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Something For Jesus

    One of the signs of the coming of age of a child is when he or she realizes that their gift to mother must not come from money she has given them. They want their gift to come truly from them. They have grown to understand that it is not only the neatly wrapped present that matters, but the tender and loving heart that first wants to give something and then works to obtain and gladly offer the gift. Along with their gift they are offering themselves. And they can barely wait to see mother’s reaction!

This is a beautiful moment! It partakes of the nature of another gift that John tells us about (John 12). Mary, sister of Lazarus and Martha, and lover and follower of Jesus Christ, is possessed of an outrageous idea. In only a few days Jesus will be crucified. He has come to their home for dinner. Mary wants to honor Him. She had decided to do it. It is doubtful (at least to me—dwo) that she has shared this plan with anyone. They would try to talk her out of it. But she won’t be denied! She will do it! It is, after all, the Lord Jesus Christ! She brings the very expensive ointment and puts it on Jesus’ feet. The aroma filled the entire house. But it reaches even further, for it fills our hearts yet today. Jesus honored her lavish, free and un-commanded gift by accepting it and acknowledging that she has now prepared Him for burial. There is a beautiful hymn entitled, “Something For Thee.” It is about the intense desire that comes to life in each human heart redeemed by the precious blood of Christ. We must give Him something. We know that there’s nothing that can repay Him for what He has done for us. But still…we must honor Him. So…we spend our life serving Him and looking for any and every way we can say, “Thank You, LordHere is something for You.” And it’s not that He needs what we offer. It’s that in His wise tenderness with us, He accepts our gifts because He knows we must offer them. May each of our lives be something for Jesus.

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One thought on “Something For Jesus

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    Yes it is so true, we have to do something for Jesus. Mine lately has been sharing a bible verse or two with people I know and love. I want them to know about Jesus so bad and walk in his ways. And just being with people and showing them I am human and make mistakes but I do Love My Jesus. It is good for people to see will are not perfect but point them to the one who is and always will be Perfect in God’s eyes. And showing people we do love and Jesus deserves our love because of his life lived for us and even dying for us. WHAT A SAVIOR.

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