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The Tube Is Gone

Our beautiful, firstborn granddaughter, Skylar, came into this world under stress. Six months after her birth the slowly dawning diagnosis of Kabuki Syndrome was confirmed for us. In the first month of her life a g-tube was inserted into her stomach because she was not able to suck nourishment…nor was she able to effectively get said nourisment down the proper pipe in order to feed. If I could show you a picture of our very, sick little baby then and put it next to a picture of our energetic six-year old little girl now, you would scarcely believe it.

On Thursday, November 18th, the tube that sustained her all these years was removed. The doctor instructed our daughter to simply take the tube out and leave it out. It was a great moment for our family. It represents the wonderful kindness of our Father God Who has not only allowed us to keep our little girl…but has granted her the grace to blossom under the loving care of her parents, teachers, therapists and doctors.

On that glad day, Sky’s parents took her and little brother, Trapper, to Applebee’s for lunch. Sky sometimes speaks of herself in the third person. Later that great day I was talking to her on the phone. Here’s some of what I heard Sky say…”She ate at Applebees. She had ice cream.” Now those are two really good things to do on the day your feeding tube is no longer needed.

I know that God, for His own gracious, if unclear to us, reasons, doesn’t always answer yes to us. But this day, He did! This day we praise Him with hearts full of joy for that answer and for the care He has always given our little girl. As we think about the future for Skylar, questions come to our hearts. The kind of questions that bother the hearts of parents and grandparents. But today we praise God for giving us this victory. And we are encouraged that His grace will find a way for Skylar and for us all in all the future as He gives it.

So, this Thanksgiving, among all the things for which I am deeply grateful, I praise Father God for the now tubeless life of our precious Skylar, heaven’s gift to us that keeps on giving.

And I was wondering… “What’s on your radar presently that’s moving you to express praise and thanks to God?”

With regard to Thanksgiving Day…I believe it was Charles Dickens who said the Americans have it wrong in appointing one day for Thanksgiving. He said we ought to take that one day and use it for whining and griping. Then use all the other 364 for Thanksgiving! Maybe he was on to something there.

God bless you and yours…now and always.

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10 thoughts on “The Tube Is Gone

  1. On my radar would be:
    1: God loves me and is teaching me that I can improve myself with his help.
    2: That God has given me a church to go to.
    3: That God has given me a loving and patient wife.
    4: That God has given me children that try my patient at times but also teach me.
    5: That God has showing me what humble means.

    Frederick Keonig said “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”

    God Bless

    • oakesclan on said:

      Very good thoughts, Ray. We are mighty glad to have you among us. You are teaching us too. I need to be more appreciative of the countless blessings God has showered upon me. He is great and is greatly to be praised.

  2. I love this so much, the tube is gone. We Love Our Skylar.

  3. Uncle John on said:

    Being a grandparent can be filled with much anxiety and concern for our children and grandchildren, but then there are those times (many actually) that fill your heart with wonder and gratitude. This is surely one of them…thanks for sharing Papa Oakes!
    Uncle John

  4. Geniece Chidester on said:

    I am very thankful to hear that Skylar’s was able to lose the tube.

    The older I get the less it takes to make me thankful. As I was taking Melanie home Sunday, she thanked me for picking her up, “Thanks for the buggy ride” as she put it. I told her I was glad to do so and thankful that I could. I went on to mention that some people have so many daily struggles and that I was thankful that I could just get up and go. I was of course thinking of her but she was not thinking of herself, she was thinking of Linda. She said something like, “Yes, Linda has been having such a hard time, she wasn’t able to be there today.” I am truly blessed and I am very thankful to know Melanie.

    The blessings keep coming!

    • oakesclan on said:

      Sis, what a great comment! What a tremendous example Melanie is to all of us. I am so glad you shared this with us. Keep the radar on and keep sharing the good stuff with us. Sometimes there is so much bad, it takes a real effort to keep scanning for the good. It is always all around us…but…sometimes…some very difficult times…as you know better than many of us, we can be laboring under such burdens that we just aren’t able to count blessings. I think God understands that about us. I don’t believe He would accuse us at such times in our lives. But that’s all the more reasons to try to let our faith lead us…to know that the tough times, even if it seems like it, do not last forever…and our God is good…only good…so very good. May He bless you and yours today.

  5. Very very good!!! God is amazing.

    I am thankful for the “second” chance God has given me to live better, to be better, to try and honor Him more. I am thankful that He led me to good people that could help me with that. You are among those people…and I am blessed. Love you Doug!

    • oakesclan on said:

      Thank you for sharing our joy, Sherry. I’m not sure I qualify in the category you placed me…but such honorable mention is a real encouragement to me.
      I do sometimes wonder what I’d be, where I’d be, if not for those good people God permitted me to know along my life’s journey. The debt I owe them is huge. I could never pay it. Their existence is all the evidence my heart needs that God exists and that He is responsible for all the good stuff.
      Blessed holidays to you and yours, Sherry. I know you are redeeming that “second” chance from God. I hope you are able to feel His great pleasure in you.

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