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Merry Christmas!

At times I’m reminded that we have no command in Scripture for us to remember/celebrate the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. And this is taken as a reason to reject the Christmas holiday out of hand. I do recognize the right of anyone to take that position, even as I feel some sorrow for them. And I’ve not yet found the command anywhere in the Bible for anyone to praise God for the birth of Jesus or to choose a day and make it a holiday for such a remembrance.

But I was trying to think about this from God’s perspective. When Jesus was born did God COMMAND the angelic chorus to sing? Or were they simply unable to stop themselves? When Jesus was born did God COMMAND the shepherds to leave their flocks and go worship the newborn King on His birthday? I don’t find that command. God simply has the angel announce to them Jesus’ birth and then tell them where they could find Him. That was all they needed. Off they went…to behold Him…to worship Him. I don’t see anywhere in Scripture a COMMAND  for wise men from the east to take such a long journey to find baby Jesus. But they went…just the same. I see no COMMAND for them to bring gifts for Him…but they did. Even in the absence of commands…I’m absolutely convinced God was pleased by the angelic singing, the shepherds praising and the wise men journeying and offering gifts to honor Christ. And if their responses flowed spontaneously from their hearts, laden as they were with deep gratitude and joy, wouldn’t this have been such an honor to God?! Actually, when I think of it, it seems to me that if we have to have a command to do such a good thing…like remembering Jesus’ birth and thanking and praising God for it…that there may well be something broken within us. (I’m not requiring that this be done on December 25th…but I am inquiring as to how there could by any real harm in doing so.)

As I think through the Scriptures, some of the most beautiful occasions are marked by the spontaneous outpouring of someone’s heart toward God. Who commanded David to dance before the ark of God as it was returned home? But the better question is…who was going to stop David from doing so? His heart was just so full of praise to God that he had to let it out. Who commanded David’s mighty men to risk their lives for a drink of Bethlehem water for their king? No one! Certainly not their king! And yet…how beautiful was their devotion…how inspiring. Who commanded those parents to bring their babies to Jesus? No one! In fact the apostles were forbidding them! But Jesus put a stop to the disciples’ interference and took those babies up into His arms and blessed them. Who commanded the poor widow to put ALL her living into the treasury of Jehovah’s temple? No one would have! But she did and left us such a legacy of faith! Who commanded Mary to break, by faith, that very expensive alabaster box of ointment upon her Lord to prepare Him for His burial? There was no such command. And yet…how honored was our Lord! She did a beautiful thing for which no command was needed…only her LOVE of Him.

So…again I say…MERRY CHRISTMAS! Whatever you can think to do in honor of Jesus Christ…if it doesn’t show disrespect of His revealed truth…do it…do it with a whole heart…do it without making laws about it…do it joyfully…sacrificially…spontaneously…lovingly…gratefully.

Merry CHRISTmas, beloved!

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8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Thanks Doug for saying this. This is what I say also. Anytime me and thee (the world) can think of Jesus and take some time to honor and praise him, so be it.

    Don’t make laws. Jesus came to set us “FREE FROM THE LAW”.

    Maybe people who have good hearts and want to know more about Our Lord will be willing to be taught and teachable so they will make Him the Lord of their Lives and want to worship Him more often during the year. Amd just start saying “what would Jesus do”.

    Thanks the way you wrote about this to help us understand this subject more.

    • Doug the old on said:

      Thanks for your comment, sis. I’m glad to God for anyone who believes the birth of Jesus is worthy of celebration.

  2. I appreciate your thoughts Doug on this,as this was recently a topic of conversation among a small group of church friends.One lady was offended when she recently visited her son and attended church with them the next day,to see a christmas tree in the church and hear a lesson about the birth of Jesus .She felt that it was inappropriate and would lend itself to the notion that the COC advocates the birth of Jesus at Christmas which would be false teaching. Your thoughts were refreshing. PS Greg and I enjoyed our time with you all on Christmas, you all have such loving hearts and are so welcoming. You are an inspiration to me! I enjoy reading your material and your readers comments. Thanks

    • oakesclan on said:

      Happy New Year, cousin! Thanks for checking in here and commenting. We enjoyed the time together on Christmas day also. I hope this New Year will be one that finds us coming closer and closer to the heart and the nature of our Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Vicki O. (your better half :) on said:

    Thanks, dear. Too bad (and how sad) we can’t use this time of year to be evangelistic. I love you.

    • oakesclan on said:

      It is beyond me how anyone is willing to forbid the kisses of a grateful heart towards God. Sure…more instruction is needed. I need more instruction too. But how do we reason that taking this forbidding stance is likely to bring us opportunity for more instruction?
      You are not only my better half…you are my whole heart! I love you…TFS!

  4. Arthur L Lynch on said:

    Just a note to let you know how much Judy and i enjoyed your Christas letter about your grandchildren! Very encouraging. I am now acquainted with your newsletter and am excited about hearing from you. God bless you as you lift Jesus up.


    • oakesclan on said:

      Art, your faith in our God is a comfort to me. Your encouragement warms my heart. I pray that this new phase of life you are in will be productive of wonderful opportunities for His love to keep getting out to others through you and Judy, as always.
      Please check in here anytime. Your input will help us all.
      I love you, brother.

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