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The two little girls pictured here (Remi, 2 & 3/4 years-old,  above…in my arms…and Rilyn, just turned 1 year-old, on the right near her daddy) are all the explanation  I need to give for our recent trip to Bakersfield, California. Magically, these two little girls are able to call to my heart, without a telephone, radio, or computer, even over the 2300 miles that stand between us.

We arrived in Bakersfield, Friday, January 22nd, about one half hour before the start of the big first birthday party for Rilyn. We had planned to get there the day before, but weather problems out west disrupted our plans. Nevertheless we got to see Rilyn tear into her own personal-sized birthday cake, spreading the joy all over her face and everywhere, including our own hearts. The three and half days we spent with them were glorious. Rilyn is definitely coming into her own personality…her favorite expression seemed to me to be “da-ah” (pronounce this with a higher tone on the first syllable and a lower one on the second syllable and you will have the effect). She uses this expression for different purposes…but to me it seemed like she was noticing certain things and asking “What’s that?” (da-ah). She is one beautiful little girl.

Even though Remi is only 2 & 3/4 years-old, she is so sharp that I can’t keep up with her. She definitely has all receptors engaged. She even reported to me on sounds she heard outside the house. “There’s a plane, papa,” she would say…or “There’s a train.” And though I hadn’t noticed it, when I listened, she was right on every time. She and I did a bunch of puzzles together. And we all got to spend a fair amount of time at a very nice park in Bakersfield.

Our time with them went by all too quickly. On our last day there, Remi was making plans for something to do with us in the afternoon. I had to explain to her that Oma and Poppa were leaving that morning to fly home. It was then Remi looked up and me and spoke the words that have made the rounds in my heart ever since…”Poppa, don’t left me.”

Believe me…Remi, Rilyn, Skylar, Trapper and Adi…I will never “left” you. Wherever I am you will be ever in my heart and in my prayers.

Thank you, Father God, for giving me the world’s greatest grandkids…my S-T-A-R-R-S.  They have enriched my life in ways past counting. I would go anywhere to spend even a few moments in their presence. To me they are instructors… inspiration…the best medicine…delight…entertainment…hope…motive…reward…challenge…and on and on.

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4 thoughts on “Heart-tugs

  1. Anonymous on said:

    And you and Vicki are Great with the children. These little girls are precious to us all. Thank you Doug & Kelly for your love and what has become of it for us all.
    How Great and Good. God has been so good to us. Makes me want to sing and shout the song “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. I love the part from Remi “Poppa don’t left me”. Doesn’t that sound like a little child. A. Gail

    • oakesclan on said:

      Wish we could all be together more. But I take great comfort in the fact that God has planted beautiful families of faith like this one all over His kingdom. I know that Remi and Rilyn will be raised with daily exposure to the genuine faith of their parents. They will be given a good foundation and a wonderful opportunity to choose for God themselves when they reach that point of decision. I pray that they will choose the One Who chooses them in Jesus Christ and that they will live out their lives according to the principle of faith working through love.

  2. Awwww…that made me tear up! Don’t left me…too sweet. I am sure those words live in your heart!

  3. oakesclan on said:

    Yeah, Sherry, those words got to my heart too. Now I hear them regularly on the looping tape in my brain. Makes me so glad she wanted me to stay…and so sad I couldn’t. Thanks for checking in here, Sherry. And thanks for all you do in His service and to His honor. God bless.

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