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In Case Your Mountain-Climbing Is Suspect

I love the superlative language I’ve heard used by great preachers as they speak of God and devotion to Him. I know it’s legit! I know it’s called for, and that it’s Biblical (often). But when I hear of “radical” faith or “total” commitment and “complete” surrender…when I listen to the familiarity some speakers seem to have with God so much so that one would think hardly a second goes by for them when they aren’t caught up into the third heaven with God…I must confess that I have not often trodden upon such heights. I know there are amazing mountain-top experiences recorded of God’s folks in the Bible. But my reading of it doesn’t lead me to believe the lives of any of those folks of faith were uninterrupted rapture. I do want to be inspired. And I am, very often, by good preaching and by good reading of God’s great Word. But maybe there’s also a place for people who are not up to climbing the mountain and meeting there with the God Whose mighty voice shook the whole place and Whose presence made everything tremble and smoke. Such folks want to know God’s will, but deem themselves unworthy or incapable of such a lofty encounter. What does God think of people like me? All I know is that Deuteronomy 5:23-28 gives me lots of hope. And, according to Romans 15:4, that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. God is great and is greatly to be praised. And I want to be part of that. The only way is to focus on Him, not on me. But, honestly, sometimes I have trouble focusing. I don’t think God is surprised by that though others are, at times. I still think He is leading me to understand that He can get glory for Himself even with a cracked pot, like me. Don’t give up! And don’t ever quit! Not ever!!! I’m pulling for you. And I’ll gladly accept any pulling from you on my behalf.¬†

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4 thoughts on “In Case Your Mountain-Climbing Is Suspect

  1. Sis Gail on said:

    Thanks for this one at this time Doug. I don’t ever want to give up on my God who loves us perfectly even when we can mess up so badly at times. I sure don’t feel like I am up on a level w/God on the mountain top at all. I feel very low in the valley actually especially when it gets tough in this world. I don’t handle it too good. But Chris Jones in bible class sunday said what is it that drives us who do go back to class and worship to learn and pay homage to our God. What drives me is this God who can Love even me. He says thru all of our troubles and failing in so many ways (not on purpose, just happens) that He Still Loves Me Perfectly. Why would I not want to go and be close to my God as much as I can in worship and ever learning about him in classes at church. I want to know so much more about a God that Loves like that so maybe someday I can learn to Love a little bit like that. Just a little bit like that so people may know him thru me one day.

    John has been telling us to learn to Glory in Him w/a true Heart and less of of ourselves getting the glory for things. I do not deserve some praise I do get from people on how much they love me and think I am a wonderful person. So I love to hear something like that I try to remember whatever good I do show toward people it is not from me. It is My God who deserves the compliments and the credit.

    ourselves glorying in things. Put less confidence in the flesh and more in our hearts and love toward God and Him trying to help us as feeble and helpless (it seems sometimes) that we are.

  2. Sis Gail on said:

    End of my comment was Less of ourselves getting the glory in things and more of us acknowledging that God gets the Glory for whatever we do get right. But the main thing is from a book Vicki gave me at my b/d last of 2013. Jesus Today devotion book – says Trust in me Forever, For I am the Rock Eternal. It is easy to trust Me for awhile, especially when things are going well in your life. But I am calling you to trust Me at all times, no matter what is happening. I understand what a difficult assignment this is and I know that you will sometimes fail in this venture. But I continue to Love You Perfectly even when you don’t succeed. Let this assurance of My unfailing Love draw you back to me and back to trusting Me.
    This little book has all kinds of building me up kind of things about my God and even thru my not mountaintop times. Thanks Doug for your thoughts that helps me w/my thoughts about Our God and what we are Not but What He totally and completely IS to US.

  3. Wayne Hunter on said:

    As I get older my mountaintop experiences with the Lord come from the simple things — like the smiles and hugs from my grandchildren — when one of them tells me “I love you, Papa”. I feel so blessed in those times — my quiver is full.

  4. Patricia Gail Oakes on said:

    That was a good point of Wayne Hunter. Simple things from his family was his mountaintops.
    It made me think about how I use to wake up and know that Day with my Family around me that they really loved me. That use to be my mountaintop days.
    Those days are gone. I miss the family that is gone and I am thankful for those of us who are left. But no one loved me like my Mother did. And my Dad did in his own way also. My sister Tammy and brother Adrian (I always had a bond with them even thru some tough times). We was siblings that came from the same Mom and Dad that gave me a spring in my step in life. It is very hard without them in my Days now. This straight from my deepest part of me with this comment.

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