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What I Mean When I Wish You “Happy New Year!”

When I wish you “Happy New Year,” (and I do) here’s some of what I mean…I wish you a growing familiarity with your Heavenly Father that breeds content, not contempt…a consciousness of His presence with you that gladdens your heart, comforts your soul, fills you with peace and courage, inspires all your efforts on His behalf and blesses others into wanting the same for themselves.

I wish for us that we might better recognize and seize the opportunities He sends our way to help make the world more what He wants.

I wish for you that you will feel His pleasure in you as you go about doing good in His Name.

I hope that more and more of your time with your beloved will gift them with wonderful glimpses of His working thru you…that your dear family and friends will see something very rare and precious…that they will see you falling ever more deeply in love with your Lord.

I hope that when you have alone times (some of us have been forced into this experience by the departure of our beloved marriage partners), you are able to think noble thoughts of God and to accept deep down in your heart that He’s not forsaken you and that you’ll be able to accept that you have an important role in His purposes even when it doesn’t feel like it.

I hope that instead of looking for friends, you will be a friend…instead of thinking “Here I am” you will think rather, “Ah, there you are”…instead of looking so diligently at “getting” you will grow much in the greater blessing of “giving.”

I hope when someone needs to share their heart, you will listen…when someone is weak, you will be just strong and vulnerable enough to give them heart…when someone hurts, you will help comfort them…when someone is shamed, you will stand with them and not permit their failure, no matter how foolish or irretrievable, to define them…when someone gets lost, you will search for them…when someone is alone, you won’t let them be…and I pray when you are that someone, another will do it for you. I would love to try, please let me.

And I wish all this for you today…and one day at a time. After all that’s how years are built. Our God has not promised us the coming year, but He’s given us this day. And right now is our opportunity to thank, serve and praise Him. Let’s not miss it!

So, I do wish you a very Happy New Year of co-operating with the God Who loves you so much that He fearfully and wonderfully made you…that He purposes good for you, even when it comes along difficult and painful paths…that He searched the heavens for the greatest, most convincing and final way to express His love for you. His Name is Jesus Who makes all things new. Today you get another chance. God richly bless you.

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4 thoughts on “What I Mean When I Wish You “Happy New Year!”

  1. Doug “God Richly Bless You Also” for your CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT and ever turning us to Our Lord and His Great Love for Us. Hope I can do some of those things better that you pointed us to in this blog. Because it is true about we need to be a friend and not just wait for someone to come along to be our friend. People need Good Friends who Love God and talk about it along life’s journey but also to just show them what a true friend can be like. It is just a very cherished blessing to know people who really love God and “The Beloved of God are Different”. I know a lot of people who help me when I have been at my worst and they still stand by me and love me. Now who else would do that but people who know they have a Lord Who has done that for them and wants us to do that for others. I am truly richly Blessed with my Family and Friends.

    • oakesclan on said:

      It would be difficult to list all the ways that God brings blessing into our lives through the precious friends He gives us. I would hate to think what my life would be like without the numerous impressions God has made on it through the love, the faith and the hope of those who are my friends.

  2. What a wonderful blessing for the coming year! Thank you for expressing so well the love of God. The things you hope and wish are things I hope and wish as well. I am blessed by the fact that every day is new and a fresh start with God. I hang on to that and it keeps me going.

    Love you Doug…God bless you!

    • oakesclan on said:

      I look forward to hearing/reading about your adventures of faith…the journey of a life lived under God’s control and to His honor. I can’t help but feel there are wondrous things to come to and through you and yours. It’s really good to know you…even if only through blogworld. Your heart for Him and for people really shows.

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