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For The Benefit Of The People

   The above phrase comes from John 11:42. Jesus is praying. He expresses gratitude for God’s hearing of His request regarding dead Lazarus. Then He says, “I knew that You always hear Me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe…” This is but one of many illustrations of our Lord’s concern in all that He did…“for the benefit of the people…”

   He left Heaven …“for the benefit of the people…” He became poor …“for the benefit of the people…” He was baptized …“for the benefit of the people…” He was sorely tempted …“for the benefit of the people…” He healed diseases …“for the benefit of the people…” He cast out demons…“for the benefit of the people…” He wearied Himself with travels…“for the benefit of the people…” He taught…“for the benefit of the people…” He lived life alone…“for the benefit of the people…” He had not a place to lay His head…“for the benefit of the people…” He prayed…“for the benefit of the people…” He submitted to ridicule, criticism, and slander…“for the benefit of the people…” He went hungry…“for the benefit of the people…” He pleased not Himself…“for the benefit of the people…” He surrendered to abuse…to beatings…to scourging…to thorns…to the spittle…“for the benefit of the people…” He took up His cross and died upon it…“for the benefit of the people…” He was resurrected from the dead and appeared to many…“for the benefit of the people…” He ascended and was exalted in Heaven to the Father’s right hand…“for the benefit of the people…” And, ever since, to this very moment, He is living on to make intercession…“for the benefit of the people…”

   Who are “the people” anyway? Those among whom He served, of course. But I’m one of them too. So are you. We are the people He longs to benefit today. But we are not the only ones, are we? Now what am I going to do about this?

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4 thoughts on “For The Benefit Of The People

  1. I am going to let God be God and I will not interrupt his plan. I am going to try and stay out of the way when it comes to God knowing the person he creates and loves. I mean people that have found him but a babe yet in knowing and learning things about Him. I mean people who have addictions to things in their world and they don’t know what to do about it.
    People who are weary of sin and trying to find their way into some peace and understanding. God knows all the people of the world not just the ones in the “Church”. I have felt very blessed being around other Christians and I felt disappointment in myself and them but God still died giving us the “benefit”. People in the world he died for also.
    People I may not like, people where we do not live the same lifestyle, etc, etc, etc. Jesus Loves the Little Children ALL the Children of the World.
    I mean by children ALL the People of the World from the past, now and the future. I need to keep myself out of the way because sometimes I think too narrow compared to God’s Loving Heart for All. We saw examples in
    the Bible who he loved. Jesus never turned anyone away no matter the sin.
    Jesus came for the “Benefit of the People” for sure. I am glad he gives me that Grace also because I need it now and for eternity.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Good thoughts, Gail. I think you’re right…we are inclined to be much too narrow in our outlook and restrictive in our willingness to give the benefit of the doubt to others. If we are to become more like our Father God, we must contemplate His great Heart of love for the entire world and not just the church. The church, which is the Body of Jesus, is here “for the benefit of the people.” This fact should weigh much more heavily on our decisions about what we are doing as a church…in worship…in our praying and planning and serving. As we lift up our eyes upon the harvest (however great or small), we must take in this whole wide world in which God has placed us to be a light in the darkness.

  2. For the benefit of my students I will hold my tongue and not give back the sarcasm that they so often give to me. I will seek the humility that I should possess knowing that God has entrusted me with a task of which I will never be worthy. But He entrusted it to me … because He is worthy.

    So I will rely on Him to give me the words to calm the nervous heart, the angry heart, the heart that is longing to be heard by someone who will show compassion and comfort instead of neglect and annoyance.

    For the benefit of these children I will see not just glance … I will pay attention … not just put in hours.

    I will do what I can do … knowing God is there with me … holding me up … and giving me strength to do what He placed in me to do … for the benefit of the people.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Your students are blessed to have you as their teacher. The purposes you have listed here reveal a heart of true concern and love for the children who may not understand how desperately they need such. The strength to follow through on your intention comes, as you wrote, from God. Only He can keep us at our mission when those we are trying to help are unappreciative…or just flat reject what we offer. But to have our love and our best efforts rejected works out to help us understand and participate in the way of Jesus Christ. And even though it doesn’t feel good, it feels right. And even though our hope for others suffers, we are part of how God keeps hope alive for them. And even when we can’t see how we are helping we are. And, in the end, living and working to honor God is enough, isn’t it? God bless you and each of your students. May He help you to always, no matter what, keep their best interests at heart. I am glad God put you back into a classroom to love the children like He does.

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