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When Is Love Finished?

   Death was no longer at the door…it had entered the room. The dear lady was passing from this life. Due to some medical devices intended to help her, she was unable to speak to her beloved family. But she was fully aware of each one’s presence. Within moments, her heart would stop beating. She would slip away from us. I imagined myself lying there unable to say anything to the dearest on earth to me. I shuddered within at the difficulty of it all. Then it dawned on me, and I wanted her to know that we all knew she could not now speak…that in a very real sense she didn’t have to…that we already knew what she would say if she could…that she had already spent a lifetime communicating her love. Her devotion, her smiles, her sacrifices, her labors, her encouraging words, throughout all the years of her life had already said it most convincingly. And now, when she could no longer speak, it was okay. She didn’t have to. Though I know she would have, if she could have. Love, by its very nature, cannot get finished. There would be one more word…one more hug…one more kiss…one more unmeasured sacrifice…one more uncounted gift.

   That night made me think of many things. It made me think of how I want my family to know right now…every day…without a doubt…how much I love them…how much they mean to me…what joy they are to me…what a privilege I feel in simply knowing them…how grateful to God I am for them…each one of them in their beautiful uniqueness. I want to come to my deathbed with my family and friends knowing, even if I am unable to say it then, that I love them to the full measure. I want them to feel, when I can’t say or prove my love anymore, that I don’t need to…that I’ve already done it.

   I also thought about how many ways God has been busy saying I love you to us all. The  beauty, harmony and glory of creation…the gift of life…the treasure of the Bible…the triumph of truth…the defeat of evil…the manger event…the silent years in Nazareth…the three and a half years of going about doing good…the old, rugged cross…the empty tomb…the offer of forgiveness and new beginnings…the continual intercession on our behalf…are absolutely convincing proofs of God’s love for each of us. Every beat of our hearts…every breath we take…every morsel of food…every thing of beauty with which we come into contact is further demonstration of His love. If He never said it again, He wouldn’t have to, would He? Yet, His love is not finished! That’s why ours isn’t either. Now what are we needing to do about that?

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4 thoughts on “When Is Love Finished?

  1. She would have made us laugh again if she could and she would have said “I love you my children very, very much”. The Dearest On Earth To US.

    Thanks for reminding us of the Love God has for us also Doug. It is everlasting LOVE.

    Keep On Keeping until “It is all Finished upon this Earth” that we know now.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Yes. It is too soon for us to quit now…so we’re not going to do it. We won’t quit until the last breath escapes our bodies…until the last beat of our hearts…until the last neuron fires in our brains. As long as we can move we will serve…as long as we can speak we will praise…as long as we can think we will pray. And when our faculties leave us…we will simply fall into His arms as He makes everything clear and new to us. One of these days…

  2. Geniece Chidester on said:

    How very true, God has proved his love for us over and over again. He is always there, every day, no matter what we may be going through, good times or bad. I stand in awe of Him and I am thankful to know Him. I cannot imagine going through this life without God’s love, without the comfort of the Holy Spirit or the understanding of our Savior. When we lose loved ones it reminds us that we must draw closer to those who remain with us but all too often, as time goes by, we slip further away again. We need to live every day as if it will be our last, never forgetting that we may be called to go home at any time.

    • oakesclan on said:

      To live here in the awareness of there…that’s my challenge. If I can really think of my death as a “call home,” I am strengthened to face whatever is ahead in this life. To know that the best in this life is never finished for Christians. The good stuff goes on and on and on. Our Father God has anticipated every need of ours and gave us Jesus to surpass them all. I like the way you think of Him, Geniece. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

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