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Just Waiting For You

As I recall the story went something like this…there was a man in Chicago who, just before the great depression of 1933, had worked hard and saved a fair amount of cash. Now I’m told the few folks who actually fared well financially during and after the depression were those who happened to have cash on hand. By wise use of the money he had, he became very wealthy. But his labors worked against his health. He saw his doctor who suggested he get away to the country for sustained rest and recuperation. He went to the blue grass state of Kentucky…he fished the clear streams and walked in beautiful meadows and, by and by, his health improved. While he was living there he met a beautiful Kentucky girl and, in time,  they fell in love and were married. Business ventures called, so he took his bride to Chicago. And they were very happy and very much in love. Sickness came to the lady of the house…she contracted a fever. The fever spiked dangerously one night. The doctor was called, but it was too late. She had been affected mentally. The nights were the worst. Her screams late at night began to bother the neighbors. The police were called because of the disturbance. The doctor was consulted. He told the husband that he would have to commit her to an institution. But he replied, “No! My love…our love…will overcome even this!” They sold their house and moved further from the city. She was not improved. The city grew out to them. Once again the screams in the night affected the neighbors…the police…the doctor…“Commit her”…but the loving husband said, “No! My love…our love…will overcome even this!” There were times along the way when the husband’s hopes would well up…something she would say or do would make him think “Maybe she is getting  better.  But it would only be temporary. Again the screams…the complaints…and the rest. Finally the doctor suggested taking her back home to Kentucky. “Let her wade the streams she waded in childhood. Let her feel and smell the country breezes. Walk with her through the beautiful meadows. Maybe that will do her some good.” The husband did just that. He took her to her childhood home. There they walked the beautiful meadows and waded the cool streams. But day after day passed and she didn’t seem any better. One night he lay by her bedside and watched her fall into a different sort of sleep. He noticed that she seemed more relaxed and peaceful as she lay sleeping. He sat in the chair, keeping watch over her, all through the night. In the morning as the sun’s rays fell upon her beautiful face and danced upon her hair, she awoke, yawned and stretched herself. He could see by the look on her face that she had returned to him. Then she caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye. She said to her beloved, “I feel like I’ve been on a long, long journey, honey. Where have you been?” And he, with a heart that only love’s wounded can fully understand, replied, “Just waiting for you to come home, dear. Just waiting for you to come home.”

Can you hear the voice of your beloved Savior say to you… “I don’t care where you’ve been before. Nothing you’ve ever said, thought, or done can alter My love which overcomes all. I have just been waiting for you to come home, dear one. Come then, beloved.”

May your heart find rest, peace, hope and love in Jesus Christ Who loves us far more than we love our sin.

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8 thoughts on “Just Waiting For You

  1. As I was reading this I was thinking of God saying in Revelation “you have forsaken your first love”. I heard someone talk about this once and said that to fix this you have to remember the One you loved first. You go back and work at remembering all the things that made you fall in love with them to begin with … you remember your first love.

    In this story she didn’t forsake him on purpose. Her mind and body did something her heart might have never purposefully done. But the result was the same … he was turned away from. Yet, when he was able to take her back to the good place, the place of good memories, of peace and serenity … she came back … she remembered her first love.

    Too many times I don’t have enough contact with God to keep me remembering Him. Then other times I let things take His place … or they sneak into His place. Before I know it … I can’t remember why I loved Him … I forget what good He did for my heart. I forget what His immeasurableness felt like in my spirit. How do I find Him again? I go back … back to the beginning … back to the good and pure … the Him that I had before I let other things sneak into His place. And it’s possible … really possible that I’ll ask Him … “Where have you been?”, because it’s my practice to blame the leaving on Him not me. I can be sure that His answer will be the same as this man’s “Just waiting for you.” What a good husband we have in Jesus!!!

    • oakesclan on said:

      Good thoughts, Paige! I agree with you about what a good, patient, loving and strong husband Jesus is to His bride. I depend on His patience. By His grace, may I not presume upon it, however. Still…it’s so comforting to know that, since I seem to stumble in so many ways, even when I do the stupid…the inexcusable…the shameful…the very thing I said I wouldn’t do…even then He’s just waiting for me to turn again…the wild look gone from eyes…and yield my love and loyalty to the only One Who never has and never will let me down.

  2. KATHY on said:

    How awsome is this analogy of Jesus? That He waits for us patiently with love &open arms during the different times in our lives when we have allowed other things to turn our attention from serving Him! In addition to a good husband, what a friend we have in Jesus, our Savior,& our Brother as we are joint heirs through our obedience to the gosple. Many times I fall so short of His example & qualities of the spirit. I pray He will continue to be patient with me throughout my walk in life. Thank you Heavenly Father & Lord Jesus for your comfort and care of us your children during our walk of life here on earth. Without YOU life would be meaningless!

    • oakesclan on said:

      Kathy, yes, even when we prove faithless, He abides faithful for He cannot disown Himself (2 Timothy 2:13). This is Who He is.
      Have you heard about the older gentleman who was finally persuaded to take a plane ride? When he landed, they asked him how it was. He said that it was alright, but that he never did put down his full weight on that seat. We can put down our full load on Jesus. If we allow Him, He will be our “rest”… our peace…our joy…our comfort…our rich and living hope…our motivation…our inspiration…our ever-present Helper in times of trouble.
      And AMEN to your prayer!

  3. Gail on said:

    We have trouble relating to God – Jesus is waiting for us to come home no matter what we have done. Compared to God waiting for Jesus to come home after his journey on this earth for a few years. But we know Jesus was perfection in God’s eyes (truly perfect and free of sin). I still know that in my heart that Jesus is taking care of us who believe him, that we will be home with God – Jesus someday because of Jesus and his perfection in God’s eyes that brings us Home to Him. That is why God thought so Highly of Jesus. He was obedient and did this one thing for us (shed his blood). God knew because of this Grand thing it enabled us who have sin a chance to get Home to Heaven where we belong. Where God wants us – back with Him. “OH THAT WILL BE GLORY FOR ME”.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Out of the whole of creation, what God is looking for…what God is wanting…what God is waiting for…is faith living in the hearts of us feeble humans. When you think of the wonders of creation…majestic mountains, expansive galaxies, immense oceans, mighty rivers and the rest…and then you realize, that as far as God is concerned, what He values above all is faith living in humans. We not only have a chance to get home to Heaven…we have a promise! Great news! We are well on our way because of Him.

  4. “I don’t care where you’ve been before. Nothing you’ve ever said, thought, or done can alter My love which overcomes all. I have just been waiting for you to come home, dear one. Come then, beloved.”

    There was a point in my life when I could not believe that Jesus would say those words. Especially not to me. But I know now from experience …being away from Him so long and then coming Home…that is how He is. He wasn’t mad or angry at me. He didn’t hate me. He loved me…in spite of my sins…in spite of the fact that I turned my back on His love. He took me back into His arms immediately. No earning my way back into His love. He just loved me. I can see Him saying “There you are..I’ve been waiting for you.” What a comfort! What a relief!

    • oakesclan on said:

      “He wasn’t mad or angry at me. He didn’t hate me.” Yes, Sherry, and this runs so contrary to the human experience that it is difficult for us to fully accept, isn’t it? The running to meet us…the glad welcome…the profuse kisses…the hugs…the tears of joy…the robe and the ring…the party…the food (the kind that satisfies the starving heart)…the fellowship…the talk of a future now that everything has changed…and on and on… Indeed, “what a comfort! What a relief!” Isn’t life in the Father’s house grand, after all?!!!!

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