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Answers…Or, The ANSWER

   Have I shared this with you before? It’s entitled “Different Answers” and is written by Nancy Spiegelberg.

They’re almost unbelievable–

some prayer answers

You sent so fast

they took my breath away

And made me laugh.

I thank You.

I thank You there were other times

it seemed

You’d left me

way out

in the dark


to wait…

Until You became

more important

than any answer

I was looking for.

   And I was wondering…can you relate to this? Would you have the time to share with us an experience where God answered you so fast that it made you laugh for joy? Or maybe a time that you grew into understanding that it was Him you needed more than an answer…that really, He was your Answer. May God bless you richly.

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12 thoughts on “Answers…Or, The ANSWER

  1. Sis Gail on said:

    Yes I have wondered with some of my prayers if God was ever going to answer the one I wanted answered so badly with a Yes. I never got a yes answer and wondered if God was there or listening. I figured if it was not a yes it must be a no.
    I wondered if he even Loved me since he had not answered me.
    Recently, during our Mother’s passing, I received some answers quickly, and I knew it was God. Of course I was not able to laugh but I felt relieved that my Mother was at Peace and not suffering anymore.
    I do think God protects us because he Loves us, and that may be part of why he doesn’t always give us what we think we need so badly. I can recall things I prayed for I that I am so Happy it did not happen. It would not have been for the best. God always wants the best for his children. I probably would have drifted more than I already had, if he answered that Yes. He did not let it happen no matter how much I wanted it. I felt the tug of conflict about it. I thought it was because he did not love me, when, in fact, it was exactly because he did Love me that he said no.

    And yes God should be more important than any answer we are waiting for. Because even if we do not understand things about our prayers, God is always working “Providentially” bringing us along to what is Best for Our Lives leading eventuall to Our Eternal Home…all because He Totally Loves us.
    I guess we do not always need a definte answer as long as we know he is in control and is looking out for us all the time. We should not allow negative answers to our Prayers convince us that God doesn’t Love Us. He showed that Most Powerfully on The Cross of Jesus Christ. So I do want some answers but I will wait and wait and wait and be Faithful until he comes to get me even if I never see the answer clearly. Sis Gail

    • oakesclan on said:

      You are right on, sis. Good insight into the truth about God’s love of us and the various answers to prayer He may need to provide us. Never doubt you are loved by Him. Trial, hardship, pain, disease, disappointment, loneliness, bereavement, and any other of life’s tough, tough seasons cannot invalidate the Cross.
      Thanks for sharing. I love you.

  2. George Mearns on said:

    I have been reading through the Psalms on Sunday mornings with my brothers and sisters. We see this in David; waiting on the Lord; a theme in the Psalms and Prophets. The poem captures what David and others sought; not just an answer, but God.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Yes, George. Wish I had seen this truth earlier in my life. But maybe that’s not how it works. Maybe we have to live a little of life to begin to truly appreciate what it is we need most. I like Psalm 63 in this regard. It is God that David is earnestly seeking. It is God he longs for with all his being. I pray for a heart like that.

  3. Geniece on said:

    Sometimes I am very selfish and I ask for specific answers but most recently I have asked God to please take care of this one for me because I don’t know what to ask for. He gave me an answer I didn’t want and is breaking my heart, but I know it will all be okay, somehow, someway because He is much wiser than I am. Over the next several months, possibly years, I will continue to ask Him to take care of this one and I trust that He will.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Dear Geniece,
      It is impossible for me to fully understand what is happening in your heart. But I hope the fact that your Father God understands will be some comfort to you. I’ll tell you this, even though I can’t predict the future, even though we do not understand how everything will turn out, or even if it will be alright, your resolve to keep looking to God for the answer…to keep trusting Him…is truly inspirational to all of us who know you. Yours is the kind of burden that doesn’t go away…doesn’t leave you alone…doesn’t allow you to relax and breathe completely easy. I pray that beneath everything you will feel the everlasting arms of your Father…that when your strength is just sapped, you will feel His strength…that when you are most keenly aware of things so far beyond your control, that you will still trust that He is in control. You are loved…you and all yours. You are prayed for…you and all yours. God richly bless you and all yours.

