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Falling And Dying

How do you make a difference for good in this world…in this life? Assert yourself. Dress appropriately. Arrive early. Choose a strategic position. Put your best foot forward. Be positive. Don’t take no for an answer. Get your name out there. Meet the right kinds of people. Curry their favor. After all, if you can help enough other people get what they want, you are guaranteed to get what you want too, aren’t you?

I can understand such advice. It makes sense to me. I can see how this course stands a pretty good chance of helping you become “successful.”

There are different kinds of success of course. And depending on the field of endeavor with which you are engaged, there are strategies tailored to help you get what you’re after.

But how about the following strategy for “success?” Fall, like a grain of wheat (only one among thousands) into the ground and die. (John 12:24) The concepts of falling and dying are not normative for self-advancement strategies, that’s for sure.

If you have the time, leave us a comment about Jesus’ “success” strategy in John 12:24. And maybe, just maybe, you could tell us about someone who’s done this “falling and dying” for you…and tell us about the fruit it has borne in your life.  If you have the time…

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4 thoughts on “Falling And Dying

  1. Geniece Chidester on said:

    There have been many people who have ‘fallen and died’, making such a difference in my life. My mom comes to mind so easily, she is always giving and never taking, her faith in God when times were hard has been a huge inspiration for me. But we expect mothers to be there for us and give us knowledge, its those who I am not physically related to and have not known my whole life that move me deeply, people like you, Vicki and Nancy, people with hearts so in tune with the Father’s will that you love and care for all around you. I have and am still learning how important others are, they are important to Jesus, therefore they must be important to me. I spend more time thinking of others, reaching out to them and praying for them because this is what I have seen done for me.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Thanks for such an encouraging comment, Geniece. From what I have seen in you to date, I’d say that this willingness to fall and die for the sake of Christ’s cause and for the people He loves, is well underway in your life. You are an encourager. Your spirit is a blessing to all who know you. God bless you…especially for the difficult days, weeks, and months ahead. May your prayers for your beloved be answered. May God’s protection be experienced. And may His will be done. We are here for you.

  2. I had lived around my Mother also for many years and I saw when she was healthier in her life how she lived and sacrificed for people but especially her children. She tried to help those who were down and out and some of her family (siblings). I know Mother believed in Jesus and what Doug has talked about “falling and dying”. I also know she had so much love for us that it came so natural for her to give and sacrifice for us. So for a stranger that you have come to know and Fall and Die for it is truly knowing the mind of Jesus that leads you to this kind of sacrifice and great love for someone. It is called real, geniune selflessness to fall and die, like the wheat falls into the ground and dies. Like Jesus did for us on the Cross. Sacrifice of all Sacrifices. I know I have lived here in this world for 63 yrs and I don’t realize if I have ever really Fallen and Died for someone to the extent that you are talking about but I have given of myself to serve and help and do the best I can. I have been a servant and if I compare myself to some people it may not be the best I could have offered. But I will keep on keeping on and hope that God will help me and accept me in being a human being in this life that is far from what Jesus was to us.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Well, sis, I believe you have fallen and died for the sake of others in just the way Jesus speaks of it. You have put yourself on the line for plenty of others. You have searched for lost folks…prayed for them…longed for them…studied with them…and etc. I have often been on the receiving end of your giving ways. So…yes…I think you are committed to the fruit-bearing method Jesus had in mind here.

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