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My Prayer For You Today…

May Father God grant you…

…Some sense of the pleasure He takes in you simply because you are His

…Some awareness of the joy you give Him because you have holy desires towards Him

…Some hint of the Fatherly pride He takes in your purpose to honor Him in your life…

…Some idea of what your hanging in there with Him through thick and thin means to Him

…Some notion of the fondness He feels for you because of your plans for doing good things (even if they often fail)…

…Some vision of Him, in your corner, speaking out courage and inspiration to you, even and especially when you’re feeling alone and forsaken…

…Some victory in your life over some sin…over some enemy…over some frustration…over some doubt…over some fear…

…Some growing, inner conviction, that He is now and will ever be with and in you, loving you into His likeness, leading you into His joyful Heart and thrilling you with the truth that He will never give up on you and never walk out on you.

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10 thoughts on “My Prayer For You Today…

  1. Thank you for reminding us again of how much he Loves Us and Never Walks out on us. The world tries to crowd these things out of our minds sometimes but I know he is ever with us and for us. Thank Goodness. I can’t explain it all but he is here with me, I really know it.

    I liked where you said even when we do good things it may seem to fail or hit us in the backend with a kick. We don’t understand and labor over it but thanks for reminding us that God Our Father knows our hearts and what we have tried to do in love and care.

    Thank you Doug for the encouraging things you bring to our minds once again.

    Sis Gail

    • oakesclan on said:

      I love you, sis. Hope today is a good one for you. Little by little. We’ll stay at it. Keep letting Him love you. Can’t stop it anyway…so, might as well enjoy the blessing.

  2. Thank you for the prayer. Because of that prayer I do have a sense, an awareness, a hint, an idea, a notion, and even a vision of how He sees me, feels about me, and cares for me.

    All victories … great and small … belong to Him. I am convicted that He is loving me, leading me, and longing for me to be thrilled with the knowledge that He was, and is, and is to come.

    Thanks again for the prayer Doug … it came at a perfect time.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Very good to hear from you, Paige. His love is leading us to all good things. It does require faith to follow, because the path is often dark and foreboding. It feels lonely even though we are not alone. It feels hopeless even though our hope is living. It feels long even though on some level we understand the difference between our “long” and God’s. My challenge is not to turn over the reins of my life to those feelings. But it is often difficult, isn’t it? I like what you are “convicted of” and the thrill you are headed for. Believe I’ll come along too. God richly bless you and all yours.

  3. Ah Doug!! Once again you have made me cry!! (it’s not hard so don’t feel bad) Those things are all so wonderful and some days they are so foreign to me. But, as I continue to heal, I can hold on to them a little longer it seems. God sees me as worth having. The Maker of this vast universe, this wonderful planet, the beautiful mountains and sunsets and rainbows and the fascinating moon…this very same God made me too and loves me better than I can even imagine.

    I pray that you take what you’ve written and apply it to YOU as well. 🙂 Know that you are loved…even by this person that only knows you in cyberspace!

    • oakesclan on said:

      Sherry, The older I have gotten the more I blubber like an old woman. I like to think that God is getting to my heart more, making it softer…but it could just be my head that’s getting softer, I guess. Isn’t it truly awesome, the thought that Mighty God so involved in the great creation and the redemption of mankind down all the ages, is yet…truly…amazingly…still interested in me…and wants me to know…to believe…to feel…to accept fully…that all He has done and is doing and will do is in my best interests? And thank you, Sherry for your prayer for me. I need it. But, you know, we not only know each other in cyberspace…but we share the heavenly places in Christ together too. I find that very comforting. God bless you today…and your precious ones.

  4. Geniece Chidester on said:

    He is our one and only true anchor. It amazes me that we can count on Him every second of every day, even though there are more than 6.8 billion people on the earth. How is it, that among all He created, that I can mean so much to Him? But yet, I know that He does care for me.

    Thank you Doug for who you are and know that I too pray this prayer for you.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Geniece, You are right…it is amazing that we, each one of us, count with Father God.
      You are an encourager, sis, to me and many others. I’m glad to be a partner with you in the Kingdom cause.
      I know something of the burden you carry just now…and your determination to keep serving God under this huge trial is inspirational to all of us who know you in Christ. Our prayers continue.
      God richly bless you and yours.

  5. Email girl on said:

    I happened to find this on just the day I needed to read it. Thank you.

    • Doug the Old on said:

      Glad the timing was good for you, sis. Hope you are seeing God doing good for you lately. Thanks for stopping by. God bless you richly.

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