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Number Six

Number six is on the way…God-willing…to be born in Bakersfield, CA in late January next year. Gift from God via His servants, Doug, Jr. and Kelly. The news quickened my pulse, put a smile on my face, drove me to my knees in grateful prayer, set a new, healthy longing in my heart, renewed my resolve to be a better poppa and reminded me that in so many wonderful ways it is the little child that leads us…leads us to be our best for their sake…to work hard and well to provide for them…to be ever alert to protect them…to open our hearts to what love of them will inevitably work in us…and to depend on Father God for we well know that we are not equal to the task…the privilege…of caring for them, if He’s not vitally, continually in it with us. Lord, be ever with that precious California family of Remi, Rilyn, Kelly and Doug, especially now as You work your wondrous “magic” and bring about the appearance of our next new arrival. And Father…thank You again.

There’s something wonderfully evangelistic about grandparenthood that I just love!

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6 thoughts on “Number Six

  1. Congrats!!! That is wonderful~ This new little one is already blessed having a poppa like you. God is good.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Thanks for sharing our joy. When I read your comment, it caused me to think all over again about our coming little bundle of joy. My heart soars. I hope you’re right about her/him being blessed by having me for her poppa…but I really don’t see how she/he can possibly be blessed anywhere near as much as me by this relationship. I know that’s how I feel with our five special little ones right now. They are the best…blessings from God…every single one of them.

  2. So Good Doug. Wondering already like you I am sure what it will be like. Boy or Girl and how wonderful it will be in our Lives. Like your other wonderful children.

    Sis Gail

    • oakesclan on said:

      The mystery of it all…how God fearfully and wonderfully knits our special little one together inside of momma…only adds to our eager anticipation of the day of meeting. Until then, prayers continue for mother and child and all their family as preparations are made. May God bless them richly.

  3. Uncle John on said:

    WOW! Number 6…

    Congratulations “poppa” from this “papa” who is still at number 4 (and one on the way)…ha, ha.
    I just took Kayla out for some papa time (breakfast, shopping…). It’s a great thing our heavenly Father designed.


    • oakesclan on said:

      I’m planning to stay ahead of you…at least for a little while. I hope your trip goeth well with many precious memories made that will help sustain you over the miles and time between get-togethers. We, along with you, know how tough that it.
      God bless you, brother John!

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