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A New Twist On An Old Story

  Let me see if I can get the story right. It was a junior high school production, I believe. That year they found the perfect inn keeper. Wallace Purling was a big kid– maybe just a little bit slow in the classroom. But he was well-liked by all his classmates because of his good disposition. It was his job to be at the door of the inn when Jacob and Mary came looking for a room. After they asked, he was to respond in a rather harsh tone, “No! Begone! There is no room here!” And with that he would close the door to the couple.

   Well, the big night came. The little school auditorium was filled with the family members of all the cast. At the proper time Wallace took his place at the door. He watched as the weary looking couple approached. He noticed how slowly they moved. Mary was well-padded to appear heavy with child. They arrived at the door and asked if they might have a room. It was finally time for Wallace’s big line. But he looked at the couple and paused. The teacher was waiting in the wings for just such a crisis. “No! Begone!” she prompted. Finally the words came deliberately out of Wallace’s mouth. Everyone seemed relieved. But, instead of closing the door, Wallace watched the weary couple begin to slowly move down the path. A tear came to his eye and a lump to his throat. “Wait!” he called after them. “You can have my room!” (–adapted from a Reader’s Digest story of several years ago).

  There were those who thought the play had been ruined. But most of the audience thought that it was just about the best play they had ever seen. I tend to agree with this last group.

  The tired, dark and cold world to which Jesus came didn’t even have a proper room to offer Him in which to be born. So He was laid in a feeding trough. The people that Jesus came to help often rejected Him. He was made to feel like a stranger. They tried to kill Him in His own hometown. He was invited to leave one place then another. He came to that which was His own, but His own did not receive Him (John 1:11). Finally, as though He were a dangerous man, He was arrested, condemned and executed outside of Jerusalem. They didn’t want Him there either. It is a wonderful testimony to the amazing grace and astounding patience of Jesus, that even when they tried to make Him feel like a beggar, He wouldn’t quit. He arose from the dead that Sunday morning so long ago and has been looking for room in the hearts of folks everywhere ever since. Will you let Him in?

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4 thoughts on “A New Twist On An Old Story

  1. What a sweet boy … with such a good heart. Wish I could say I would have the same sincerity. Even today I don’t offer Jesus a room in my life. He often gets a chair … but the whole room? Not too often.

    He came into this world just like we did … He went through the same birth … His mother suffered the same pain. He lived with the same frustrations … desires … temptations that we do … only He never crossed the line into sin.

    He didn’t live the glamorous life of a King … He wasn’t appreciated as a Savior. He wasn’t even appreciated at times for His ability to heal and comfort. He had every reason in the world to feel sorry for Himself. He could have given up … given in … but He didn’t. On my worst day I will not suffer the way He did. So, I need to remember, to look at His life and look at mine … and be grateful.

    I’m grateful that He was the man He was, and that His heart was pure and strong. I’m also grateful that He got tired, sad, and hurt, because I can feel understood. At this time of year I’m reminded of the humble way He came into this world and the humble way He left. I pray that I can let Him have my room … my heart … my love … my life … my appreciation … my awe … my gratefulness … and may the list never end.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Good prayer, Paige. I want all those things to be true of my heart towards Him as well. I’m always blessed by your heart’s longing after Him.

  2. I want to get it what Jesus did for me and all people. I get it somewhat but not truly like I should as a human being. But I will trust what he did for me and try to comprehend it. That takes stopping and meditating, reading the gospel to get it truly in my heart and soul. Jesus was always talking to his Father here on this earth. The way we really let what our Lord did for us be meaningful in our lives (act out things God has has asked us to do). Love The Lord Your God with All Your Heart and Love Your Neighbor as Yourself. I don’t mean act out in a duty to do but rather act out in Love for people and Our God (heartfelt things, random acts of kindess, taking time, sincerely love people the best we can, lending your ear, etc, etc, etc.) When you have differences with people always be willing to keep the communications lines open. Communication can make all the difference in helping each other further down the road in our lives. Doug always taught me that.

    Our God and Jesus sacrificed so much for us so that we don’t have to die and that be all there is. We are going to Live with Them Forever because of what he unselfishly did. I do know that very much in my life and heart. It reaches backward, present and future for all mankind if they are willing. God has made the opportunity for us because of his Obedient Son Jesus. Jesus wanted to Please His Father and He did. This is what I know is Truth!

    • oakesclan on said:

      This life is not about “arriving.” Paul said that he didn’t count himself yet to have attained. This life is a pilgrimmage. We are travelers. We are travelers in mercy…in grace…in faith…in understanding…in appreciation…in obedience…and in holiness, and the like. Woe be to us, if we “arrive” in this life. But one of these days…we shall arrive. We anticipate the beauty of that arrival. Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with undying love.

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