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I’m Done

I don’t know exactly when I took over. I don’t even think I really meant to do it. It may have been that I grew frustrated and then disappointed with the job I thought he was doing. But whatever was my rationale…it was a bad mistake. But I can tell you this for sure…I want out! I don’t want to do it anymore…not ever again!

It was an unbearable load…an oppressive burden. I got so weary of being “right.” One might assume that knowing all the answers would be an enviable position…it’s not!

When the credits rolled after various episodes in the drama of life…the first line read…in the role of God, Doug Oakes. I’ve notified my agent. I don’t plan to play God again in my life.

This means that several things, previously rare for me, will be occurring regularly. I will say, “I don’t know” often. It means I will stop trying to press God into my pre-formed mold. It means that I will sometimes (maybe often) be surprised at what God does, and I won’t feel like He blew it by not consulting me. It means that I will be even more uncomfortable in the face of life’s dilemmas. It means I am out of the business of judging the hearts of people and out of the business of telling people what they should do. God knows those Who are His. I don’t. Certainly not in every case. And since I don’t know them all, I will just keep trying to bring as many as I can to Him. It means as I read His Word, it will be in order to try to understand and obey it…and not simply so I can tell others what I expect of them. And it will mean that I will struggle to try to be consistent in how I apply His Word…and the fact that I will be inconsistent won’t keep me from trying.

And whatever else it means…I’m finished playing God. And if I could be finished once and for all forever, I would be. But since I know I’m human, I’m sure I will trespass on God’s turf again in the future…but I pray I will be brought back to reality quickly by one or another of His many clear, unmistakeable “no-trespassing” signs.

Only God is God! And He is great and greatly to be be praised!

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4 thoughts on “I’m Done

  1. Geniece on said:

    I think I have the same problem, I resign myself to the truth that I cannot do it, that I have to leave it to God This never lasts long. I get very frustrated with my lack of faith since God has proved Himself over and over again, I have seen His work, felt His strength.

    Thanks for the reminder, you always know just what to say.

    • oakesclan on said:

      To defer to an unseen God when we are standing here face to face with a very visible problem does take faith. It’s very difficult, at times, to wait for God to do what He will. But then He never told us it would be easy. It’s simple…but it’s not easy. God doesn’t need a manager. He’s interested in servants though. I pray to be one of those. Thanks for checking in Geniece. Have a great day!

  2. I know as I get older that I realize that I don’t have all the answers, only God does. He knows how it will begin and how it will end in our journey and interaction with people we know and love here. I know I cannot play God and must not play God.
    But I know we need to be sensitive to what God wants of us. Sometimes I do it better than other times, especially when I’m surrounded by too many pressures in this world.
    I feel like a maniac at times…like a wild, crazy person.
    That is how the world (satan) makes us feel at times. I need to leave so many things to God…to stop and ask Him to help me before I get myself all worked up. Then I feel bad when I do get worked up, cause’ I know God does not want me to do this to myself or to others.

    I know it is alright to listen to people because we all need to lean on a friend at times to figure things out. But it is alright to say we don’t have the answers because we just don’t. We know truly only God does. When someone has a loved one who has died, we say they are in a much better place. We all hope that is true. But that is an answer that did not really help me when I was missing them so much on this earth. It seems like a flighty answer to me in fact. God knows how our hearts our broken with so much sorrow. How does it feel better them not being with us where we always found them and could relate to them on this earth. But Heaven is our Hope. I know that for sure and our God and Jesus will take care of the people we have loved.

    We need to not say to someone after a loved one dies whether or not they are going to Heaven.
    This is up to God. God is the one that knows them and their thoughts and their hearts. We are sure not God and need to say only comforting things the best we can.

    We sure don’t need to be critical of or avoid people who are trying to change their lives from something terrible they have done in the past.
    It is a miracle that they want to be in the Church trying to learn and change. We need to do like Jesus would do and not exclude them but invite them in. Sit with them in the pew. Talk to them and be friendly. Show some personal touch as Jesus has shown us. I have been guilty at times in my past thinking I was better than some people and did not want to be around them. I have learned a lot since them, and I am still learning. It is awkard to be around people who are very different from us. But Jesus was trying to show us how it is done w/sinners. I am still a sinner and yet He Loves Me. I have got some things down better than I used to but still need to be everlearning what only my God knows. I need to learn to let Him Be God.

    Thanks for helping us know that we should be done with trying to be God. Searching for the mysteries we do not know on this earth is OK but only God knows those things completely.


  3. oakesclan on said:

    I agree, sister. And I hope I too can live like I agree with God being God and not me. Have a good weekend.

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