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‘Bye ‘Bye

Just wanted to let you know that Vicki and I are headed west tomorrow for about a week. God-willing we’ll get to visit with our California family and attend our youngest grandchild’s first birthday (Rilyn, that is). We can’t wait to see her and her big sis, Remi (and, of course their parents, Doug, Jr, and Kelly). So…if you’ve a moment, we wouldn’t mind at all if you breathed out a brief prayer for us.

God bring and hold you close…always.

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2 thoughts on “‘Bye ‘Bye

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I pray for you especially when you travel in this world today. I have been praying since I heard you were going to CA. I know where our help comes from.
    Our Most Holy One. I know Our God and Lord loves his “Beloved” and he will take care of them. Have a Happy Trip and Give Remi and Rilyn a big hug and kiss.

    Sis Gail

  2. oakesclan on said:

    Appreciate the prayers, sis. Thanks, D

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