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What Have You Done For Me Lately?

So why would we ever relegate God to the past? Maybe you don’t do that. Good for you! But it seems to me that a bunch of us do exactly that. Now there’s a line of reasoning that could be used to lead to that conclusion. After all, it was in the past (2000 years ago) that God sent His Son to planet earth. It was then that miracles were performed, angels appeared, demons were cast out, Jesus suffered, died, and rose from the dead…and the kingdom came with great power. God did all those things in the past. And they are still vitally important to us today. And any specific acts of God in our lives today might be deemed to pale in comparison to the significance of those deeds done millennia ago.  That’s true enough isn’t it?

And yet…any theology that leads us to believe God finished His work on earth in the distant past and now sits back, uninvolved, and watches to see how everything works out is absolutely wrong! Even a cursory read of the Psalms will convince you that those inspired authors saw the hand of God in their daily lives. They were observant and ready to credit God with all the good things that came to them. Their songs were fresh and alive because their God was fresh and alive. Their worship was radiant because they were living in the presence of their God. They  didn’t have to ask the question, “What have you done for me lately, God?” They were already well aware of so many things God did for them daily. And they were specific in mentioning such things and praising God for them.

What about us? Even if we are not poets or songwriters, are we aware of God’s brand new mercies toward us which are fresh every morning? I’ve been around long enough to know that life can take dreadful turns that make living anything but “fun.” But even in such times, do we have a relationship with our Father God that keeps us faithful? Paul did. He spoke with joy and faith of having been left entirely alone during his first defense in his trial. He was able to speak of this time without bitterness because he knew that the Lord stood by him and strengthened him. Do we have anything like that kind of confidence?

So what has He done for us lately? Well? Didn’t He bring the sun up this morning? Didn’t He invite you to, by the mere desire to do so, come to Him and bring all your cares for Him to address? Didn’t He offer to light your path today with His Word? Did you take Him up on that offer? Did He send forth an angel (or angels) to do service on your behalf as you keep true to your inheriting of salvation? Didn’t He enable you to get up? Did you have clean water to drink and to wash with? Did you find clothes in the closet that you could wear? Was there any food in the cupboard to eat? Did you know that while you slept He watched over you and that He is regularly making intercession on your behalf, since you are His child of faith? And, oh yes, that last breath you drew…Who made it possible? Did He allow you to see or think about dear, loved ones in your life? Did you have a job you could go to? A car you could get around in? Money for gas? Did you get to your destination safely? Who do you think made that possible? Did you get over that cold? Recover from a surgery? Get a card from a friend? Receive a phone call from your son or daughter? Have you ever held a baby? Or, delight of delights, been privileged to raise one? Have you been hugged, kissed or missed? Have you smelled a flower or watched the flight of a bird or played with a puppy? Have you been so blessed as to be a blessing to others? Have you made a meal…cleaned a house…listened to someone pour out their heart? Have you visited a hospital or sat across a table with an open Bible trying to teach one of God’s prodigals? Have you stood to teach a Bible lesson or lead a prayer in worship? Have you lifted up your voice (such as it is) in some wonderful song to praise God? Have you been able to share? Have you greeted a lonely person? Have you risked rejection in order to stand up for Jesus? Then, you have not only been in the presence of God, He has been inside of you doing a bit of His wonderful and continuing works in this world.  Have you been forgiven? That’s God at work in the present. If you wounded a soul, caused one foot to go astray or walked in your own willful way…in those times and many others, you needed forgiving. And He did it!

Sisters, brothers and friends, the list I have given here, does not begin to touch the hem of the garment of our opportunities to see God’s hand at work today. Let us think nobly of our God. And let us draw near with true hearts of faith to worship and serve Him always!







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4 thoughts on “What Have You Done For Me Lately?

  1. Anonymous on said:

    You know this blog kind of takes words away from me because we really do have a God that takes care of us. What more could we ask from him but we do continue to ask. I just get caught so up in the world and my own things that I sometimes wonder if anyone cares. I know people care and I Know How Much God CARES. People don’t (and can’t) know like God does about what’s going on in our hearts. Only my God Knows This for all of us. Gail

    • oakesclan on said:

      Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, considering who and what I am, but it does surprise me that I can be so ungrateful, inconsiderate and unreflective regarding all the God already has done and continues to do for me. Shame on me and shame on us all when we allow ourselves to turn so inward, often with so little justification. May we, instead, always have a thankful spirit towards God, even when He deems it necessary to take from us rather than give us even more.

  2. Email Girl on said:

    Thought of you today and checked in here to see what’s going on. It’s good to see you’re still here posting. I just caught up reaing the last few entries. This one, in particular, touched my heart. I lost my job back in December…was laid off the week after Christmas…and I’ve gone through waves of asking God what He’s doing for me…is He there…why am I going through this…why did it come when things were going the best they had for me in a long time? I have trouble hearing His reply. But I think that’s only because I’m too busy talking…I stop listening. I don’t think about how He’s still providing for me in so many ways. And even with only 1 income in our house…we still have more than many people. We really are blessed. Thanks for helping me remember that.

    Hope you and yours are well. 🙂

    • oakesclan on said:

      Good to hear from you, again. Sorry to learn of the loss of your job. Praying that God will get you and yours through such a time as this. He is able! I love your thankful attitude and your insight on the truth about all God does for us, even when things are less than ideal. Me and mine are well. Six wonderful grandkids and another on the way in July, God-willing. Take care, Carolyn. God bless you and yours.

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