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O Love

You are familiar with George Matheson’s hymn that beautifully sings of the love that will not let us go. Some time ago I was thinking about that truth…thinking about how I knew that His love wouldn’t let me go. Of course we know things intellectually that we have trouble getting a heart-grip on, don’t we? But I believe the truth of this song not only because of what Scripture tells me about God’s great heart of love for me…for us…but because I have put this wondrous love to the long, hard test of my life. How do I know his love won’t let me go? Because I have resisted it so often…so stubbornly…so continually…so selfishly…so stupidly…so rebelliously (and all the other adverbs that apply).

A person who had recently been won to Jesus was asked about his salvation. “What was God’s part in your salvation?” “Well,” he said, “God provided Jesus and pursued me in love down through all the years.” “And what was your part in your salvation?”  He replied, “I ran as hard as I could in the other direction.”

There you go. That’s how I know by experience that His love won’t let me go! Oh I deserved to be abandoned. I didn’t deserve a single second chance, but He has showered second chances down upon me. And to this day I get a brand new chance every morning (and then throughout the day) when I go out and discover the manna of His mercy fresh and everywhere about me. And so I make music to His Name and proclaim His love every morning and His faithfulness every night (Psalm 92:1f). Today I am thanking God that even when I had let go, His love didn’t, wouldn’t and still doesn’t let me go.

Maybe you could share something of a time when you became very conscious that His love was holding you with a “never let you go” sort of strength. It would do all our hearts good, I’m sure.

Have a great weekend. Know that you are loved. You are His beloved.

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5 thoughts on “O Love

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard this song or not. I looked up the lyrics and absolutely love this part:O joy that seekest me through pain, I cannot close my heart to thee, I trace the rainbow through the rain, And feel the promise is not vain. What I’m going to share is going to be only a synopsis of the entire story, but it’s a story that shows me that His promises are not in vain. I can trace that rainbow over and over knowing that His pattern is to keep His promises … every single one … I can trust that.

    I have been given every opportunity in my life to accept His love and His faithfulness. Most of the time I have closed my heart to Him, suffered the loneliness and pain that brought … all the while wondering, “Where is He?” I’m ashamed at the times that I’ve asked that question. I’m ashamed at the times that I begged Him to let me die, to just “pull an Enoch” … please! And then cursed at Him for not answering that prayer.

    I chose to become addicted to many things … leaving Him behind … and ignoring the pleas of His children. When I finally had nothing left … I chose Him. But I really only chose Him so that I could ask Him to let me die. When He didn’t give me that … I chose someone else. Then I needed help with these out of control addictions … so, I chose Him.

    I fell in love with a man that wasn’t right for me. He was a good man, but the baggage that came with him, and the baggage that I brought didn’t mesh too well. But I chose him. I suffered a lot in that marriage … it was harder than I ever imagined. But I gave it all I had. One day he asked for a divorce and my world crumbled around me. Horrible things happened in May of 2006. I lost my husband of 8 years, a great job, a life I had loved, my grandmother died, and my dog had to be put to sleep. I had nothing left … except Him. I chose Him almost by default.

    Because I chose Him, He lifted me out of that horribleness and brought me to a place where I could rest and heal … learn about His love and His patience. I was taught to breathe out so that I could breathe in … and I was taught that all that time, He was holding me. I had let go, here and there … but He never did. When I forgot to trace the rainbow … it was still there waiting for me to notice … and so was He.

    I choose Him … and I believe without a doubt that He chose me. His “never let you go” strength astounds me. I stand in AWE of Him.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Paige, aren’t we glad that Father God doesn’t require that we choose Him only out of the most noble of motivations? So many people that I’ve known neglected God for so long, then when life got real hard for them, they felt they couldn’t turn to Him at that point…after all (they reason) I didn’t come to Him when things were good, how can I resort to Him now?
      I’m so glad the Bible makes it clear that none of that matters…that as long as we mean itl…then whether out of wonderful and noble influences or out of the most desperate of straits and because we have nowhere else to turn…He not only accepts us…He welcomes us and starts the party!
      But it is truly wonderful that your choice of Him in your desperate times is now validated by your choosing of Him today and each day of life as He gives it to you. That is sooooooo good! O Love….!!!!

  2. Cemotosnack, Your story of 2006 brought tears and heartache to me. Such pain and loss you went thru (sounds like more than one should or could bare). I love you for having the fortitude to share this with us.
    Because we all need to know that there is an Ever Living Loving God who does CARE when we are going thru these heartaches. I do believe God is Helping us and being by our Side even when we don’t think we are worthy or good enough for Him to be there. I believe our Loving God is bringing us thru the tough things of this life. But the Best is Yet to Come! I don’t say that lightly cause’ what happens to us, like what happened to you in 2006, is all we really know about here. Life can be good here even though some people wonder if that is really true when they have to go thru so much pain and hurt.

    My brother Adrian was never very happy here on this earth. He loved his Family and thoug he tried he never could really enjoy much while living here. I didn’t understand that. I don’t think any of us really understood what he went through. I came to understand more of his struggle after his death.

    I believe life has not been easy for you. I wish we could make it better for you and understand even more.

    I do remember something Jesus told us when they complained about him doing things on the Sabbath and being with people who needed him on that day.
    Do you remember what He told them? The people who are weak, sick and struggling are the ones that needed him. That is why I believe even when we are weak and struggling and just can’t do better with how we are feeling, that God understands and will Ever and Ever be there to bring us along and help us. One day as we mature and as we move toward being still and knowing God is helping us our Faith will be stronger. And when others disappear God will be by our side no matter what. It matters to Him that there is pain and hurt but God wants us to try as much as we have it in us to live and know that he is God and wants us to learn more about him as we live on. He wants us to enjoy the creation he has made for us and enjoy and be around people who love us.

    I just heard a man on TV yesterday who was going to preach a lesson on “Live Like We Are Loved”. It is good if we have people in our life who can give us that also but I think his main thought was to Live like we know God loves us. As we persevere and live in this world with all the fire trials we go thru God said we can come thru these things because he will be with us. Cemotosnack, I love you for knowing God does choose you and “He will not let you go”. He surely, surely is a God who is in love with his children, and you are one of his children in this world and in Heaven to come.

    I will remember you in my thoughts when I wake up and lay down. God Bless You. You left me with more of an awareness that life is not always easy. I know that some are having it so tough and my heart wants to reach out and help.
    I have had such help come to me when I least expected it. And I knew it came from people who loved me that God sent to me. He still supplies me with much Help from Family and Friends and I GET IT. This helps me to see the hand of My God Better in this Life.

  3. Gail … I appreciate your comments. Thank you so much. As I hear you and Doug talk about your brother I feel that he and I were a lot alike. It is hard for others to understand … it is hard for us to understand … but God understands us.

    Hearts like yours are what get me through me the day.

  4. Cemotosnack, your comments mean a lot to me. My Brother Adrian was always searching out someone in this world who could understand him and help him. He never went to church much but he always talked about God and engaged his family and others in talking about His God. He did know God understood him like no human could. We miss Him an Awful Lot but He is now with His God who is taking care of Him and Utimately is being totally understood and Loved. I just feel this so much. Adrian passed last year in Oct. Adrian did become a Christian when he was younger and he used to attend worship but he had trouble with things and had a hard time keeping up with worship. Adrian was Our Brother and We Sure Loved Him.

    Keep on Keeping On.

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