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The Sometimes Wise Mercy Of Hidden Costs

It is often true that saying “Yes!” to something involves saying “No!” to something else. If a youngster decides to join an athletic team, she, or he, discovers that they don’t have as much time to go out and play with friends after school. Now they have to spend some of that time practicing and then performing. But the commitment and discipline required for the pursuit they have chosen, which they may have seriously underestimated, help to build character in them. And, in the end, the benefit far outweighs the sacrifice. And prior to our commitment we are not able to fully calculate either.

When a husband and wife say “Yes!” to becoming parents, they probably do not fully understand all the things to which they are saying “No!” Were they somehow to see all their future “sacrifices” before they made their decision to become parents, it would doubtless prove daunting. It might make them think twice, or even more. However, the fact that they cannot fully anticipate the rigors of parenthood, is completely balanced by another, and much more important, fact…you see, they also cannot fully experience beforehand, the delight, the pride and the immeasurable love they will know because of their child. Once again the benefit so far outweighs the costs as to render the costs unworthy of calculation! They don’t feel swindled by parenthood; they feel blessed.

When we say “Yes!” to Jesus Christ, we must say “No!” to the kinds of deeds, thoughts, words and, yes, even relationships that dishonor Him. When we commit to Him, we open ourselves up to the kinds of hardships and trouble He faced in life. The Bible is filled with examples of the sober realities of such troubles that people of faith faced. We aren’t built to fully calculate all of these potential costs. But, please understand this, what Jesus does to us when He comes to us, saving us, changing us, inspiring us, teaching us love’s lessons as only He can, makes any necessary sacrifices unworthy of consideration. If we tried to calculate the costs ahead of time without the benefit of knowing Jesus as we grow to know Him after choosing Him, where would we be? You can trust Him. Come home! You will not regret it.

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One thought on “The Sometimes Wise Mercy Of Hidden Costs

  1. I like what you said about “the benefit of knowing Jesus as we grow to know Him after we choose Him”. After we choose Him we know as we grow we cannot be part of a lot of things the world has to offer. The things where everyone is saying it is OK to do things that is so contrary to God’s walk for us. We cannot walk in those directions and we cannot support the sinful ways of people who do not care to know God, at least it seems that way (that they don’t care about his laws and commands for us to hold to).

    I just went to a funeral lately and was with a big crowd there that was people who Love God supporting their brother’s and sister’s in this loss. I am glad for those who have said “YES” to God and continue to help each other with things like death and loss to this world. But the “YES” when after this life we will see How Beautiful Heaven Will Be Someday will be Wonderful (cannot express like it should be said).

    I know He is still working on me. But I know I love Him more than ever with so many things you see where God is in it and we have come to know him more and more and it will never be finished in our life knowing and wanting to know all about Him. I will continue to say “Yes” to Him.

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