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The Talking Dead

The Hebrew writer tells of us ancient Abel who met a violent death at the hand of his own brother. We have scarce information about his life. We know he was son to Adam and Eve, brother to Cain, keeper of flocks and a faithful worshipper of Jehovah. But in that brief resume of his life we have the most important of truths. We have the truth that, according to the Hebrew writer, enables Abel to keep speaking to us today. Abel pleased God by faith. Many others lived longer than Abel…and when they died it wasn’t a violent death at the hand of their own family member. But many other people, being dead, really have nothing to say to us. We are left with only an empty feeling…and a longing that there might have been more. And the never-ness of it brings us pain.

But share with us here…a name…maybe recently gone…or maybe long gone from us…share a name and a line or two of what they are still telling you.

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6 thoughts on “The Talking Dead

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    The one, of course, that I remember is my Mom, Sarah Oakes. She has said it all over the home I live in now that she and Dad left to me. She wanted me to always think about Jesus and do what pleases Him so my life would be better. She left her children a handwritten letter that we opened at her death. In it, she told us all to listen to Jesus.

    And I have to say that my Dad in his last years on this earth wanted all his children to be right with God and have eternal life also. I know this because he would worry about some of us even up until his life ended. He would tell me that he knew God could forgive us because we trusted in his Son and what He did for us.
    I hold onto that now and I hope God’s forgiveness is like he said “wide as the ocean and deep as the sea”. He will remember our sins no more.

  2. Gail Oakes on said:

    My brother Adrian had a faith in God also that I will always remember.
    He always wanted to talk about God. He wanted to be there in heaven with God in the end. He would say to me that he thought a lot of people will be surprised in heaven at who else would be there. God’s mercy – how we all need it.

  3. Wayne Hunter on said:

    Your post speaks to something that has been on my mind a lot in recent years as I get older — the people who have influenced my life in positive ways spiritually. I remember very well a Sunday school teacher at Overlook Church of Christ. For a few years after my Dad died our family attended this small church in East Dayton because it was near our home. During that time there was a black man who attended the church who was a Master Sergeant at Wright Patterson. His name was Tommy Lloyd and he just exuded excitement about studying the Bible. I can vividly remember studying the Old Testament stories about Israel’s battles in Joshua and Judges. Brother Lloyd just brought these stories to life. All of us in the class literally were on our feet with our hands up to respond to his questions and give input into the lessons. This type of environment is not the norm in a lot of kid’s Bible study classes — it really takes a special person to capture that kind of enthusiasm. Because of his age at the time I am reasonably sure that Brother Lloyd has passed by now. I have tried to locate him through internet “people searches” without any success. When he left Dayton he was going to be stationed in Panama. I credit Brother Lloyd with doing much to instill in me the desire to “hide God’s Word in my heart”. And over my lifetime, in times of weakness, it has been influences like this that I am sure caused me to come back to the most important thing — faith in God and the study of His word. Thanks Doug for triggering these thoughts — I need to be reminded.

  4. Rex Boyles on said:

    It has been way too long since I visited this site and was refreshed by your writings. My absence from these discussions is no reflection on my love and respect for you … just the temporary whirlwind of my life.

    On October 13, 2012 … I watched the angels escort my mother into glory. She lived 86 plus years (though she would only claim 66 of them) … but in the 60 years that I shared with her, she was my mother, my teacher, my counselor, my hero, and my best friend. She taught me to read … and started me reading the Bible everyday. She taught me to write … and started me writing letters (no emails or texts back then) to people I love to thank them – to encourage them – to love them. She taught me to pray … and started me praying as if the Lord really was interested in hearing what my heart had to say.

    The list of things she taught me over the years is much too long for this space … but the purpose that you intended and that I wanted to address is this. She is still teaching me. She is still speaking … everytime I open her old Bible and see notes she took, during one of my sermons or her personal daily Bible reading … everytime I hear the song, “when you walk through a storm, hold your head up high” … everytime I walk into her kitchen and see the pots and pans (especially the pie tins) she used to feed hungry kids and love lonely people … everytime I call my father and he reminds me of their love – friendship – passion – joy – devotion for 66 plus years … everytime I start to think of her – miss her – long to be home with her, hoping (believing and expecting) more than ever before that heaven is real.

    I love you, Doug, my brother and friend. Rex

  5. Rex Doug told me you wrote in his blog about your Mom. It always brings tears to me to think about Moms. I appreciate what you said about missing your Mom.
    And I listened close to what you said about her. My Mother tried her best to raise us kids and me being the oldest I saw it and remember it a lot. I loved her and miss her so much. Today is my B/D 12/15/1946 and we was together many of those years. Mom and I had a hard time me being born, I came out feet first instead of like a normal birth. Back then it was a difficult thing. We both almost did not make it but God had plans for our family in this life. Because you see we became Christians and had our struggles but never quit on Our God. And God has blessed us over the years with Doug becoming a preacher and meeting people like Rex and so many others that Blessed us beyond measure in knowing about our God more in our lives. Doug also found Jim McGuggian and on and on it goes how we was influenced in our lives to Love God more and more and people. Doug said he was so glad Bud Fisher taught Mom and Dad to become Christians and Mom and Dad said “Yes” to come to be baptized and learn during their lives about Jesus and God.
    It truly changed our Lives, like I said it was not without some struggles but when you study the Bible you see the struggles others had also but they never quit on God. Thanks Rex for your thoughts and love and I am hoping with all hope to see
    people I knew there also “Heaven”

  6. Kathy Rand on said:

    The deep expressions of sentiment for loved ones whove passed on were touching.I enjoyed sharing a view of special people whose cherished memories live on in those who loved them. This for me reminds me how important it is to leave a Godly legacy.I so hope I can “speak”in such a way to my family & loved ones long after I’m gone.Mostly just to say,that in these modern times with all its distractions, to make God the focal point of their lives & to remain faithful. I guess I never thought about being “spoken to” from the grave. It is a different concept I think most people don’treally think of.I had a brother Ronny,who passed away many years ago.He was 4yrs old when he died.He died from seizures &renal failure. As I remember Ronny wasn’t able to interact with us a lot d/this illness.But if he could speak to me now,I just imagine his excitement could hardly be contained in his attempt to describe all the happiness & joys of the heavenly realm. I know he is cheering me on to keep the faith & keep running the race for the crown of righteousness promised to all who remain faithful in Him II Timothy4:7-8 . Thank you for your stimulating thoughts that provoke reflection & insight. Kathy

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