone. Jesus knew that He was not alone. He sought God out in quiet times of togetherness. We should do the same. We never have to be alone.

   A friend (thank you, Carolyn) sent me this link a while back to a beautiful song which is entitled “You’re Not Alone.” Give it a listen if you have the time.

    Now then, I was thinking…even though God has so very often helped me through His wonderful servants…and even though I am grateful beyond words for such help so often given…there have been those times when all other props were knocked out and it was only God Who could get me through. And, bless His Name, He did! Are you able to share with us such a time in your life? It just might encourage us all to give more attention to our relationship with our Father God…that intimate relationship which, above all others, we can count on to know that we are never alone.

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7 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. I have searched my memory and I can say that I can’t think of a time when I was completely alone on this earth with no one to at least call or write … unless I chose to be. The times that I have been alone and felt the darkest loneliness in my life have been times when I was separated from God … and thus I had separated myself from people.

    All other times He has provided someone, in some form or another, to let me know that I was not alone unless I chose it.

    Unfortunately, I choose it a lot actually. I have deep bouts of loneliness that I choose to suffer through without letting anyone know. I will pray, but it’s usually something like, “God, you and I both know I’m choosing to suffer this alone. I just can’t reach out right now, so I’m begging you to hold onto me until a time comes when I do finally reach out … or the loneliness passes.”

    I love that He designed this world so that we don’t ever have to be alone. He has taken everything into consideration and His intentions are that we live in His mercy and grace … enjoying all the blessings and wonders that He has made for our pleasure. I wish, for His sake and ours, that we didn’t take those things for granted … didn’t abuse His blessings … and didn’t misunderstand our relationship with Him.

    “The essence of life is you and God.” A friend told me this once and it stuck. Ultimately I have God and that’s it … so at all costs I must remain with Him. By doing this … I will not only ensure my eternity with Him, but I also ensure that I will live “never alone”.

    • oakesclan on said:

      I like that statement your friend gave you… “The essence of life is you and God.” That’s the truth. It’s not that we wish to leave others out, is it? It’s that no friend, no matter how beloved, can come properly and abide in that most important place in our soul which belongs only to God. And having this essence intact (God and me), everything else that’s good and lovely and can open up in life, does so. From the security of my intimacy with my Father God, I am stronger to venture out into loving others in this life. I know whatever happens in my other relationships, God still has me. He always keeps me in His love, His grace, His purposes, His care, His future.
      So, we are not at all down in the mouth to think, believe and say that ultimately it is God and me and that’s it. No we say it with joy and great hope. Because that truth fits us for everything else in this life and the next.
      Thanks for stopping by Paige and for opening your heart to us…sharing with us your growing intimacy with Father God.

  2. I know that if I choose to be alone it is not God’s fault it is mine. God has provided an avenue to be in fellowship w/Him that will never separate us from Him or our loneliness. Some days when I lay there waking up I think of My God going to help me thru the day. Some days I think of having to lose someone or something like my pet to this life again. I lay there thinking I don’t think I can do it again. I feel weak inside just anticipating facing something like that again. But I still know that I have God and Jesus who know what it is like and somehow (if I don’t go first) He will love me thru it again. I feel lonely not fitting in too good in this world.
    I just feel like some things are so sinful and (not that I have not had my share of sinning in my life) that I don’t want to be around people and their actions. A lot of people just keep doing the same things over and over and don’t care or understand what they are doing that keep them from God’s Grace. I feel lonely that I don’t seem to be able to help them. I don’t feel strong enough in my body to feel like helping like I use to.
    So I do leave it up to God an awful lot. Sometimes I just plain feel lonely in that people can’t understand each other better. It’s just where they are coming from or their age, busyness or the differences in women and men. People see things in different ways but God knows our hearts regardless of where we are coming from.

    I went out the other night to dump water out of the bird bath and I heard a conversation going on with a couple of neighbors. Every other word was a sexual profanity. I know it is just a word but it sounds so ugly to me.
    I could not wait to get back in the house and not hear that conversation anymore. My neighbor was helping me in my drive-way the other day and the neighbor next door needed to tell him something about a job he would be interested in and he said to him “get your a_ _ over here”…saying that to tell him to come over so they could talk. I know these things might seem minor to some but they make me feel kind of sick and not want to be around them (so unlike how Jesus was). These kind of things cause be not to want to mingle w/some people much and that brings the lonely feelings also.