  4. Email Girl on said:

    My quickly answered, made me laugh, kind of prayer involved the HR manager at my job praying that one girl would quit so he could hire me back in at my old job. She quit the next morning and I got hired. That happened so perfectly it amazes me and makes me smile. 

    I think if I’d read the other part of this poem any other time of my life I might not have understood it, but I definitely understand it now because I’m living in it right now. I’ve prayed for a long time to fix a few things in my life that are very messed up. I’ve asked for Him to take away the problem in very specific ways. I’ve asked others to pray it with me…for me. I wondered a long time why He wasn’t taking care of it for me. I finally gave up…I was going to do it on my own. What I saw when I tried that was that I can’t do it on my own. I can’t do it at all. Only God can take care of this thing for me and I have to step out of the way to let Him. He’s the answer. It’s taken me a long time to figure this out….I’m glad He’s been patient with me.    

    • oakesclan on said:

      God must get a kick out of us when He does such things so dramatically for us in answer to prayer. I can imagine Him turning to Jesus and saying, “Watch this, Son!” Then bam He turns Peter loose from Herod’s jail and has him show up at the very house where the church is gathered and is praying for Peter’s release. The maiden who went to answer Peter’s knock at the door was so excited that she forgot to let him in and ran to interrupt the prayers for Peter’s release in order to tell them he was at the door right then. They all thought she was right out of her mind. But God surprised them all with a “Yes” even before they had finished praying. (Acts 12) I like that story and I like your story.
      And…whatever it takes…whatever we must endure…whatever trials or disappointments…or heartaches…that bring us finally to the conclusion that it’s God we must have…well…in the final analysis, it’s worth it, isn’t it?
      I’m glad He is patient with us all. God bless you as you surrender to the control of the One Who has always and only meant you well.

  5. Erica on said:

    I’m continually amazed at the giving spirit of people. We have been so blessed since we bought our house with items that we needed. Though these aren’t things I prayed about, there is no doubt in my mind that God knew the desire in my heart and provided for us through the giving of others. That is the part that makes me smile- before I even had time to ask, God had already made a way. Sure, there are more “important” or “serious” examples I could give, but I love that God cares even about the little details. Dad likes to say, in a nut shell, “Who are we to set limits on what God wants to hear from us or what he’ll do for us?” I think this is true for the biggest to the smallest. We are richly blessed!

    • oakesclan on said:

      I think you’re right. I know this for sure…God wants us, even invites us…to cast our cares on Him. He didn’t qualify that. He is ready to listen to whatever is on our hearts. And as we grow…more and more…the things that get to be on our hearts begin to look a lot like the things that are on His great heart. I wasn’t surprised when you said you had not prayed for those things around the house. You have an unselfish spirit. I have heard you pray…just a bit. I know you are after what God most longs to give you and those you love. But, as you said, He is just that kind of Father, who is not content to give us the bare minimum. No. He causes us to overflow with His good gifts and His good giving. It is wonderful to be able to completely trust our Father God for all our needs. Thanks for checking in here, Erica. I apologize that it took me so long to reply.

  6. At one point in time I needed a car. But I didn’t think I could handle a payment. So I prayed very specifically that I wanted a car without a payment (how could that be right?) That very afternoon, my parents came by to tell me they had bought a new car but were hanging on to the old one, just in case I needed to drive it for a while. I just sat there shaking my head, and said to God “OK…now you’re just showing off!” LOL

    And always there are things that I fervantly pray for, and I don’t seem to get any response whatsoever from God. Those are the times I sit back and consider what it is He wants me to learn from the situation. Obviously, He has a reason for the things that are going on (He works all things together for good) so I need to open my eyes and see the fingerprints of God..see what it is He is teaching me. I don’t always get it, but I trust that He is there and hears me. I just need to keep doing what is right and following the footprints of Jesus.

    • oakesclan on said:

      I love the car story, Sherry. That is so good…so like Father God. And, I agree, that it’s those times (maybe often) when we don’t get any measurable response from God that try our souls. It’s then we need to remember to consider the greater context…God’s unassailable track record where we are concerned…the forever and convincing declaration of love that the Cross of His Son represents…and then to just keep on trusting no matter what. As our good friend says, “It’s simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.” God bless you, Sherry. May He continue to give you strength equal to your days.

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