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A Faith Of Our Own

In our culture it is not unusual for us to have someone cut our hair, do our nails, care for our yard, fix our food, repair our car, walk our dog, tailor our clothes, watch our children and on, and on. I am not being critical, just making an observation. If I prefer not to do a particular task for any reason, I may well find someone else to do it for a price. To one degree or another we are all affected by our culture (this is only natural). But, I wonder, do you think we can get so used to that sort of thing that it can get us off track spiritually? I go to the restaurant for supper…to the laundry for my cleaning…to the salon for my hair…to the theater for my entertainment… to school for my education…to the doctor for my health…and to church for my religion. Uh, oh! (You are thinking… “He finally got to his point!” Right? Right!) It should go without saying (does any preacher really believe that?) that there are some responsibilities that fall uniquely to us as individuals, and, especially, as Christians. The truth is that no one can do what God put you here to do! (You may deny this truth. You may say, “Oh yes, they can! And they can do it better!” But you are wrong! Maybe they can be a better spouse or parent or worker than you, but they cannot do what God put you here to do! Only you can offer to God what you can offer to God! And it is you He wants it from!)
When young David was about to go battle Goliath, do you remember what King Saul offered him? He tried to adorn David in his own battle armor. But David was unable to use those items because, as he said, “I have not proved them.” David went instead with his own tried and true weapon—the sling. We cannot face the challenges of life successfully with another’s faith. We must have our own faith!
As a result of her encounter with Jesus at Jacob’s well (John 4), the woman, realizing now that Jesus actually was the Messiah hurriedly left her waterpot at the well and went back to the city to tell her neighbors about Jesus. She was so convincing that many of those folks went to the well to meet Jesus. They did this because they believed the woman’s report. But after hearing Jesus themselves (and receiving for themselves the “living water”), they said this to the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world” (John 4:42). Now, you see, they had a faith of their own. They had made their own journey to meet Jesus and had listened to His words of truth and grace for two days. And those Samaritans from Sychar, hated by most Jews, were loved by the Jew from Nazareth and became believers!
Listen, please, if you had believing parents, thank God! But you cannot be accepted as a child of Father God based on your parents’ faith. You must have a faith of your own. It doesn’t come by paying someone else to try to give it to you. You must come to the Well of Living Water (Jesus) tie the rope to the bucket, throw it in and draw it up to yourself and drink if your thirst is to be quenched. There are no convenient shortcuts to a real relationship with…a real faith in…God. Only a faith of your own can see you through life’s tough times (and they can be very tough). Only by your own faith can you please God. Only your own faith will carry you through to what God has next for you!

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One thought on “A Faith Of Our Own

  1. Gail on said:

    Sometimes I feel like what can God possibly want with me, all my ways of being weak, stubbling as I go, being upset with things I don’t like and understand and my just plain being a sinner. But I have lived long enough to understand I need a Savior who loves me in spite of myself.

    I don’t try to be a sinner it just happens. I need to call out and ask God to help me everyday with life things. And I can only do this from what my God has taught me over the years and time and experiences. My Faith is still inside me and I love my God. The one who made a plan thru Jesus to help me with life.

    I have been learning more about God’s word in the Old Testament than I ever have.
    And I see in there what God was doing is still doing and working to bring us to Faith and Trust in Him and Him only. Not other things like (gods) that feed our own ego.
    We need a God who says he will be with us and “Never Leave Us or Forsake Us” even though we may feel like we don’t deserve it we must Trust On.

    God has always just wanted Us His Children and Our Hearts and just trying to do the things to Please Him.

    The best thing we can do to have Faith in our ownselves is read his Word and Study, this is what will build our Faith better than anything else in this world. His Word teaches us all thru the Bible what he was trying to lead us to and He did it – Our Savior Jesus Christ who took on the toughest of tough things in this world. And this world and stuff if tough at times. Faith is what Keeps us Keeping on. I know this for a truth in my life. Sometimes I feel weak and then there are times I feel strong but whatevr I may feel God is still with me and I know this because of so many life things that have happened. Thanks for making me think of what God really wants from us
    Our Very Own Faith, not some else’s faith. Our Faith will ground us thru the good and tough times.

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