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Welcome, Owen Vincent Oakes

ImageThis little fellow arrived just before midnight on July 31st. My wife and I were getting anxious because the next day we were due to leave for California for a week, visiting our family out there. But God and our daughter-in-law were kind enough to give us a sneak peak at this handsome lad before we left. He weighed seven and a half pounds and measured twenty and a half inches at birth.

There was no star that announced his birth unless you count the ones shining in his mom’s and dad’s eyes. He journeyed from the safety and solitude inside his momma to the glaring lights of the delivery room and the waiting arms of the family who loved him long before he was born and who prayed for him regularly through all the days of waiting.

No, the world didn’t take notice of his coming, but the Heavenly Father Who has lent him to us did. Maybe none of us heard the command, but Father God commissioned an angel (at least one) to be his angel and to fulfill the appropriate duties of that charge. And however well the angel fulfills his task, I know that his father and mother will love him with all their hearts…will guard him with their lives…will sacrifice for him without complaint and without even taking notice. They will by God’s grace and strength play their roles to the hilt. They will teach him of the One Who is the reason for his existence. They will nourish and cherish Owen, guiding him carefully through the passages of his life, doing their best to figure out when to hold on and when to let go. Thankfully, God made hearts to be amazingly resilient. It will seem to Matt and Christi, at times, that their hearts will burst for sheer love and joy of him…or that they will stop for fear of some danger…or that they will break with every new indication of independence that Owen registers (which will speak to them of that future day when they will have to let him go). But their hearts will go on beating…just the same…with love for their two precious children…beautiful Adi…and her brand new brother, Owen. 

For my part, the wonder of all this sends me to my knees with grateful tears and words of praise to the God Who has not only allowed me to be part of the lives of the world’s most amazing three children, Doug,Jr., Jenny and Matt…Who has not only allowed me to preside at all of their weddings to the world’s most amazing daughters- and son-in-law, Kelly, Christi and Daniel…but Who has also gifted me with the seven most amazing grandchildren in all the world…THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN…Skylar, Remi, Adi, Trapper, Rilyn, Tenley and Owen. I adore Him and the family He has given to Vicki and me. Bless HIM!












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3 thoughts on “Welcome, Owen Vincent Oakes

  1. All A. Gail can say is “DITTO”. The Amazing Seven. That was good thought Doug.

    I have tears in my eyes right now for the Love of Our God and the WONDERFUL
    things we have experienced thru Doug’s children and now their grandchildren..
    This makes this old world feel better because of them.

    We are truly Blessed and I just wish our family that has gone on could only see and
    experience what we are with them now.

    I had a dream a few nights ago that Mom and Dad and all of us was excited to get in our cars and go see Owen Vincent Oakes. I know if they was here they would love
    to see this little boy. There is nothing as refreshing and so sweet as a new little baby coming into our lives.

    Thanks to Matt and Christi for this little boy getting here safe and healthy.

    Uncle Allen was smiling and tickled to hear he got here also.

    Sis Gail

  2. Congrats again!!!!!!

  3. Kathy Rand on said:

    Hi Doug,sorry I haven’t visited your site in a while, much like you my busy schedule keeps me on the go. But whenever I get a chance to peek in,I am always inspired & uplifted by the words you write. Congatulations on the newest addition to your family,he’s abeautiful baby. Gail had told me about him in earlier phone conversations,this was my first opportunityto see his picture. You and Vickie are truely blessed. Love,Kathy

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