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A Long Line Of Love

   One of my favorite songs addresses the subject of a young couple anticipating marriage. They ponder the necessary question…”Do you think we can make it?” I love the assurance that comes in the chorus where the father of the prospective groom tells his son, “You come from a long line of love. When the times get hard, we don’t give up. Forever’s in your heart and in your blood. Son, you come from a long line of love.”

   I hope that’s how it was in your family history. If so, you have much for which to be grateful. If not, you know the pain that can result. You feel the hurt. You wish your family tradition was otherwise, but it simply wasn’t. Well, there’s good news for you who wonder what you will say to your son or daughter when they come with their wedding plans and ask if you think they can make it. Regardless of family history, broken homes, disappointments, and failures, we all come from a long line of love. We’ve been loved with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). Before we lived a day on earth, God made plans for us (Psalm 139:16). His plans are for us to prosper…to have hope…to have a future (Jeremiah 29:11).   To that end, everyone who comes home to Jesus Christ finds that God in love predestined us to adoption as His children (Ephesians 1:5). Our Father God delights in us (Psalm 18:19). And the story of His love for us fills the Bible. Every good gift you ever received came from Him. All the good loves of your life arise from His love for you. He has always been there for you. He continues to be.

   So, whatever your past, please let yourself believe this wonderful truth is for you too…you really do hail from a long line of love. The universe was formed by love. Redemption in Christ springs from the fountain of God’s unfailing love for all people. The Gospel is the story of how God loves you so much, He wouldn’t even spare His own Son in order to bring you home with Him. You see, beloved of God, no matter the heartaches of the past, no matter your uncertainties, and your failures, you come from a long line of love. When the times got hard, God didn’t quit. Forever’s in your heart and in your blood, because He put it there. That’s why you can make it today. Don’t give up. Accept His love and share it with everyone you know.

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6 thoughts on “A Long Line Of Love

  1. I believe that I have been and am Loved by my Family and My God. It has not always been a perfect love like God gives, but it has been Love the best people can do sometimes in their lives.
    I have felt Love from my friends also. I have felt Love from the Christians in my life also. Love shows an awful lot but sometimes it is just a mutual thing we think and know about each other. I believe actions come with Love. God showed us that so clearly with not sparing his son because of his Great Love for us.

    Love has its up and downs with human beings but with God it never changes. God is stedfast and longsuffering and I am so glad about that.
    However; we as people have our ups and downs with wondering if God really could love us. When we have a dispute with someone we wonder if they could still like us let alone love us. And it doesn’t always feel like love is really there. But if something happens to people we have had a long term relationship with, that can help us realize again that we do love them.

    I have two Brothers (use to be three) that I know Love me and I Love them very dearly. They mean even more to me today because of the loss of our two siblings Adrian and Tammie. I always knew Tammie Loved me and Mom an awful lot also. Our family has come from a line of Love, maybe not a perfect Love like some families but it has been Love to me.
    Our Dad has Loved us also I suppose the best he knew how to show it. Still it was far from the kind of love some families have. But I have to say it was better Love than what some families have had.

    Doug & Vicki’s family (children) have shown me love and I am so thankful for that. I am so proud to be thought of and loved by them. I think their children have had more of a perfect love in their lives and they have felt more confidence and able to take risk to make a good life for themselves.
    Now their children have children and the love we share is so precious to us. So their is a “Long Line of Love” from generation to generation that has gotten better and better because they have stayed close to God and we all feel so Blessed because of the choices they have made to help us all feel such pleasure in the Love of God.

    I know there is a “Long Line of Love” for sure that comes from our God that makes our lives so much more meaningful and so blessed.
    Thank you our Good God for showing us Love that has such Power and Helps us keep on keeping on in spite of the weakness of our Love.

    Bless Our God for His Great Love and the Long Line of Love he is always there to share with us.

    • oakesclan on said:

      It’s amazing to think that God started all this because of His love. He created the world because of His love. He provided for every need because of His love. He anticipated the Fall into sin and prepared for that in His great plan for redemption that also proceeded from His great heart of love for us. He offered His Son because of His love for us…and along with Jesus, He continues to give us every good gift that comes our way in life, because of His love. It is an eternally long line of love that our Father God has for us. And, if we hang on til heaven, it will have been our Father’s determined and powerful love that brings us home. Glory to Him.

  2. I needed to hear that Doug. Thank you. I worry so much about what my divorce will do emotionally to my kids. I know that we are better..all of us. But I worry about what I taught them. They did not have a good example of what a married couple should be. My boys didn’t see how a real man treats his family. They didn’t see a husband and wife with mutual respect for each other. They saw a lot of bad and ultimately they saw divorce.

    But now they are seeing God. They hear Bible teaching from a good man. They see God in my life now. They are being taught about that long line of love. They hear from the greatest love story ever written…the Bible.

    Thanks for the reminder that no matter what my circumstances, God has loved me and mine for a long long time.

