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I Love Jesus

I love Him for every minute that turned into hours that turned into days that turned into years that He resisted the old Satan and every single variety and color of alluring temptation brought against Him, for failing there, He would have failed everywhere. It must have been exhausting for Him to have never, ever, not for a single second, let down His guard or His fight against all evil as well as against all temptation to evil. I live in awe of Him for this and many other reasons. And I know He understands and helps me even though I never came close to succeeding in the Herculean struggle like He did. He taught me not to quit…not ever…not even in the face of failure! I love Him for that!
I love Him for coming here and not living a life of privilege. Rather, He lived as the majority of us have lived on the earth…a life of hard work which sometimes found that there was too much month left for the money. I love Him because out of His poverty, I was made rich in the ways that count most!
I love Him for listening. He listened to God…to His parents…to His immature disciples…to the heart-wrenching requests of desperate people…to every question asked of Him by friend or foe…to the little children who blabbered into His ear as He took them up in His arms to bless them. And I love Him for still listening to me!
I love Him for every weary mile He travelled to be the truth for others. Think of how much time He spent walking from place to place. I love Him for every blister and every callous that formed upon His hands and feet as He worked and walked looking for lost sheep like me. I love Him for every drop of sweat that poured out of Him as He bore the heat of the day without complaining. I love Him for every shiver that shook His body on those nights of His journeying during which He had no place to lay His weary head. I love Him because I know He still goes the extra mile for me regularly. (I want to be better and do better for Him, don’t you?)
I love Him for giving Judas many opportunities to do better…to rise above his evil leanings. I love Him because when Judas insisted on choosing wrong, it didn’t make Jesus glad. I love Him for His patience with all His disciples who so often didn’t understand Who He was and who they were. I love Him for trying to reach even the hardened hypocrites among the Jewish leaders. I love Him for giving even the crowd-pleasing Pilate a chance to know the truth. And I love Him that even during His excruciating death, He sought, watched, listened for one more soul and took a dying thief to Paradise. And I love Him for not giving up on me for all these years when I would have given up on myself long ago.
I love Him because He first loved me…He so loved me…He still loves me…and He will always love me with a purifying and ennobling love. I love Jesus because how else can I respond to the wonder of Him?!

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One thought on “I Love Jesus

  1. It is overwhelming Love that he had and has for us even now. I will never be able to measure up to what all that Love means for me personally. We are studying in sunday school class first John and how when our hearts condemn us (if we are His) He (God) is Greater than our hearts. I depend on that for sure because of how God knows we are so very human and he knows how we are inside and outside of our being human. I know with all the ways Doug has lead us thru about his love and how it kept Him going because of His God and Loving Him and Us, that we should be trying harder and harder each day to put away the sin in our lives as much as it is possible for us. And with the Holy Spirit Jesus left us with after he left the earth.
    I don’t know a lot about the Holy Spirit but I know Jesus said he would guide us into our eternity like Jesus did on earth. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (Trinity).
    I am so glad God loved us enough to bring Jesus to the earth (human being) to try and help us get that we can make it also like Jesus did if we listen to His Word and
    the different things he brings into our lives to encourage us to keep on keeping on
    And he does leave us with things – moments – times in our lives – we remember how He has been helping us all of our lives with People, Situations, Summer Church Camp, Worship, Joy Bus – providencially working thru with us in this world.

    I hope like God was So Pleased with Jesus that someway He is also pleased with
    what we who Love Him are trying to do in our lives also. To Love Him with all our hearts and others as ourselves. Do Good whenever we can think to do Good in our world toward others. Jesus went about doing Good always to Give God the Glory.
    We are the Light to the World if He is Living in Us and Tell people if they see that in you that it is because of My God and give Him the Glory Forever.

    Thankful for our Jesus never giving up. But he had a Great God to Serve
    and I am so Glad. And that same Great God Loved Us (even me) (everyone).

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