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My STARRS (Skyar, Trapper, Adi, Remi, Rilyn)

So…on Wednesday, December 2nd, at around noon, the last of our grandchildren got on a plane bound for California. Today, thankfully, I am kindly haunted by the sweet little voices and the lovely little faces that surrounded me during their six day visit.  I loved watching all five of them together. It’s a unique experience because of how far apart they live from one another. Over all, they really did well together, even though our home became a petry dish of infection. Some things are just worth it…no matter what!

Our granddaughter, Skylar, is our oldest (5)…a dark-eyed, curly brown-haired beauty from Kentucky. I wish you could hear her talking now. She had cleft palate surgery in January and has improved in her speech steadily. She has found her words…her sentences…her stories. It is beautiful to hear. At our house, she sleeps at night with Poppa. We woke up every morning…grabbed a blanket…cuddled in the recliner and watched a pre-recorded half-hour of Caillou. Whenever I think of Skylar’s first year of life (she was born with a syndrome known as Kabuki) compared to where she is now, I praise Father God. She is just amazing! There’s no better feeling than her little arms wrapped tightly about my neck.

Our granddaughter, Remi, was born in April two years ago. She lives in California. And when she is around life doesn’t need a soundtrack. She is so full of life. She marches to the beat of an unnamed drummer. Talk about a mind of her own! She definitely has it. But she likes Poppa to bounce her on the bed. She laughs with an infectious giggle. I will do just about anything to hear that laugh. She has a vocabulary that makes me keep a dictionary handy. And questions…I had forgotten how many questions a two-year old can ask. I can definitely see her as a tour guide when she grows up because when we’re driving she points out everything…”That’s a bus, mommy! That’s a big bus! That’s a yellow bus!” She like to do things for herself. So when Remi’s around, messes are mandatory. And that’s just fine with me. She’s a climber. She likes to figure out how things work. She is our beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, California girl. A kiss and a hug from her can keep me going for months.

Our granddaughter Adi was born in July a year ago. She lives in West Virginia. She likes to say my name, “Poppa.” I was the first one she began to mention in her nightime prayers. I love that. And I figure that’s because she can see, I truly need those prayers. Adi still plays hard to get with me. She smiles at me…says my name…prays for me…but she still doesn’t want to come to me freely. She always has to warm up to me. But if I’m going to take her somewhere…to swing or play…she comes along readily. She is cute beyond words. Her momma likes to put her blonde hair up in a sort of a pony tail thing, only it’s at the top of her little head (I don’t know what you call it…I just know she looks so sweet that way). She is so petite. One might suppose she would be cautious and reserved in life…but not so. When she meets up with other playing children, it’s off to the races. She likes to swing. Her eyes are beautiful. They sparkle with life. Though kisses from her are hard-earned, by me, they are more than worth it. The vision of Adi brightens up my life so much.

Our only grandson (so far), Trapper, is a Kentucky boy, born one year ago in October. He has this absolutely winning smile! His dark eyes miss nothing. He is definitely a momma’s boy. When she leaves the room without him, he’s not happy. But he loves his poppa. He’s walking around well now. But, at times, his walk is almost like a waddle…as though he is trying to walk while his pants are full.  And it’s like he is giving a running commentary while he walks. Everywhere he waddles he is babbling and speaking gibberish. He is definitely picking up some words too. I smile even now to think of it. He loves balls of all kind. He knows what to do with them too. He is a handsome boy. His hair is finally growing. He is unfairly outnumbered by his girl cousins and his sister…but it doesn’t bother him now. But watch out, boy, for those future family get-togethers. Man-to-man, I promise you, I won’t let those girls put any make-up or dresses on you. We guys have got to stick together. Deal? Deal! This  little boy is pure joy for his old poppa’s heart.

Our newest granddaughter, Rilyn, was born in California last January. She is the quietest one of the whole bunch. That’s not to say she can’t make herself heard. She certainly can do that. But, she is often contented to sit and play quietly by herself. She has this wonderful smile and beautiful eyes. For the last several weeks she has been really working on her walking. In fact while she was at our house, she took about eight steps, which, at the time, was her record. She loves the music and likes to bop with it.  She let her poppa hold her and rock her to sleep. She gives good kisses too. She’s working on growing teeth…and I’m sure that soon none of the furniture will be safe. And anything she can fit in her mouth will be tried sooner or later. Rilyn, I still can feel you in my arms. And you are forever in my heart.

To all five of you…I want to say that you have taken something of mine without asking permission. But it’s okay! It’s yours forever. I’ll never take it back…could never take it back. I pray that in some small way it will prove helpful to you. It’s my heart…it now beats for you. God bless each of you…and your families.

On this very cold, blustery, Fall day that feels like winter (snow showers helping to set the mood), I hear in my heart the voices…the excited grunts and squeals…the sounds and shenanigans of five precious children…my grand-children…my handful of personal reasons for joy…upon whom I look back among my memories and find such delight and  because of whom I look forward with great anticipation of blessed news, updates, milestones and achievements concerning each one of them. I know instinctively what the Bible says is true, only God could give such good and perfect gifts as Skylar, Trapper, Adi, Remi and Rilyn to me…to us all. And, of course, the same is true for you and the precious people of your lives. Redeem the moments. They fly by never to return. BUT, the best is yet to be. A time is coming, when neither geography, nor time, nor sins, nor weakness, nor sickness, nor death can separate us from one another and that will be true for us as we embrace the love of Jesus Christ from Whom NOTHING can separate us.

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4 thoughts on “My STARRS (Skyar, Trapper, Adi, Remi, Rilyn)

  1. May God bless your STARRS. It is obvious that your heart beats for them and that is a beautiful thing. It’s just how God meant it to be.

  2. oakesclan on said:

    Thanks for visiting my most precious constellation of five starrs, Paige. I do wish you could meet them…and they you.
    I pray for God to give you some special gift over this holiday season just because…some wonderful sight to see…or some soul-lifting insight to ponder…something just for you…given just the right way…at just the right time. I can pray this for you, because I know that however He blesses you will end up a blessing to others as well.
    His peace!

  3. Vicki O. (your better half :) on said:

    You do have a way with words, my love! You can sure bring those STARRs to life.
    How I miss them. Thanks for recording our memories. I love you.

  4. oakesclan on said:

    I miss them too, dear. Every day…often every hour of every day. But they are a living presence in our hearts. And God is blessing them so in the families of which they are a part. We must comfort ourselves in that wonderful truth. But all things considered…I agree with you…I miss them still.
    Thanks for commenting. I have loved you my whole life (even when I didn’t have a clue as to how to do that). Thanks for being the world’s best Oma!

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