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Why You Still Believe…

Alright…didn’t generate much discussion with the last post. Not sure who or how many even check in here anymore. I guess everything runs its course.

But I thought I’d ask you another question. Why do you believe in Father God, Brother/Savior Jesus and the Servant Spirit Who broods over the work of God? I’m not looking for Bible Class answers or what are referred to as “Classic Arguments” for the existence of God. Not that those aren’t important and very helpful. They are. But I’m wanting to know…in those moments when something has shaken your faith (that does happen to you as it does to me, doesn’t it?)…in such moments, what do you consider…what comes to your mind…what do you focus on…that causes you to reel it all in and say, “Yes, but this helps me know God is real…that He cares…that He’s working…and one day it will all be clear?!” What is God using to do that for you?

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4 thoughts on “Why You Still Believe…

  1. I know about God’s word and what he has taught me most of my life and I remember these things in the tough times. I have people who surround me who
    are my brothers and sisters in Christ. We talk about God’s word often and we help
    each other remember what God has told us. I have people who Love me and help me be strong when I feel weak (and I do feel weak when life’s things have shaken me). I remember things about all my Family and how we were taught to be good people. How we got to Sunday school and church and church camp thru our lives.
    I remember songs from the church hymn book that we sing from. I think about the words more now than I used to. I love How Great Thou Art and so did my Mom.
    I love the Old Rugged Cross and the reminder in that of what a Great Thing God did for us thru the Cross. Living by Faith in Jesus Above – A song that I love.

    I remember in my quiet times all of the saints who have gone on before me and they have won their reward and I will continue to run the race because those saints are cheering me on to be there with them. I want to see them again. So I will stay the journey and even when the worse comes I will hear them cheering me on and
    loving me to be in eternity with them where there is no more being shaking, crying, death and health problems in this old body. No more being without the heavenly realm surrounding me ( God, Jesus and the Angels ).

    And I trust in a lot of the Bible verses that teach us when we believe, though we die, we will be raised to Life with God Forever.

    I have a lot of people who are friends, who are preachers and are working with people
    in this life and my own family who are preachers who are such a strong example to me of “How Beautiful are the Feet of those who Bring the Gospel to People”.
    How Pleasing this is to Our God. This is what his plan is for people to come to know about Him and Be Saved and Live with Him in Heaven.

    • oakesclan on said:

      Good thoughts, sister. Aren’t we all so grateful to God for the “lower” lights He has kept shining all along our way to help us safely make the harbor one day soon or far. He is great and is greatly to be praised.

  2. Geniece Chidester on said:

    Throughout my life, in my lowest most desperate times, I have never felt alone, I always felt as if someone was there beside me. I know with absolute clarity that the someone was and is Him. I will never forget the time Brooke had slipped away from my sight and I could not find her, me and other family members went to ask every neighbor and no one had seen her. At the moment that I thought she had been taken I dropped to my knees, unable to stand, and begged God to give her back. At that very second, He did just that, one of the neighbors came over to tell me she found her. She’d been hiding with the neighbor girl. God could have been cruel and let me suffer longer, it was after all my fault, I didn’t keep a good enough eye on her. But, our God is a loving God and He knew how bad I hurt and wanted to give me relief. There were times when the answer was not YES, but in those times He held my hand and never left me alone.

    • oakesclan on said:

      What a blessing…to have never felt completely alone in life. I was blessed by your sharing the story of your lost daughter. You told it good, and it warmed my heart. I agree with you that our Father God is that kind of God.

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