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The Resurrection And The LIFE

When Jesus came into our world He brought with Him the answer to Job’s ancient question, “If a man die, shall he live again?” (Job 3:14). Jesus demonstrated the answer to be a resounding “YES!” Our resurrected Lord: defeated the Prince of darkness, made a public spectacle of the evil powers, emptied the grave of its age-long threat, took the stinger out of death and removed the power of sin, exchanged the mortal for immortality and the corruptible for incorruption, validated His Messianic claims…all His mighty miracles…and every word He ever spoke, vindicated Himself of every false charge brought against Him…every insult He ever endured…every slander leveled at Him…every rebuff given…every devious plot conceived concerning Him…every judgmental look cast His way…all the spittle…all the lies…all the beating…all the humiliation…all the thorns…all the scourging…all the mocking…the betrayal of one and the denials of eleven…the spikes…the cross…the thirst…the loud cry of God-forsakenness He felt which emanated from His tortured lungs and parched throat…the dying…the spear…the burial, brought life to a dead world, changed despair to living hope, gave restless wanderers a home and not only a purpose for living but “the” most rich and vital purpose for living that has ever been known among humans, made the old new again with a lasting newness, offered grace where there had only been condemnation, made peace where there had only been war, offered companionship where there had only been estrangement, granted freedom where there had only been slavish fear and saving knowledge where ignorance had before prevailed, called and calls together a people for His own to be a living witness to all the world of the difference He makes in the human heart and life, fellowships His people through His living presence in them, shares the Supper that speaks of His death, rising and coming again with those people every Sunday morning, inspires them with a living hope that enables them to run and not grown weary…to walk without fainting…to mount up with wings like eagles and to never give up on the doing of good, the loving of others, the honoring of the Christ and the fighting against all the darkness that lives in the shadowy places of the world and even yet within their own hearts. In the Springtime greening of the earth, Christians behold a glad reminder of their resurrected Lord. We gather every Sunday to celebrate His eternal aliveness after all He endured for us. And we know every day it’s in Him, our living Lord, that we also live and move and have our very being, along with every spiritual blessing Heaven has to offer. Shall a man live again? What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “The Resurrection And The LIFE

  1. I believe christians will live again with their Lord. But I struggle with things about our weakness in the past, now and in the future. How can He Love Us So with all of our flaws. But we do believe in Him. Just are not so perfect as even some other people who follow Jesus.

    I struggle with (and know you are going to frown on this) but what if you struggled in your life a lot to be a Christian. What if you don’t know God’s word like some folks do, what if you don’t get it (all right) each day being a better example to others and even your own self. What if we a weaker and some are so much stronger in being more devoted to God without as many sins. But we know about Him and Love Him for all he did for us. I know about how the disciples loved him but was not strong in a lot of things toward him, especially when Jesus had to leave.

  2. Wayne Hunter on said:

    As I get older and look back over my life, I reflect a lot — sometimes I have thought about what it would have looked like if I didn’t believe. Every good thing, every loving family relationship, every deep personal friendship I attribute to my experiences in Christ. I believe a life without Him would have been a shallow existence. Sometimes I doubt — but even then I pray “help my unbelief” because the truth is I don’t want to live devoid of Jesus. And I know, in the very deepest part of my soul, that He raised and is at God’s right hand and someday we will live again with Him.

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