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No One Left Behind

    Several years ago, the Bush administration came up with an educational plan which was termed, “No child left behind.” This was another measure in the ongoing struggle to better the results in our school systems. And though the results of this program may not match the hopes for it, surely one has to embrace the idea of leaving no child behind.

   I mention this because recently someone asked me to list a specific reason why I love Jesus Christ. Of course there are so very many anwers to that question. But I needed to be specific…and so I thought, “One thing I love about Jesus is the way everyone counted with Him.” I mean, don’t you love that about Him too?

   One of the most important things we humans do for one another, which reflects esteem, is to listen attentively. Jesus listened to people of power…but He also paid just as close attention to people of no power. He was able to be with rich people and with poor people alike. He turned toward those that everyone else turned away from. I know (because I can read it in my Bible) that if I were a child in His presence, Jesus would take me into His arms and comfort me, love me, bless me. If I were a leper, He would still reach out and touch me. If I were a foreigner, He would let me know that I, too, could have faith and a real future. If I were a woman, He would listen to me, respect me, involve me, save me. If I were unclean, He would change that. If I were out of my mind, He would bring me to myself and to Him. If I couldn’t see, He would be my light. If I couldn’t smile, He would be my joy. If I couldn’t sing, He would give me a brand new beautiful song. If I couldn’t walk, He would hold me up and help me along. If I were a hypocrite who looked down on everyone else, He would be to me what I most needed…stern, truthful, but still He would love me and hold out the possibility that I could change. If I were a slave, He would let me breath true freedom’s air. If I were a hated tax man, He would love me into forgiveness and honesty. And if I were caught in the very act of shameful, embarrassing, inexcusable evil, He would devise a way to restore my dignity and allow me to go free with a brand new choice…the choice to go and no longer give myself to such evil, because of Him. Whether I was the most selfless or the most self-absorbed…whether I was likeable or disagreeable…whether I was cynical or inclined toward belief…whether I was from the right or wrong side of the tracks…whether female or male…free or enslaved…educated or unschooled…whether religious or not…I know Jesus would have cared…would have worked for my good…would have wanted me with Him. Don’t you think so?

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One thought on “No One Left Behind

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Doug I was just thinking about heaven in our last grief class we had. I was thinking that the best is yet to come (ETERNITY WITH JESUS AND GOD AND OUR LOVED ONES). I was thinking that when we get to heaven it will not go unnoticed that we are there. That we won’t be standing in a corner lonely hoping someone would notice we are there. It will be a Magnificent Reunion with those who have gone on before us.
    It will be a Most Wonderful thing to have God, Jesus, Angels all the Glory we can get in our mind that we are made most welcome into Heaven. I can’t really put this in words good enough. But we are truly loved by the Heavenly Realm and by Our God and Jesus. We will know that no matter what our role was here on earth that God will make us feel so wonderfully loved and cared for. I need to know that there is a Great God & Lord waiting for me there and loving me like that here on this earth but it will be more clear when we get there. Jesus was and is so many things to us and he is not a respector of people, he loves us all no matter what and I am so glad for that.

    Thanks for making me think how Jesus is with people. We need to be reminded of God’s personality with us.

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