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Our Greatest Desire?!

I read it again lately…a question, really “the” question that takes my measure spiritually. It is this one: “Do I really want God above all else?” If I am honest, I must confess that too often my answer is, “No!” There are other, lesser goals on my radar which I allow to take precedence. Please don’t misunderstand. I do not believe the Bible divides the lives of Christians into the secular realm and the spiritual realm. For God’s child, his whole life…whatever she does in word or deed…may be offered as spiritual service to God (Colossians 3:17). So here are two Christians going to their jobs. They both do factory work. One of them serves in the name of and giving glory to Christ, but the other doesn’t. The other has believed that spiritual service to Christ consists only of the things done in or around the church building or as part of a church program. But this is not correct. By the exercise of their faith, every Christian can offer their entire lives as worship and service to their Lord. David put it this way in Psalm 16:8, “I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” The godly influence of David is traceable to this fact: he lived regularly in the awareness of the presence of his God with him. There is mystery connected with the matter of God’s presence with us. After all, isn’t He omnipresent? Isn’t He everywhere? Of course this is the truth about His nature. However, when it comes to His relationship with humans, including His children of faith, He, in some real sense, withdraws from or draws near to us according to our wishes. The same David who was made unshakeable by the presence of his Lord before his face, was also, by shutting God out of his life, capable of the grossest sin (see the sad details in 2 Samuel 12). Of course God is still present, but we are not blessed in Him when we are shutting Him out of our lives, either actively or passively. Jesus said that apart from Him we can do nothing (John 15:5). And Paul said that in Him (in Christ) everything God wants of and for us is possible (Philippians 4:13). Life lived with God is not merely academic or theoretical. It is very practical and touches all of our other relationships in very good ways. God reaches out to others through His people who are pleased to be living in relationship with Him. Paul’s great desire was to know Christ (Philippians 3:10). And the idea in the word “know” is that of intimate relationship. In every place Paul traveled, in everything he did to advance the kingdom, he was pursuing his goal of “knowing” Christ. No wonder he was so unshakeable!
Christian, don’t you believe, with me, that if we better cultivated awareness of our God in our lives…the idea that He is always before our faces…that we would make better progress against temptation and the sins that seem to so easily beset us? And don’t you believe, with me, that awareness of His presence with us would cause us to step out in faith to serve Him in better, more courageous ways? If we could actually see His hand in the many positive answers He brings to our prayers, wouldn’t our thanksgivings abound? And if we knew deep down that He is with us in our trials…in our sufferings…and even during our feelings of loneliness and forsakenness…wouldn’t we be helped all the more to bear up under these pressures for His sake? Listen, what we need, more than anything, more than ever, is the “constant sense of His abiding presence wherever we are to feel that He is near.” Whatever it is that we want more than Him is unworthy of us and unworthy of Him! May we sincerely sing with the Psalmist, “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You, O God (Psalm 42:1).”

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One thought on “Our Greatest Desire?!

  1. Sis Gail on said:

    Thanks for this blog Doug. Knowing Our God is the most, very most thing we need in this life. HIS WONDERFUL PRESENCE in our lives. Just to know, really know he is with us. This will and can make all the difference in our lives. I wish I could remember it all the time that He is truly w/me. Sometimes being human I have wondered if he is really there. That is my thinking not what God said he does for us.
    Sometimes the pressure with business things and people having struggles with pain and all can take my mine off of my God for a little bit. And then I remember to pray to him again that I need Him. I need Him every hour, most precious Lord.

    But as I get older I realize looking back and even now how he has been with me all the time even though I don’t reconize it as I should all the time. I want to realize that all the time and Thank Him for being by my side as He said He would.

    I know he is with me because some things in life can make you feel very alone and forsaken. But I have never felt desparate and hopeless. Because He has been near me and always trying to talk to me by my family, nature in this world, friends that are faithful and just plain giving us abundant ways of living in spite of suffering and things that are negative. And these types of things come to us thru living, just being here and living. Thru things like He does answer our prayers and it might take some time (as he does not always do things instantly) but in his time I have seen it be so, he answers our prayers. And when he does I am excited and my faith unto Him is made so much stronger to live for Him. The trials help remind you to take it easy on people and I need them to take it easy on me.

    God wants us to not be “soft on sin” but not so hard on people and give them chances to get to Know God as some of us do (who have had the chance to get to know Him over the years). And I don’t say some of us knowing God in a Gloating way because we have just set under teachings from spiritual people who have taught us about Our God. We need to be humble and not act haughty at all about the weak and needy.
    Read our Bible often to get to Know Him. But God brings us to and thru things in our lives to Help us Know Him Better and Trust Him that he Loves us and wants us to Know that about Him, He really Loves us like No Other.

    I like the song Doug said “Like the deer pants for water our Soul pants for our God”.
    That truly is and should be “Our Greatest Desire”. I also like the song we sing a lot “I am Mine No More. I want to be able to say that by how I serve and truly go out of my way to serve like Jesus taught us. Serve people and get to know them which will cause some trouble but we sure did cause our Lord and Savior trouble but God thought we was worth it.

    The Cross says it all.

    Thanks for this Blog Doug.

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