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Without Faith, It’s Impossible…

Lavish efforts to please whatever god was conceived have been undertaken through the ages of the history of mankind. It gives us no pleasure to mark the costly sacrifices associated with the folly of idolatry. Certainly we are not willing to make excuses for the willful ignorance that has always led down the road to idolatry. But in the course of such developments there are always well-meaning people who end up being drawn astray. These adherents give money they don’t have in order to enrich the coffers of the false teachers. In their gross error they have abused their own bodies or sacrificed their lives or the lives of loved ones. And none of this pleases the True God.
There are also those who, having been exposed to Biblical truth, reject it in favor of their own ideas of what religion should consist. God calls this vain worship and it does not please Him.
Then there are those who, having learned the truth, and having every opportunity to continue to study the Bible decide to turn it all into a legalistic system in which one must strictly follow a certain code of deeds and observances in order to earn God’s favor and be able to view themselves as one of “the truly faithful.” But this doesn’t please God either. And the legalist can never know peace because, in the final analysis, he can never really be satisfied that he has done “enough” to earn God’s favor.
Listen, what God is looking for is faith! Jesus (Luke 18:8) asked the haunting question, Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth? And the Lord indicated that one’s faith need not be gigantic or legendary…only sincere…for even a faith that is small as a mustard seed moves mountains. That’s because it is invested in the God Who made the mountains. It’s not us. It’s not our ability to believe. It’s God with Whom our faith connects us. In Hebrews 11:6 we learn that without faith it’s impossible to please God. This isn’t because God gets something out of our faith; it’s because we get something out of our faith. Without faith we wouldn’t come to God and we wouldn’t have any connection with Him. Without faith it would be impossible to have the abundant life. Without faith it would be impossible to be forgiven of our sins. Without faith there would be no growth. Without faith we’d be in the dark. Without faith we would be drifting without direction…without purpose. We’d be friendless, godless, hopeless, peaceless, helpless, and homeless. If we were without faith we’d be without assurance that there is a God in heaven Who loves us with a committed love. Without faith it would be impossible to see this world as moving toward the fulfillment of God’s eternal plan. Without faith the injustices of the world go unhindered. Without faith, every time we lose a loved one to death, we really do lose them. Our tears would be bitter indeed. Our future would be dismal. Without faith it is impossible to please God. But with faith…in faith…every good thing in and from God is brought into play. The world is vibrant with hope. Believe and you will see!

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One thought on “Without Faith, It’s Impossible…

  1. Gail on said:

    Without “Faith” we would be most miserable, I would. I have a great Hope after this life. God has taught me to have this Hope. Because God has not promised on earth a life of roses but Doug has reminded me that the heavenly eternal promises are forever and ever if we choose Jesus as Our Savior and Follow Him.

    I have been looking at a devotion book I got for my Mom several years ago each morning with a scripture to read with the morning devotion.

    I just read about “God has guided the heroes and saints of all ages to do things which the common sense of the community has regarded as ridiculous and mad.
    Up ………Has He not Gone Out Before Thee. Judges 4:14 “And Have I not Sent Thee” Judges 6:14

    At the end of this devotion is “Our Might is His Almightiness”. If we really think about this tis’ so very true. Love this thought and trying to keep it always in my thoughts and prayers. I know this was how Jesus won the battle he had to go thru
    “He knew where His Might came from”. Our Great God and Father. The one who Loves us like no other. I need to remember this everyday, all day long and when the journey gets rocky and even boulders along the way He still Loves me and showed it so much in so many ways.

    Thanks Doug for these thoughts once again. Gail

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