Acorns From Oakes

Seeing With Our Father's Eyes

Thank You, Father, For Jesus…

     For His BIRTH…the virgin’s labor pains…the manger…the swaddling clothes…the shepherds…the angels…the song…and Love’s refusal to ignore us.

     For His LIFE…the simplicity…the innocence…the warmth…the teaching…the healing…the praying…and Love’s refusal to treat us as we deserve.

     For His CROSS…the ever-present shadow…the loneliness…the dreadful shame…the terrible pain…the wounded flesh…the broken heart…and Love’s refusal to let us go to hell.

     For His RISING…the useless seal…the stone rolled away…the cocoon of grave-clothes…the joy– and fear– filled women…the running disciples…the Appearances…and Love’s refusal to die.

     For His GLORY…the Commission…the ascension…the clouds…the Throne…the right Hand of God…the intercession for us…and Love’s refusal to let us live selfishly.

     For His CHURCH…the birth on Pentecost…the scattering upon persecution…the worship…the work…the growth…the unity…and Love’s refusal to let Christ’s work through us cease.

     For His PRESENCE…“…I am with you always…” “For where two or three come together in My Name, there am I with them.” “…Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.” “…We will come to him and make Our home with him.” “But the Lord stood at my side…” …and Love’s refusal to leave us all alone.

     For His RETURN…a moment…the twinkling of an eye…the trumpet shall sound…the dead shall arise…meet the Lord in the air…with the Lord forever…and Love’s refusal to allow any separation between us ever again.

                                    Thank You, Father, For Jesus!

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4 thoughts on “Thank You, Father, For Jesus…

  1. Thank You Father for Jesus. He will never Leave us or Forsake us. I love to hear that. We are His Beloved. That sounds so Good. We must be the most fortunate people in the world to be His Beloved. Beloved – dictionary says “Dearly Loved”
    “Dear to the Heart”. I don’t always feel so dear but Jesus thinks I am. I will trust in him to know these things. I know Jesus is Dear to the Heart but us – could this be so true of us? Because we trust him and believe in him and are his children I will accept that he thinks of us this way. I will not go always by how I feel I will believe what Jesus says about us.

    I always see the picture of Jesus with the Little children (kids)and he smiles and wants them around him. So I think of a picture where we lean our heads on Jesus and he lets us do that because we are his children (Beloved Children). He is like a resting place and consolation when the world is not so easy on us. I love the world he placed us in. There is a lot of good and we are very blessed. But I just am glad Jesus is “Forever There”. Because you see I need Him.

    Thank you Father for Jesus.

  2. I can’t add a single thing to what you wrote AMEN!!!

  3. oakesclan on said:

    Thanks for stopping by, Sherry. You folks at the Open are in my heart. My love to all. God bless.

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