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Ths Psalmist wrote, “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God”  (Psalms 14:1a NIV).

I have been in discussion with one who thinks this statement is true of everyone who doesn’t believe in the God of the Bible.

What do you think? Is this statement true across the board?



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One thought on “Let’s Talk

  1. I think people in the world may say this but they have not been taught about the God who Loves them. I think their minds and souls can change if they learn about Him. God never gives up on those who are willing to search him out and be teachable about all his sayings in His Word. But they need to have the attitude to be learning and teachable.

    It took me awhile in my life (the journey) to really understand what God did for us thru His Son
    Jesus. I was always taught it in Bible School, Church, Special meetings but really have learned that more since I am getting older. I always believed it but I need a God who loves me like that.
    And as life goes on I don’t know how people can say there is NO GOD. Life is Good but it can have hard times in it. We need to know a God who already did so much for us will continue to be with us because of Jesus thru the good and struggling times in our lives.

    I just think people say There is No God because they do not know Him. Like Paul, once he
    knew Him (Jesus) he could not do enough for the cause’ of spreading the Good News about
    Jesus (God’s Son). The Fool to me would be the one who does not Believe. And all the Goodness that we have in our Lives because God Blesses His Children. He said He would and He does.

    I have read the question several times and I am not sure if I answered this right, what you was
    trying to ask us about.


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