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Nothing Better

   I remember the feeling I had as a boy at the end of the school day. My pent up energy was waiting to explode in running from the school yard and going to play whatever I wanted to play. Freedom! I thought nothing could be better than that. But I was wrong.

   The driver’s license drew nigh. I couldn’t wait. I failed the first driving test. I can’t begin to tell you my disappointment. I had to wait “forever” (or at least one week) to take that test again. But then I had it…my piece of paper which permitted me to terrorize those country lanes. A rusty old ’55 Chevy, some gas and the open road. I just knew that nothing could be better than that. But I was wrong.

   Well, after what seemed to be an eternity, I was finally to graduate from high school. Escape from the suffocating classrooms! A new lease on life…my life! My euphoria caused me to reason once again, “Nothing could be better than this!” But I was wrong.

   I met a young lady. I can’t fully describe the excitement that coursed through me as I anticipated spending time with her. Food, cars, sports and other friends lost their appeal to me. I cared for nothing and no one as I cared for her. I thought, “There certainly can’t be any more wonderful feeling than this.” That’s what I thought. But I was wrong.

   There came a day when she said “Yes!” to me. The wedding preparations…the smiles…the dreaming…finally the day came. The only day in my life so far when my knees literally shook. I was being married. She became mine. The beginning of life together. The honeymoon. “Surely there was nothing else to compare with this!” But I was wrong.

   In time she bore our first child. I saw her labor to bring him into this world. I saw her anguish…her tears…her courage. I saw the capillaries burst in her neck and shoulders as she strained so hard. Finally I had seen that which could not be surpassed. Imagine my surprise then when they placed the precious bundle in my arms, and I looked upon the face of my son for the first time. Then I knew that nothing could be better than that.

   All through my life God has been surprising me with joy…giving me better and purer definitions of good…of noble…of delightful things. But there’s coming a day, by His grace, when I will depart to be with Him…earth’s unrest will have ceased for me…the sometimes deafening questions will be gone…the terrible spectre of my sins that were ever before me will have vanished away (let it be, dear God)…my weakness will have been turned into strength…my failures swallowed up in His victory…the greatest longing of my heart will be realized as I enter the blessed Presence of the One Who has always loved me best of all and out of  Whose love all the other beautiful loves of my life flowed. I will be with Him. Then I will think, “Now I know for sure…nothing…absolutely nothing…can be better than this!” And then, finally and forever, I will be right!

   Beloved, let’s hang in there with Him!

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4 thoughts on “Nothing Better

  1. I try to love people to the degree I know how to love and even then I can wonder if they love me for loving them or not. I do want love in return or for them to like me at least.

    I know God is the Best Lover of All and he wants us to Love Him Back as best we can and he does not waver in his love. Not at all like we can. If we have a conflict with someone we wonder if it will ever be better or could we even think they would like us or even Love us again.
    We can be sinful and do wrong things and God still Loves us no matter what. I know he wants us to work on being more pleasing to him but he always Loves us no matter what. He does not hold a grudge or shut us out for a long time…like what happens in our human relationships sometimes.



  2. I’m ready to experience that which is waiting for me with God. I can be quite a cynic and so looking back at my life through 37 year old eyes it is hard for me to see much of the joys I felt at the time. I look back and see the struggles and the hard times. But what I can’t be cynical about is God. He was there all the time … whether I noticed Him or not. He was there telling me that He had something better and I just wouldn’t listen … wouldn’t hand over my will to Him.

    Now I realize without a doubt that there is nothing better than the thought of resting in His arms forever. That thought is what keeps me going sometimes.

    Gail mentioned some of the struggles that we have in relationships … I can relate. I know what it’s like to have a conflict with someone where you just can’t see a resolution coming. One day things are one way and then suddenly … without warning … they seem to change. I’m grateful that I never have to worry that God might decide not to be my friend anymore. I don’t have to worry that He will stop loving me. And there’s nothing better than knowing He will love me right into His arms … for eternity.

  3. oakesclan on said:

    Our Father God knows the heartache of which you spoke when a relationship goes bad for any number of reasons, some of which we understand and some we don’t. When I reflect on human history (and on my own sordid past) I sometimes think about why God took the risk of creating this world and giving birth to the entire human family. Do you wonder about that too? He knew that, tragically, so very many of us would throw His gifts back in His face, including the greatest gift ever given. Yet He did create…He did make a beginning. And upon further reflection I see that the many, dark, tragedies of human history aren’t the whole story. For there are lots of stories of faith…of courage…of integrity…of hope…and of sacrificial love. I knew before my wife and I brought children into the world (by God’s grace), that there was so much bad in the world. I knew there was the real possibility that our children might not choose for God and faith. I knew the Devil might have his way with them. But I wanted to take the risk anyway. It wasn’t a careless risk. It was a risk of love. And when each of our children came to us, we invested our very lives, our tears, sweat and blood, into them. My wife labored to bring them into the world…and together, she and I and our Lord God, worked to build them on a foundation of trusting obedience to God. We took the risk of love. And now we realize how much better our lives are for it…and, because of God’s grace, how much better the world is because of it. Even had our children decided against Christ, our love left us no choice but to try…to try to bring one more story of faith, courage, hope and love into the world that desparately needs such stories. Your story is one of those, Paige. One of those stories of hanging on against the odds…of going it alone with God over the long haul…of overcoming your own inclinations and tendencies to be able to reach out and help others along the way…others who may or may not respond well. And even when they don’t, you won’t quit, because, after all, you’re in this with God and the best is yet to be…the best, than which, there is nothing better. God bless you.

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