    • oakesclan on said:

      God, Who called things into existence, when there was not even a speck of them previously, has this wonderful ability to take the shattered pieces of our wrecked lives and do good things with them…even beautiful things. We come to the end of our own resources quickly and are like “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men” who took one look at Humpty Dumpty and gave up before even beginning. And we can’t be blamed since we just can’t do it…we can’t fix it…we don’t even have a clue. “But now they (your dear children) are seeing God.” I love that sentence you wrote, Sherry. It’s like the coming of a glorious dawn filled with bright hope and a future worth trying for. I love the tone of what you wrote there and the gratitude in your heart for it. I also love the other truths you shared in your second paragraph. What a privilege to “hear Bible teaching from a good man!” I’m convinced, with you, that the teaching comes from the best of men…and it’s also a true privilege to count him as friend. And that your children are seeing God in your life…that is just awesome. The long line of love continues. I pray it will continue to prosper in you and in your beloved, Sherry.

  3. Email Girl on said:

    A part of what keeps me where I am is that I have one those families…or I thought I did for a long time…a family that doesn’t give up on love, doesn’t shirk their commitments. I’ve always held that as an ideal in my mind however the older I get, the more I learn about my family, the more I see that they are in no way perfect and that my imperfection isn’t going to change their complextion very much.

    Yet still it scares me to admit that I couldn’t hold up to the promise I made to God when it comes to my marriage. Of course, when I really look at it, staying in it doesn’t really hold true to any promises either. We promised to love, thats gone….to Honor, thats gone….submit, thats gone…cherish, thats gone. So that promise we made to God has already been broken. I wonder sometimes if God wants me to stay in it because it was a promise, because it was a marriage, because we asked Him to bless it. Or, does He see what pain it causes me…what it teaches our children, how it changes who they are or would be? I wonder what He wants me to do. Maybe its time I really start asking Him to show me. I’ve spent a lot of time asking Him to give me a door…to make it impossible for me to stay. Maybe its time to quit asking for something and just listen instead.

  4. oakesclan on said:

    Dear Email Girl,
    I think it’s important for us to look back and try to learn from our journey in life. We are all shaped, at least in part, by our experiences in the home of our childhood and in the world at large. It is all the more important that we do this if we faced traumatic times back there. If our youth and innocence were stolen from us…if we were unloved and unwanted…if we experienced tragic losses…it seems to me that it would be vital to try to get closure in such matters, as best we can, in order for us to move forward in the present. But to look back simply to find someone I can blame for my failures now isn’t very helpful. I have done too much of that, I believe. After all is said and done, God is our best help in dealing with our past. We may need to process. We may need to mourn. We may need to, in a way, communicate with our childhood selves…have a go at explaining to them what they were absolutely unprepared for and could not understand then. But we have to let them go as far as their control of our lives now.
    When I consider my own marriage…I think back to our wedding day. I remember speaking the promises to which you refer. In so many ways, I didn’t have much of a clue what I was saying. I didn’t understand the potential costs connected with my words. I didn’t know how hard I would need to work…how much I would need to sacrifice…how selfishly I viewed that most dear of all human relationships. But I knew enough to say, “I do.” I knew enough to understand that when I said “I do” I was also saying “I don’t” to all and any other potential “intimate” relationships such as only my bride and I should share. I haven’t loved her as I should have…haven’t always honored her as she needed…haven’t consistently sacrificed my own selfish interests for her as she deserved from me…haven’t cherished her as every wife should be cherished by her husband. The promises have been damaged…maybe even severely damaged…but the commitment still remains. And I believe God regards it as remaining also. There certainly are deal-breakers as far as marriage goes. And I am not familiar enough with your situation to advise you. So please, just allow me to speak generally. Marriage requires the willingness and devoted efforts of BOTH husband and wife. It means leaving all others and cleaving (being united to) your spouse. If one party so breaks the marriage covenant by becoming involved with another person, that’s a deal-breaker. If one party resorts to cruelty/abuse (verbal, sexual, and/or violent), that’s a deal-breaker. And to answer one evil with another evil is not ultimately helpful. If one party puts the children at serious risk, that’s a deal-breaker. The basic definition of a deal-breaker in marriage is any response or action which becomes a pattern that makes it crystal clear that one party no longer has any interest in being in the marriage or in nurturing it. A deal-breaker may not result in the end of the marriage…if the shock of the potential ending of the marriage causes the offender to seek appropriate help, guidance and changes in conduct and attitude, the other party “may” offer forgiveness and begin a reconciliation process. That party is not required to do so, by God, however.
    I have been praying for you for some time now…asking God to help you all the way home to Him. You definitely need Him in your heart and life to help you find the way in your life…to do His will regarding your marriage…and to protect and nurture your children. I think God has put it in your heart to do good. I can see that goodness in so much of what you write. I continue to pray for you to have as the bedrock truth of your life…a loving, living, intimate relationship with your Father God Who can protect you from harm, deliver you from evil and help you fulfill the roles in life that He has given you. May it be true for you…sooner, rather than later. God richly bless you.

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