    There are so many people who just throw out things and don’t take into consideration how that can make another person feel. I am talking about people in the world and even us Christians have been quilty of it also I am sure. It can make you feel lonely once again. People don’t want to be hurt and I sure don’t. I want to be around things and people that make you feel happier. I know this is not Heaven but loneliness is very much part of life at times. I still know there is my God who helps me thru and I hope I am letting him help me not to be one of those people who cause others to feel lonely or hurt (I am sure a lot of us don’t really mean that).

  3. oakesclan on said:

    In the midst of serving God in this world, one of the things that I really believe is supposed to happen is that we grow more and more homesick for our Father God. We do grow weary of the ways of the world. We don’t intend to look down on others. We know that so many are trapped in sin. We remember what that feels like from our own story. But we don’t want to go back there.
    Our God will keep giving us grace to strengthen our hearts for all He intends us to do in this life. As are our days, so shall our strength be (Deuteronomy 33:25). We can trust Him for this.
    God bless you, sis.

  4. Email Girl on said:

    I can think of a few times where I didn’t feel alone…when I knew He was watching over me. I hold onto those times because they get me through the dark times…when the clouds are hanging over me. I have found through the years…that no matter how many people are around me…no matter how many are in “my court”, I can still feel desperately alone. When I was a kid I lived in a house with 5 other people and felt like an orphan to some degree. I had plenty of friends, a big family…but it wasn’t enough to fill the void in my heart that I suffered. Today I feel the same way. I am very very blessed beyond measure with my friends…even though most of the time I don’t feel like I deserve them….I know how blessed I am. But even though I am surrouded and loved…I feel alone.

    I think that “aloneness” must have something to do with how far I am from Him. Lately, I have felt very very far…and yet I know that I have to get back to Him. I don’t know how…I don’t even know if I can…but I know I have to keep trying. Something in me keeps me looking for Him. I want to get back there so badly that it hurts.

  5. Gail on said:

    E-Mail Girl – I know some about feeling lonely. I hope you don’t mind if I say something here. I don’t know really how far from Him you are feeling w/Him. But He Is There, and even if we are not up to feeling like he is, rest assured that he is with us. I like the Footprints Poem. Sometimes he is there Carrying Us Along the Way. Once we are a Christian we are always God’s Child. And like a Good Father he will Never Leave You or Forsake You. I know we never feel good enough to be Near Him but keep trying to surround yourself w/good blogs to read about Him and His Love for Us. Keep being around Friends who do really Love You and want the Best for you. Utter a prayer during the day that God will be by your side and help you out of the way you’re feeling. It doesn’t have to be a long or formal prayer. Just talk to Him. I have seen things change (might not be overnight) because he hears us and causes people or things to change us and Blessings do come from the Father Who Loves Us So.

    I am not saying I have all the answers for loneliness but don’t ever, ever forget the one who made you, knows your every thought and does care about you and loves you. God can fill up that loneliness even when people don’t seem to be there to help. But we do need people also.

  6. Email Girl on said:

    Thank you Gail…your words are so encouraging and sweet. I appreciate all my “blogging friends” because they keep some really important things to remember very close to my heart…even when the rest of me is running away from them. I know where I need to be…and I struggle to get there on a daily basis. But one thing about me…I refuse to give up. I don’t feel close enough to God right now to talk to Him…but I know Hes there and I know He hears my heart. Who better than God to stand behind me and hold me up? Hes been there all my life doing that. ..literally.

    Recently I had an anniversary of my marriage. It wasn’t a celebration…it was a day I wish I could have skipped all together. But a person in my life that helps me along told me to not let it go without thought. He encouraged me to go buy myself a card and buy it as if God was giving it to me. It made my day a little easier to swallow…and I have realized since….that he is there doing that every day. Everyday He is showering me with His love and affection and I can choose to receive it or I can turn my head and refuse to notice. But no matter if I am taking it in or ignoring it…its still there. That is a glorious thing to be grasping.

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