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Something That Lasts

    In the movie, A River Runs Through It, there is a scene where two adult sons go fly fishing with their father who is a preacher. The younger son, whose life is spiraling downward in gambling and drink, catches a magnificent trout because of his masterful technique with the fly rod. The older son takes a photo of the great fish and the great fisherman as the narration (done by the older son) continues something like this…”It was like a work of art. I knew I was looking at perfection. But life is not art, and I knew the moment could not last.” The story of the movie continues with the younger son refusing the help of those who loved him until finally he is found beaten to death by money sharks to whom he was hopelessly in debt. The movie closes with the older son, now grown old indeed and having been bereaved of all his family, out in the river once more fishing and thinking back on all the things that couldn’t last. The river was a symbol of the relentless march of time and the impossibility of retrieving even a single moment of the past.

   That scene set me to thinking…I thought about the innocence of youth and how it couldn’t last. I thought about the fervor of young love and what time would do to it. I thought about physical vigor and how the years sap the strength. I thought about mental powers and how, at my tender age, I have become so forgetful. I even thought about my old hometown…how much it has changed…and how I could not go back again to roam the places where once I ran free. The people I knew are gone…and many of the places including the woods I played in are gone. I remember early married life and my babies in my arms and on my back, but they are grown now. So many moments…so many things…that could not last.

   Then I thought that what we really need is what does last. Thank God that through Jesus Christ we have that which lasts. Things don’t last but redeemed people do. The outward man doesn’t last, but the inward man does. Suffering doesn’t last, but glory does! Doubt doesn’t last, but faith lasts! What we see doesn’t last, but hope lasts! Hatred doesn’t last, but love does! Sin doesn’t last, but mercy and grace abide forever! Life isn’t art, it’s true. But life in Christ is  eternal art, “You are God’s workmanship,” and that means you shall last in love, joy, peace, glory, honor and incorruption while the ages roll on!

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4 thoughts on “Something That Lasts

  1. When I was younger (30’s or so) I wondered if I would ever really get old because I seemed to feel like I stayed at the same age for a long time. And I remember having talks with Doug about people that would lose a loved one in death and if that would ever happen in our family what would we do with such a loss. How could we handle that? Well it has happened and it makes us realize that it will happen to all.

    Things really do not remain the same forever. And when we have become so used to things as they are…and then there comes the abrupt loss…it is very hard to take. We experience the changes in our bodies…the coming of aches and pains, our hair going gray, and our muscles not responding as once they did. My hair is so white now. I cannot walk as fast as I use to. I am not as quick-witted (I am directionally-challenged more now–tee, hee). A private joke there! And then our family is leaving us. We all used to be here with each other (I look at our Family picture and only 4 of the 7 of us are left). I knew this was going to happen but I guess I thought it would still be a long way off. But things change and do not last forever and I see it is true now. There are good changes that come also but these do not last forever either. Those of us who are getting older understand this more now.

    But GOD promises us that someday we will be “Where we will Never Grow Old” and where we will never shed another tear. And we’ll be heathy again (new body). We will never lose the people we love again nor them us. We will not see things come to an end anymore – things will last and it will be “FOREVER”. I believe this because God has said it, but it is going to be so different from what we have known here that it’s hard to get a grasp on it, but I will hold on to my God and believe what he says. We will “NEVER SAY GOODBYE” again. Bless Our God for what he has planned for his “Beloved”. Heaven, Eternity with God will be Sooooo Different, Things will last.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Isn’t it amazing how long-lasting we feel when we are young? As a boy I remember “eternal” August days that I thought would never end. Here I am now in disbelief that yet another birthday is flying towards me.
      There’s no thing…no condition…no problem…no worry…no doubt…no embarrassment…that’s going to last forever. And that’s good news for those of us who are sick to death of having to think over the darkness that rebellion and ruin brought to our lives and to the lives of those we love. But this too will pass. What’s ahead? A whole bunch I don’t know and understand…but, and this is what keeps me going, Jesus is ahead…waiting for us. That’s all I need to know.
      I love you, sis.

  2. I love that movie, even though it is such a tragic story of that young man. Time does roll by like a river, and the past is not retrievable, or “reliveable” or changeable. Only through God’s magnificent grace can our past be erased, washed clean of the shame and guilt over the mistakes we have made. Sin doesn’t last..(I like that thought Doug) Salvation does. Grace does. We’ve been studying Peter and I love when he says our suffering is only for a little while and then we will be overjoyed when His glory is revealed!

  3. oakesclan on said:

    I like that thought too, Sherry. Praise God! Sin doesn’t last! I long for that condition of being in which I never again roam from my God…never again shut Him out of any part of my heart…never again think that maybe…just maybe…there’s something I need besides Him. One of these days…
    Thanks for checking in, Sherry. I apologize for my delayed response.

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