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The Gospel According To Jesus’ Enemies

   As you may tell a lot about a person by the sort of friends they have, you may also tell a lot about them by the sort of enemies they make. Our Lord faced several charges offered up by His enemies. But the greatness of His character is seen again in how those very indictments against Him provide a wonderful tribute to Who He was and what He was doing.

   “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?” they asked. And in so asking, they were really saying that He couldn’t be someone special…not a scribe or rabbi…and, of course, certainly not the Son of God. He’s just one of the boys…one of us…and ordinary man. Yet today, our tone is completely different when we refer to Him as the son of the carpenter. We are comforted to know that He understands what it’s like to work long, toiling hours at difficult labor. He experienced weariness, frustration, the difficulties of trying to satisfy a customer’s whims. Yes, He was the carpenter’s Son. We don’t despise Him for it. We thank God for it.

   On another occasion they said, “Who can forgive sins but God alone?” And with this objection they summarily eliminated Jesus from contention. Their logic was right on! Only God can effectively deal with sin. But their hearts were dead wrong. Our Lord went on to prove His ability to forgive sin by the works He performed. And, again, we thank and praise Father God for Christ’s power over all sin.

   In that dark hour of His supreme agony, when He suffered in shame alone on the Tree, the enemies flung another poison-tipped dart at Him…”He saved others; Himself He could not save.” They took that to mean that He was not the Savior after all. But we speak this same truth reverently. For it was precisely because He was the Savior of the world that He refused to save Himself. He could not do both. And we love Him for showing us the full extent of His love for us.

   So the complaints and objections of Jesus’ opponents provide us with reasons to hope and to sing and to serve Him joyfully all the days of our lives.

   Maybe you are thinking of other statements/criticims made by our Lord’s detractors which He turned upon them in order to reveal glorious truths that bless all who have a heart for such things. May the wisdom, the power and the glory of our Lord keep your heart until He comes.

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4 thoughts on “The Gospel According To Jesus’ Enemies

  1. George Mearns on said:


    Good thoughts. I always like the beginning of the question: “If you are…”
    They did it to Jesus, as you stated, in a number of ways, and they do it to us as well. If you are a Christian you would… What was expected, what is real, and not understanding who He was and who we are certainly contribute to these doubts. Of course, some are just outright angry at God and us.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. oakesclan on said:

    Thanks, George, for checking in here and for your comment. Isn’t it interesting that anyone could spend any time at all in the presence of Jesus and then still ask Him an “If you really are…” question? They pretended to be very convincable, didn’t they? It was after all just a matter of the right kind of evidence being presented to them. But Jesus was showering the evidence down upon them. All they had to do was watch, listen and learn. They would have been convinced. But…they didn’t really have the heart to do that. Their constant putting of Him to the test, proved that they wouldn’t have believed, even if someone came back from the dead and taught them. God bless you, George…and all yours.

  3. This really made me think. The most outlandish claims they tried to make against Jesus, were the things that were true and were our salvation! “He claims to forgive sins! He can’t save himself! King of the Jews!” and Jesus never argued with them, retaliated or defended himself. hmmm

    What is it that my enemies say about me? Most likely they say things about me that are the truth. I have done shameful things. But Jesus has taken those things off of me…”by His wounds we are healed”. Wouldn’t it be something if my enemies couldn’t find anything of substance to say about me? What if the worst thing they could say was that I was too forgiving, or too humble, or too nice, or too loving, or too patient? I wish it were so.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Your comment made me think about Daniel. When his enemies were looking for a charge against him, they were shrewd enough to know that their only chance was to somehow get at him in the area of his devotion to his God. So they had the king make a law forbidding anyone to pray to any god…or to make any request of anyone other than the king. And this resulted in the faithful Daniel spending a night in the hungry lions’ den.
      Anyone looking for a charge against me wouldn’t have to hunt very long that’s for sure.
      But the point is that Jesus was so good that any criticism leveled at Him by an enemy only served to point out the huge contrast between Him and them…between His concept of goodness and theirs…between what was really important and what wasn’t.
      Thanks for “Sherrying” with us. (Bet that’s the first time you’ve ever heard that, huh?)

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