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I Am Thankful

…that where sin abounded, grace did abound more exceedingly.

…for those who taught me the truth about the grace of God.

…for the everlasting newness of the Bible.

…for the joy…of the newly baptized…of the parents of a newborn…of those who discover a truth new to them…of little children…of those who serve against all odds and obstacles.

…for memories…during winter, of an August day…during loneliness, of the hugs of my children when they were small…during marital stress, of the time of our espousals…during church squabbles, of the day Jesus poured out His blood.

…for husbands and wives…who love each other without strings… who sacrifice without keeping count…who honor the Creator’s intention and demonstrate the amazing power of togetherness.

…for children…the promise they bring…the sense of wonder they possess…how they make us feel needed…the many lessons and ways they teach us.

…for friends…for what they believe about us (though we know the reality) and for the way their belief in us makes us want to strive for what they think we are.

…for older Christians who resist the tendencies that older age brings to cause us to withdraw and lick our wounds or to become selfish and demand to be served, but, instead, they keep on keeping on as best they can.

…for volunteers…who express a depth of love that those of us who must be praised, pushed or pestered into action do not know.

…for encouraging words…which say to us things like, “I believe in you,” or “I’m on your side,” and “I love you.”

…for honest prayers…which may not flow very well, nor be very eloquent, but which reflect the sincerity of one of God’s children speaking heart to Heart with Him.

…for acceptance…free and freeing…undeserved and empowering.

…for promises…Iike, He will never leave nor forsake us…like, He will make the way of escape…Iike, He will not forget our work of love…and like, so shall we ever be with the Lord.

…for you who stop by this site and pause to read and reflect and maybe even add your thoughts to the mix. You bless me…and I don’t take it for granted. 

Amen! And Thank You, Father!

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8 thoughts on “I Am Thankful

  1. I am Thankful that Skylar is talking more now. Can’t wait to see her again. I am Thankful that Doug Jr did not have to have any surgery on his back.
    I am Thankful that Allen did not have permanent eye damage and his eye is healing.
    I am Thankful Doug is feeling better. I am Thankful that Dad is doing alright now. I am Thankful I still have my Mom. I am Thankful for my friends even when I don’t understand them sometimes. I am Thankful for our President (he needs our prayers often). I am Thankful for the Church. I am Thankful for Jesus and His Great Love for us. I am Thankful for people that do the right thing. I am Thankful to still be alive and able to enjoy things in life. I am Thankful for Goodness. Our God is Great and Good!!!

  2. Wow. I love your list.

    I am thankful for God’s grace, mercy and patience in bringing me back Home. I am thankful for that good friend that He put in my path to wake me up and help me come to my senses. I am thankful for all the friends that He has sent me. (that includes you Doug!)

    I am thankful for my children…they are so bright, intelligent and fun!

    I am thankful for the Open. I have never loved a church like I love this one!

    I am thankful Jesus doesn’t treat me like I deserve..but loves me beyond what I can grasp.

    That’s just the beginning…I could go on for awhile. Thanks for setting the tone for my day with this Doug. I think I’ll be keeping a running list in my head today of all the things I’m thankful for.

    • oakesclan on said:

      I love your list too, Sherry. It’s good for us to be thankful. God can do so much more with a grateful heart. He can teach us more. He can use us more. He is glorified more in His grateful servants. When we’re going through the wringer, it honors our Father God so well, when, even then, we find reasons to be glad we are His. With you, I am very glad He “doesn’t treat me as I deserve.” If that were all I had, it would still be enough. But, praise His Name, He has filled my heart with countless blessings in addition to the greatest of all. Have a great day counting your blessings, Sherry.

  3. I just got out of the hospital. When the doctor checked me out before i went to the hospital he said that i had had a heart attack and there was some scar tissue on my heart. But he said I have a good strong heart.
    I think the attack happened when Adrian died. At the funerel home I was feeling pretty bad and they had to set me down. Even after all these months I still miss him. I cry every once in awhile about adrian. Gospel music brings on the tears. But when I hear gospel music I think about what Jesus went through on the Cross because of my sins and that brings my tears sometimes too. I love all my family and my wonderful wife, Evelyn.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Glad the doc gave you a good report following your heart treatment in the hospital. The loss of Adrian, like the loss of Tammie left us with wounded hearts, no doubt. We will never be the same…but we will try to keep faith and do the best we can. It is the Cross of Christ that gives us hope and strength.
      Thanks for checking in. Listen to the doc and get all the way back to good health.

  4. Dad I like reading your comments. I still cry also missing Adrian very often.
    He was such a presence in our lives and we just miss him. For sure we know he loved us, don’t we? I know he loved his Mom and Dad always. Allen and Doug talk to me and they tell me how they miss him also. A big hole in our lives without him
    We miss Tammie also. Adrian was around us more and Tammie lived a long ways away from us. Tammie has been gone a few years also. Time does help some but we never forget them.

    When I listen to some kinds of music it makes my heart ache for Adrian more also.
    I know that we all loved him and miss him.

  5. I did not have much of a raising when I was young I pretty much took care of myself I lived with my aunt and uncle H

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