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Severe Mercy

   During WWII, powerful bombs fell in the center of London. Buildings and roads were destroyed. After the cleanup there were large patches of earth in the middle of London that had previously been paved over. They say there were flowers that sprang up in the shell holes. Botanists had thought these flowers to have been extinct for over a hundred years. In reality their seeds had simply lain dormant under the town. Flowers came back that men thought would never be seen again.

   This story inspires me. It makes me think about hope. It reminds me of what God has done for this world so bombed out by sin and trouble. God is able to restore the years that the locusts have eaten. He is able to see to it that those who sow in tears reap in joy. He is able to make a woman forget her agony in labor for the joy that her child is born. He is able to cause chords that have long been silent to vibrate in our hearts once again. He is able to cause those who sit in darkness to see a great light. He is able to create Jerusalem anew and a rejoicing. He is able to inspire new songs in forlorn people. He is able to bring health to souls. He is able to set free sin’s captives…heal sin’s afflicted…give sight to sin’s blinded…and hope to sin’s defeated. He is able to give drink to those with no money. He is able to clothe those who are naked. He is able to give purpose to the aimless. He is able to raise the dead. He is able to bring divided people together. He is able to re-unite fractured families. He is able to purify sinners. He is able to beautify the ugly. He is able to bring us all through this vale of tears and trials and home to glory. And whatever the method He uses to get our attention…whether bombs or illness or heartache…surely we will one day thank Him from our hearts that He is able even through severe mercy to bring back flowers that we long thought extinct.

   Please, Father God, open the eyes of our understanding so that even if we can’t grasp reasons, we will hear the beat of your Father-heart nearer to us than breathing and that we will trust ourselves to You no matter what.

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6 thoughts on “Severe Mercy

  1. I have always loved the word “restored”. The idea that God can restore me, restore my heart, and restore my spirit gives me much hope. To restore makes me think of bringing something back to its original condition. When I read through different Psalms I see how God felt about me before I was even born … how perfect I was … how I was made in His image. For Him to restore me back to that state after all the damage I’ve done … amazes me.

    There are characteristics that I once had, that have long disappeared through years of maltreatment and neglect. They seem to be extinct. I lose hope that I will ever get them back, but what you’ve written reminds me that there is always hope … He can restore it all … no matter what.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Isn’t it grand? Yes…”grand” is the right word that our God gives a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy in place of mourning, and a garment of praise in place of a spirit of despair. He makes all things new. Only He can do it! And not only can He do it…but He is willing to do it! We are of all people most blessed! Praise His holy Name! Yes, Paige, because of our God and His Christ there is always hope.

  2. Email Girl on said:

    For the last couple of weeks I have been like the flower finding its way out of the darkness that confines me. I can see where God has purposefully blasted holes in the walls that I’ve built up to protect me. I have felt cold and exposed with these massive gaps in my wall…afraid of the light shining through them. But gradually, and somewhat reluctantly at times, I am growing more comfortable with these changes. It feels a little less like exposure and a little more like freedom. Secrets held onto for decades are being revealed. The true nature of those that injured me is coming to light. A confirmation that I am not alone gives me peace. The ability to look to the future and see the light on the other side of the darkness brings me a new sense of reality. I am in the throws of life altering changes…and I am giving Him the credit…and it feels right.

    Thanks Doug for sharing this story…and reminding me that He is the one in control and it is with His incredible mercy and purpose for my life that I may rest my weary heart and let Him take the reigns.

    • oakesclan on said:

      “Less like exposure and…more like freedom.” Yes! I like that Email girl. That’s exactly the intent of our God. We can always trust Him to do what is best…right…most needed…always. He makes everything beautiful in His time. Patience is the needed virtue, isn’t it? And you have it. You have been waiting a long time for what God is now doing in your heart and in your life. God richly bless you as He unfolds His perfect will for you. I can’t wait to learn of the things He will show you…the things in which He will involve you…all the ways He will get glory through your willing spirit. The best is yet to be, sister. I believe that with all my heart. I know you do too.
      Love’s prayers continue!

  3. There is a song that I really like by Bebo Norman. In it he says
    “Let my ruins become the ground You build upon
    Let my ruins become the start
    Let my ruins become the ground You build it on
    From what’s left of my broken heart”

    Only the Almighty Father can rebuild something worthwhile from the ruins we leave behind in our attempt to live our own life. Damage done by our own foolishness…damage done by others. Only God can take that and work it for good. Only He can bring us back to life when we are left empty and hollow.

    He took my broken heart and broken life and put me back together. He held on to me until I could breathe..and holds me together still. I am amazed…not that He is able to do that…but that He cared enough to do it. The God of Heaven brought me back, out of the pigpen, out of the pit, back from the dead. He made love and hope bloom when I thought it was impossible. My goal is to live worthy of such a wonderful gift!

    • oakesclan on said:

      Sherry, your goal is beautifully stated. And even though you and I know we can’t achieve that worthy life to the degree we would love to in order to offer our God such a treasure…it’s so very good that it is in your heart to do it. This is a pleasure to our Father. As He views us traveling along our life’s journey, as He takes into account all the pressures, weaknesses, surprises, disappointments, sins, and etc., that surround us and would be a roadblock to our heart’s purpose of honoring Him, imagine the Fatherly pride He has over humans who will not quit on Him no matter what life brings or fails to bring. I love this determination you have to keep letting His grace feed your gratitude and your goal of living in worthy ways in order to honor Him. Your faith encourages us all. May God fulfill your every desire of goodness!

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