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I Believe…But…

In Mark 9:14-29, a father brought his suffering son to Jesus. But Jesus was not on the scene at first, so he presents his beloved son to some of Jesus’ disciples. The son was possessed of an evil spirit that made him both deaf and mute. He had been so possessed since childhood. The spirit also brought other terrible manifestations as it would convulse the boy and, as his father said, “It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him…”

Imagine with me a child, unable to cry out in pain or to tell his parents where he was hurting. Imagine the scars upon his body and his heart from multiple wounds suffered in silent tears. Imagine the weight upon a father’s and a mother’s heart. The disciples were unable to rid the boy of the evil spirit. When Jesus arrived a large crowd was present and an argument was ongoing that involved Jesus’ disciples and the teachers of the law. Our Lord intervened, as He always did whenever pitiful need was apparent. He asked for an explanation of what was going on. The boy’s father explained and finished by saying, “…If You can do anything, take pity on us and help us.” Jesus replied, “If You can?” “Everything is possible for him who believes.” Then the long-suffering dad replied, no doubt with great emotion…“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

Can you identify with this dad? I feel I can. We are challenged to believe Jesus and to believe in God and the Bible. Sometimes that’s easier than at other times. The father might have thought things like this…I believe You’ve healed lots of folks, but this is my son…so…help my unbelief. I believe You’ve handled hard cases before, but I’ve never known one to be this tough or this near to my heart…so…help my unbelief. I believe You’ve never seen a case You couldn’t handle, but this one is so difficult that Your disciples failed…so…help my unbelief. I believe You can stop the wind and walk on the water, but my son’s torture has gone on for so very long now…so…help my unbelief. I know You’ve given sight and hearing to others but this is my child who is my life; and I have been completely unable to do anything for him…so…help my unbelief, please. Jesus honored this sincere request from a father by giving him and us yet more evidence for placing our trust in Him. He freed the boy from a powerful demon that no one else could cast out. The father learned that Jesus was indeed right, “Everything is possible for him who believes.”

In the face of life’s great pressures, we must have a great Lord. And we do. It is faith in Him that sees us through…not a pretend faith…but a real faith. Real faith doesn’t mean we have no doubts at all. It means we look to Jesus with all the faith we presently hold and ask Him to give us more faith. That is the correct response to the truth about our faith. No, it isn’t big enough, strong enough, pure enough, yet! But it is still real, and we won’t back off that. And we will be honest with our Lord. We do believe, Jesus! Please keep helping our unbelief.


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3 thoughts on “I Believe…But…

  1. John Brooks on said:

    Ahhh…so true my brother! And if truth be known, I’d say there were more times than not, that the greater part was/is the “unbelief.” “Yes, help my unbelief!”

  2. oakesclan on said:

    If we are not honest with God…well…(I’m not sure I know how to complete that sentence)…

  3. Anonymous on said:

    It is easier to have faith when things are sailing smoothly and you feel like you are so blessed. The real test of faith is when things are not so good for a peirod of time, not just for a day or two. I question God (WHY) sometimes but I truly know there is a God who cares very much. I know God knows when I feel like caving in with life’s things we deal with. Then I find a book around here called “Springs in the Valley”which I gave to my Mother in 1982. It is a devotion book. I have been reading the devotions lately. A lot of them are so fitting for me right now to hear.

    And I have Friends and Family who do care and love me but don’t completely understand where we are sometimes. But I have this faith and hope that I have a God who does understand me. He totally gets it when we are going thru things that we have never gone thru before and how it leaves us in a trail of hurt and not as joyful as we use to be.

    I am not rejoicing right now in appearance but I am with everything I have in me having faith that says “The Best Is Yet To Come”. Doug, my brother has said those words to encourage me many times. I hold on to faith because of Hope that we have in the future. Means more to me in my older years than it ever has.

    I Hope in this Faith and Hope and God wants us to do that when things are difficult here. I know Jesus did this all the time when his life got so hard going thru what he did to obey His God. You see “The Best Was Coming to Him Again” after this life.


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