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The Only Safe Way

George Adam Smith tells about climbing a mountain on a stormy day with two guides along. They made their climb on the sheltered side. When they neared the top, Smith was excited about the view before him and about having reached the summit. He sprang to the top of the peak and was almost blown over the edge by the wind. One of the guides caught hold of him and pulled him down, saying: “On your knees, sir. You are safe here only on your knees.”

Every walk of life has its dangers. Every kind of career has its temptations. Every relationship has potential pitfalls. At every age in our life, we are susceptible to certain evil influences. Whether we are rich or poor,  formally educated or graduates of the school of hard knocks,  young  or old or in between, life has a way of testing us.

In the Old Testament, Balaam was just sure there was a way to serve God and money at the same time. He  was  fatally wrong.  Samson thought he could keep on giving in to his passions and still be God’s deliverer. He gained a different insight after he had been blinded and enslaved. No one had ever walked any closer to God  than David. Yet, surely no one ever fell any further or harder than “the man after God’s own heart.”

The point? No matter how confident we feel…no matter how far we’ve come or what victories we have won…this life has danger waiting at every bend in the road. We must not only have a past with God. We must have a present filled with His  presence. We must be in touch with Him. We cannot do it alone.To think we can is to step into harm’s  way.

Beloved, remember, in our lives here, we are only safe upon our knees.

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5 thoughts on “The Only Safe Way

  1. I know what you are trying to say to us Doug. We usually make a real mess of things in life without God. Sometimes it can go OK, but not really cause’ sooner or later things go wrong without God in our life (I mean talking to him about things). I pray to him often just sitting in a chair at home or driving a car and talking to him. I know we should get on our knees more because we can get so distracted with things and not concentrating more on WHO we are talking to…the God who deserves our Praise and the God who is our Helper in life…the God who LOVES us and wants us to talk to him and be in a relationship with him.

    I know around the bend in this life without Him is a Scary Thing. You never know what could come at you and it is not cause’ you have done or not done something it is just because you are living in a world like ours.

    It is Mother’s Day as I write and I wanted to say something here about Our Mother. I have been finding things she has written down where she is asking God to “Help her be a better Mother, Wife and person Pleasing to God”. She was always saying things like I pray for my Children everyday. I believe she did, because we are not bad kids at all. She said in one place that “her children have never caused her any real bad problems in her life”. Oh she knows we were not perfect but we were never bad kids at all. I think she (Mom) did have a relationship with God where she talked and prayed to him often in her life. I can see it in her every thought of things I am finding that she wrote down. BLESS OUR MOTHER THIS DAY IN HER LIFE WITH GOD NOW. We, Her Children have truly been BLESSED BY OUR MOTHER. I hope other people have a Mother who prays to GOD about them. Gail

    • oakesclan on said:

      Thanks for your response, sis. Keeping our attitude right in our relationship with our Father God is a real challenge. But I think we are truly helped with that by having those regular reminders…in our Bible reading…in our fellowship…in the good Bible teaching we can get…and in the wonderful examples of God’s committed people…reminders of who God really is and of the exalted privilege and blessing that flows our way because of our relationship with Him.
      And thanks also for sharing mom’s prayer request with us. May it be the prayer of every parent.

  2. I love that!
    I walked a dangerous path…living my life with no regard for the Lord. Thanks to His great mercy and unceasing love, I managed to stay alive until I came to my senses and turned back to Him…falling on my knees, begging Him for help. I realize that things could have turned out very differently. By the grace of God… May I never forget to stay on my knees, trusting Him to get me through this life and Home where I belong. Thanks Doug~

    • oakesclan on said:

      In your prayer, Sherry, you said, “May I never forget to stay on my knees…” It made me think of a definition of Christian patience that I read once. Patience is “long obedience in the same direction.” My life has been too much characterized by fits and starts…by far too many inconsistencies…and subject way too much to my own whims. I want to honor God (who deserves it so much) by staying true to my commitment to Him. I don’t want to let down on Him. In the final analysis He is the only safe place and safe way for us spiritually.
      May He fulfill your every desire of goodness.
      And thank you for checking in.

  3. Erica on said:

    The posture of being on our knees- it forces us to SLOW down! It is one of humble submission. It is also a posture we equate with beggars (perhaps because we so often are)! I think it is also a position in which we are ready for instruction and service.

    We have recently discussed how worship incorporates all five senses. I believe this to be true as it is an all encompassing experience that God created for us to interact and communicate with him. I think the posture and position of being on our knees is yet another sensory detail of worship. When we slow down, we focus more on what we speak, hear, etc.

    Does this sound incredibly cheesey? I hope not. I just really believe that God created us to be wholly involved, not just on-the-go involved!

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