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Going In Circles

Some wit remarked that a rut is a grave with the ends kicked out. “Stuck” is the dominant theme. ‘Round and ’round we go. Progress is a distant memory, if we can remember it at all. Life in the daily round sometimes doesn’t feel much like life, does it? At least, not life as we expected it to be. I mean, who knew work would be so boring. Did anyone tell you that marriage would be full of a demanding thing called duty? And having children…isn’t the “glory” of it often eclipsed by endless cleanings, diaper changes, feedings and etc.?

The big top circuses had three rings on the floor. Something was always going on in each of them. Maybe that’s a good metaphor for life…a three-ring circus. It can be deflating, wearying, frustrating and so very, very daily.

But I was thinking…duty isn’t a bad word, is it? It’s a good word…a strong word…a word we count on. And so we should. And there’s a way to look at our going-in-circles lives that transforms everything. It’s called faith. And we, who belong to Jesus, are called to walk by it, even if it is in circles at times, even for extended times, if that’s where He has placed us in life.

One time, each day, for six days, walking around the walls of Jericho. How’s that sound for a military strategy? Not so glorious, huh? But wait a minute…the seventh day came. Now what? More walking, you say. Yes…much more. Seven times around on the seventh day! Well, at least they had been prepared for walking. Hadn’t they done it for forty years in the wilderness? Oh well. Here we go…one foot in front of the other…then the other…then the other, ad nauseum.

Then…a new thing! Shout! Walls crashing down! Overwhelming victory! Complete success! Honor to God! Lesson learned! If going in circles keeps me in the will of God, then, out of my way. I’ll see you on my next loop. And one of these days, so bathed in duty and commonplace, my faith will have enabled me to truly see the glory of the ordinary, when God is near.

Hang in there, sisters and brothers! I’ll try to do the same.

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4 thoughts on “Going In Circles

  1. geobme on said:

    Good article Doug. Need that!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    I like the thought of “the Glory of the Ordinary”. Jesus disciples were ordinary. I am thankful that God sees the smallest things that we may do that He is very pleased with.
    Taking time to listen, being kind when no one is looking, letting another driver merge when they need to, feeding the birds and the squirrels, being kind to our pets, giving someone a few bucks for grocerie, baking a cake for a family
    who just had a baby, taking food to someone who lost a loved one, inviting someone to study the Bible, taking care of someone who is ill (they might even say you are an Angel, but you know better), being there to love, listen to and pray for your friend when their family is so sick, having the joy of learning that a family you met in a bus ministry is still loving Jesus after so any years, attending a grief class just to be there for others, and to be humbled by the gratitude you sometimes receive from others who think you are so precious to them.

    These are ordinary things but I believe they are “Great Victories”. So I understand something of what God meant by the one lost sheep and the joy of finding that one. Our God teaches us about what really matters. Love the Lord with all your Heart and Others as yourself.
    I have to add this…my Mom did ordinary things for people also and, I think she was Great in God’s eyes for her care and love for people along her journey in this life. She was Blessed by her Children and by Knowing her God . I did not think she even had time to think of God, but the notes she left in her belongings reveal that she did for sure.
    I think my Mom was Blessed with her Children. She loved us so much. I think she was ordinary but also extra-ordinary. I believe God is taking care of my Mom in Heaven now, and that is a Great Victory to Her. Gail

  3. Geniece on said:

    I often struggle with the monotony of life but then something out of the ordinary happens and I long for “nothing to do”. Funny how we tend to never be happy where we are in life.
    Thanks for the lesson, it was needed. I need to be happy with where God puts me and I need to search out what He expects of me in any situation I find myself.

    Gail~ Your words were also very encouraging.

  4. Geniece, I was glad you found my words to be encouraging. Sometimes I wonder if I am being what I should really be. Life is hard to figure out and it is hum-drum sometimes. But God still works in our lives thru the Comforter He left with us and He does continue to try and help us and guide us to even the smallest things that count with God and others. I really do believe that. Your encouraging word to me did me good. I read what you said twice, maybe even three times. That was good for my heart just now.


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