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The One and Only Tenley Kate Oakes

She got here very early in the morning on January 21st…and weighed eight pounds and eight ounces. She was twenty inches long. She gets her height from her poppa O. She has some hair…and, oh yes, she is absolutely beautiful, just like her sisters…just like her momma. (Fortunately she doesn’t take after her daddy in that department.)

So far my favorite picture of her is in her momma’s arms in the hospital bed with her two sisters lying at the foot of the bed, on their tummies, with faces propped up as they behold the wonder of Tenley…their new baby sister.

I am glad to God that she will grow up swaddled in the protecting warmth of her families’ love for her. I’m glad that she will be taught the things of God Who marvelously knitted her together inside her mother and planned wonderful things for her before she ever arrived. I am glad that He will be watching over her day and night in partnership with her devoted parents. I am glad that God will also assign her an angel who will be on round the clock duty on her behalf. I am glad for the thrills that lay ahead as she achieves all the firsts in her life. I am glad that she will be loved near, by family and friends who surround her, and far, by us, who though separated from her by many miles, love her so and count her more dear than our very lives. I am glad that she will be prayed for and played with. I am glad that she will be fed and kept clean. I am glad that songs of faith will surround her as she sleeps and as she grows. I am glad that one day she will know deep down in her heart what has been true all along that she is loved with an undying love by all her family, and, most of all, by her dear Father God.

Welcome, dear, little Tenley…welcome to our family…welcome to God’s world…welcome to love…to truth…to your own place here among us. We praise and thank our Father God for you…now and forever. May you grow in every good way…but not too fast, dear. May your mother and father rejoice and delight in you always. I can tell you this for sure…your old, Ohio poppa does just that!

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2 thoughts on “The One and Only Tenley Kate Oakes

  1. We sure to Love Her Our Tenley Kate. I second everything Doug said in his Blog.
    Made God keep Angels with our little children. Doug & Vicki proud that you are God’s Greatest Grandparents. I am glad you get to meet Tenley soon and Remi and Rilyn will love to be with you again and I did see the pictures you are talking about Doug. They are so attentive of their little sister and seem to be really gentle and caring about her. Looked like Rilyn was trying to touch her gently in one picture.
    I loved seeing those pictures. And Kelly and Doug helping the girls feel a part of what went on having this little girl.

  2. Art Lynch on said:

    Congratulations Doug and Vicki. Great tribute she will enjoy some day and then for years to come.

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