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Why Me?

   I’ve no criticism at all to offer real sufferers from whose pained lips the above question sometimes forces itself. But, at this particular time in my life, when things seem to be on a fairly even keel and I am not in the midst of a personal crisis, I’d like to ask the above question with a different perspective. Lord, why am I in good health when others about me struggle so? Why me and not them? Why do I get to live in the land of the free when so many are oppressed? Why me and not them? Why do I have a nice home with ample land for a garden, a lawn and trees while so many go to sleep at night with little or no shelter? Why me and not them? Why do I have food enough in my cupboards and freezer to last for many weeks when there are so many people, and especially children, in our world whose bellies ache for a real meal? Why me and not them? Why is my pet getting better medical care than the vast majority of people in our world? Why do I have several motor vehicles when so many in the world have only their unshod feet for transportation? Why me and not them? How is it that I have access to so many Bibles, and even many different translations, when there are so many millions who have never even heard the Name of Jesus? Why me and not them? Why do I get to sing His praises and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus every Sunday when so many have no reason for joy and no energy for singing? Why me and not them? In my life, so far, I have had many more occasions when I could ask why I am so blessed than why I am hurting? Is this true for you also? If so…and if you have the time… please share your input on “Why me?”

   May you feel His nearness to you today…and may His presence comfort and inspire you.

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4 thoughts on “Why Me?

  1. I don’t understand “Why Me” either. I do feel blessed that I have the priviledges I have and yet sometimes I am not as Thankful as I should be. I think of the people in other countries who have such terrible hardships.
    No food, no shelter like we know and no good medical help. I have heard that unless physical needs are filled people do not have the capacity to learn things. But I have heard how people in these places do turn to God and worship Him and Love Him.

    I don’t understand a lot of things. The fact that we have so much doesn’t mean God loves us more or that we are better than those who don’t have as much. God sent his son for all his creation.
    The Bible tells us so. I know this should make us better stewards of what he has given to us or allowed us to have. I know we should get down on our knees everyday and Thank Him. Instead, I can grumble and complain and think “why me” Lord that I have to go thru some things I have to go thru. I expect God understands our nature but we should not take so many things for granted where God has been so Good to Us.
    Sis Gail

    • oakesclan on said:

      I appreciate your thoughts on this, Gail. I think you draw the right conclusion. God doesn’t love Americans more than other people. Our plenty should put us on our knees in gratitude. But as you point out, it should do more than that. It should cause us to live gratefully…it should cause us to use what He’s given to bless others. I see this in your life and am encouraged by it. God bless you, sis.

  2. Geniece Chidester on said:

    I too feel that I have been blessed way beyond anything I deserve. Sometimes I think our “blessings” can be a bad thing though, we forget to be thankful, we begin to think this is the norm. Any time things get a little tough we don’t know how to handle it and we start whining about how bad our life is. When I look at some of the mental, emotional and physical pain some of my friends suffer, I realize my life is so easy. Sometimes I catch myself complaining that I have to get up so early and drive so far to work and then I stop and remember I can get up and I have a job to go to. God has blessed me with a good family, many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ, a home (not just a house), a job and several luxuries.
    I echo Gail’s words “God has been so Good to Us”. Now, hopefully I will remember that later tonight, and when the alarm clock goes off at 5:30 tomorrow morning and every time I get discouraged.

    • oakesclan on said:

      We do need the reminders, don’t we, Geneice? I know I do…for sure. I hate it when I just act reflexively, not giving myself time to think about a given situation. I let myself get so disturbed over a broken down car, tv or computer and what I’m going to have to do to get it fixed or replaced…and I don’t even think about the millions who have never owned a single one of those things.
      I need to be more reflective in my thoughts and reactions and less reflexive.
      Let’s keep reminding ourselves of all the good stuff that comes from God…for that is the stuff that lasts…the eternal realities…the relationship we have with Him…the purpose of our living both now and forever. God bless you, sis.

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