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What You Don’t Know…

How would you finish the phrase above? You may be familiar with the statement, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” This is such a complete lie that it is a wonder anyone has ever spoken it. It is a vain prayer against the dark. It is the closing of one’s eyes and wishing the truth would go away. It is the lie that keeps sick people from going for help. It is the lie that ignorance is bliss, when ignorance is really a curse. Imagine thinking that undiagnosed cancer won’t spread. It’s the lie that divides homes, nations and churches. I’ll pretend that things are just fine rather than investing the energy and opening myself to potentially painful communication and change. And somehow my pretending will actually make it better? But it doesn’t, does it?

Ask Uzzah, priest of God, who put his hand  on the ark of the covenant to keep it from tumbling off the ox-drawn cart and who immediately died as a result of his action, which, though perhaps well meant, was really an act of disobedience. If he didn’t know better, as a priest, he should have. He should have known how to transport the ark in accordance with God’s will. Ask the people of Hosea’s time who were destroyed by what they didn’t know (4:6). It wasn’t that knowledge was unavailable. It was that they rejected the knowledge of God. Amos describes his generation as those who put far off the evil day…that is, they simply imagined the bad times wouldn’t come to them. Peter spoke of a generation who were deliberately forgetful…willingly ignorant…of abiding principles of the judgment of God. Listen…what you don’t know can hurt you. This isn’t written to make you paranoid. It is written to wake us up to truth. My body is ageing flesh and blood. Why try to live as though it isn’t? My life doesn’t consist in the abundance of the things I have. Why live as though it did? The night is coming when no man can work. Pretending is pathetic, useless and dangerous.  Preparation is required! What you don’t know? Why trust in that? Don’t allow yourself to get used to the dark. Learn of God! Think noble things of Him.

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One thought on “What You Don’t Know…

  1. Sis Gail on said:

    I was waiting for another blog from you Doug.

    I have said that before “What I don’t know won’t hurt me”. That is folly for sure.
    Sometimes we want to figure out how not to be hurt in our hearts anymore and suffer with something. But God wants us to be ever learning to be a help to ourselves and others if we can.

    I am trying to always be learning from God’s word to be busy learning what he said he would do some day. Come and get us after the journey is over. Or if Jesus comes in our lives. And I realize I am not as strong in my body anymore and I know it is slowing down and my body is not going to last forever. I have seen people we have known in our families, church family and just people we have known in this world that have gone on. Their bodies wore out and “it is like God said – A vapor that is here one day and gone the next”. That is really true. We never see them again when they are gone on this earth. Heaven is a hopeful rest to me in my groans and moans on this earth. Struggles we have.

    I know God does not want us to be ignorant of what His Plan is for us. We should talk to each other about we are going to pass away or the earth will pass away and God will take us home if we have loved Him. So we should study and know things about God to walk with Him and be ready when the end comes either to our lives or Jesus comes back again. This should not be a surprise to us, it is Reality. Doug just told me lately “this world will seem like a dream when we get to see our Almighty Jesus and loved ones that have left us here. The world will pass away and God’s Truths and Love will never Pass Away.

    When we study more in the Bible our Faith becomes real and not wanting to sin any more. We resolve to know Jesus and the Father and don’t want to struggle with sin like we use to in life. Or when we do sin we should feel sorry in our hearts grieving God again with our human ways.

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