Acorns From Oakes

Seeing With Our Father's Eyes

For You

He left heaven…He left heaven…He left heaven…to come for you!

He became human that you might become spiritual.

He became poor that you might be rich.

He knew hunger that you might be filled.

He faced weariness that you might find rest.

He had no place to lay His head that you might come home.

He faced loneliness to bring you into fellowship.

He wept that you might rejoice.

He was rejected that you might be accepted.

He was hounded that you might know peace.

He was given that you might receive.

He was not received by even His own, that you might be welcomed into an eternal kingdom.

He was fiercely tempted that you might know He understands.

He faced repeated dangers that you might be safe.

He was wounded, bruised, chastised and whipped, so much that He no longer appeared human that you might be healed.

He died for enemies, for friends, for those who cared and those who didn’t that all of us might have life.

He rose again that you might be justified.

He lives! He reigns! He intercedes! He cares! He listens! He acts, as always, in your best interests!

Now…what will you do with all this?

Merry Christmas!

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One thought on “For You

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I will continue to try to take this all in what He did for us. It was not just a little thing that He did for us. After reading these things Doug listed in this blog it causes
    me to think I can never do enough to Thank Him. But I will continue keeping on keeping on and try to be reverent and loving toward Our Lord. Jesus was born (Emanuel) and then God could be with us. Jesus was everything to us so God could fellowship with us and understand our human ways. But most of all I like where Doug said he came so we could be spiritual. That means we can be in eternity with our God after this body of ours is no more. We are above all most Blessed by Our God. He Truly Loves Us and He Truly Showed it.

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